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CES 2017: new sports smartwatch Garmin FENIX 5

At CES 2017, Garmin presents its new proposal Garmin FENIX 5 for those who live sporting passions in the round, every day and in any place, without compromise.

From the stage of the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Garmin has introduced three smartwatch dedicated to sports lovers: Garmin FENIX 5 , Garmin FENIX 5S and Garmin FENIX 5X. In detail, FENIX 5S is lighter, thinner and smaller than the other models and perfect for small wrists, like those of women, without sacrificing functionality and its sporting soul. FENIX 5X, however, reveals to have an integrated mapping . Finally, FENIX 5 is rich in features and is ready to carry out any challenge.

Pepcom Digital Experience, on the evening before the official opening of CES 2017

Basically, however, the biggest difference is the size and the fact that Garmin FENIX 5X has integrated mapping. As regards the dimensional specifications, FENIX 5S has a diameter of 42 mm and a 1.1-inch display; FENIX 5 has, instead, of a diameter of 47 mm and a 1.2-inch screen; Finally, FENIX 5X presents a case of 51 mm and a 1.2-inch display. The top of the range, the FENIX 5X, is protected by a sapphire crystal that can be requested as an option at about 100 Euros more about the other models, which by default possess a standard glass.

All three models are equipped with stainless steel case and integrated compass, GPS, GLONASS and sensor for the heartbeat. Being three smartwatch for sports, the new models of FENIX 5 series are all waterproof up to 100 meters deep.

The model Fenix 5X is the largest of the family, and is distinguished from the remaining two over that for the size also for the integration of the support to the maps.
Very interesting FENIX 5X variant with preloaded maps, ideal for athletes looking for additional information, such as points of interest along their path. The sensor for the heartbeat works constantly carrying out a survey every two seconds during normal activities and every second during sports activities.

Garmin guarantees for these its smartwatch also an autonomy improvement . It ranges from two weeks of FENIX 5 model in only eight days to watch the Garmin FENIX 5S mode, or from 24 hours in GPS mode Model FENIX 5 to 13 hours of FENIX 5S. Users can also take advantage of the UltraTrac power mode to extend battery life even more.

All FENIX 5 models are compatible with Connect IQ so users can personalize their watch with applications, widgets and much more.
They also allow you to manage Smart Notification to receive alerts from your smartphone push notifications, SMS, incoming calls and e-mails. Also they work as a fitness band, providing the wearer with information on the level of daily physical activity.

The new smartwatch Garmin presented at CES 2017 will arrive within Q1 of 2017 with prices starting from 599 Euros.

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