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Complete features of the HTC Sensation XL

This smartphone has a 4.7 inch screen  as its name implies, is a technology giant and try to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus.

For this, the Taiwanese firm signed a cooperation agreement with Beats Audio, which was developed with a proprietary system to process a unique sound, thanks to the headphones exclusively designed by Dr. Dre.

Complete features of the HTC Sensation XL

Sensation XL also included in the same interface as in the model Sense, to result in great sound.

In terms of size, the HTC Sensation XL measures 70.7 X 132.5 X 9.9 mm and weighs 162.5 grams. It is not what is said to carry a small pocket or in any hand and if you are of those with big hands, you are a bit difficult to press the touch keyboard.

The case is white with red accents, which surely attract attention. The resolution of the screen is 480 X 800 pixels, Super LCD and has 4.7 inches diagonally, ideal for watching videos. It should be noted that the density of pixels per inch is 199 only and read you will have to apply zooming.

Let’s talk about the camera, something that is not too good this Sensation XL, especially by the problems with the software. It has 8 megapixels, HD video recording at 720p and dual LED flash.

In relation to sound, as we said before, is that in this respect the company really stood out with the inclusion of Beats Audio. If you’re the lovers of good music without external noise filtering, this phone is right for you.

Finally, missing from the HTC Sensation XL is microSD card slot as it only brings 16 GB of internal storage you can not expand to upload more music, for example.

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