Customizable Smart TV for Amazing Multimedia Experience

The use you make of televisions is changing dramatically. You have gone to see the television programming for hours to see only what you like and surf the Internet as if it were a computer. However, for this you need a high quality device from Samsung, LG or Panasonic. Smart Viera of Panasonic is a customizable TV where each family member can have whatever they likes in their own home screen.

Panasonic has known how to evolve their televisions to perfection to give users everything they want. Smart Viera have the ability to customize your content and multimedia experience with the rest of the family in a simple and intuitive. But what exactly the company offers with its new TVs? Its operation is based on five pillars: easy to use, connectivity, picture quality, design and eco to meet the most demanding needs. You can explore more LED TV specs on the Richer Sounds website.

Easy to use that even a child can do it

With the function “My Profile Viera” TVs from Panasonic, each family member can easily create your customized startup screen, to have your favorite content instantly. You can create your own design from 0 in order to get 100% customization, from the bottom of the screen to applications, widgets and multimedia content like photos, videos or music you want to use and see. To access your custom screen but will not put us in front of the TV to its emerging integrated camera recognizes you and activate the Home screen. This camera also allows you to make free video call with Skype.

zapping  between channels and still see the main program record while watching movies

On the other hand, Panasonic offers two functions that will further enhance your multimedia experience: the voice interaction and Swipe & Share 2.0. The first one will allow you to give orders aloud to change channels, raise or lower the volume, browse the Internet and much more intuitively, while the second you can share all your multimedia content between mobile devices and TV making the same motion with two fingers. What kids want to see photos of your last trip on the big screen? No problem, just have to make a small gesture and see everything on your Smart Viera. And with Viera Remote App 2.0 application you can use your smartphone as a second screen and as a remote control to navigate freely through the websites.

Connectivity: the world at your fingertips

VIERA Connect brings to screen 10 different categories based on the Internet: Video on demand services like Wuaki.tv, information from major newspapers, local services, games and entertainment. But that’s not all because the children will see in the new Panasonic TV an opportunity to continue to learn and have fun at the same time, facilitating interaction with it thanks to the stylus with which they can play and work directly on the screen.

The best picture quality on a TV ecological

Do not think that with so many extras Panasonic has put aside the image quality. Both plasma and LED models feature the latest technologies to make the most demanding amazed. Refresh rates for some movements amazing crisp, vivid colors and real wide viewing angles so that no one misses a detail, contrast-enhanced. All in 1080p Full HD resolution TVs to be enjoyed with your favorite movies and TV shows.

Finally, all Panasonic Smart Viera are environmentally friendly, using 15% less energy with energy efficiency class A++. So you know, if you want a truly customizable Smart TV with exceptional picture quality, do not hesitate to visit the website of the company to know which one suits your needs.


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