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Xbox SmartGlass for Android and iPhone early 2013

Microsoft has reported that Xbox SmartGlass for Android and iPhone would be coming in early 2013. SmartGlass was first shown at E3 in June 2012.

Xbox SmartGlass give greater control and integration with the Xbox 360 from your smart device. It will be available for all Microsoft platforms (Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT) since launching before its availability for other platforms in early 2013.

Xbox SmartGlass for Android and iPhone coming in early 2013

SmartGlass give the user the ability to use the phone as a controller, while on the same network as your console, a feature now available through Xbox Live My companion application on the iPhone.

Although Microsoft has not yet shown SmartGlass on all these platforms, in the images below may be some SmartGlass Xbox screens for Android, iPhone and iPad.

SmartGlass allow controlling movies and music, moving play from one device to another, so you can pause and resume the tablet on Xbox. Also it allow your mobile device to act as a second screen for movies and music, providing information about the actors or artists. This experience extends to second screen compatible games.

Meanwhile, Xbox SmartGlass Windows 8 will be available from October 26 and Windows Phone 8 since 29 October, initially. You need an Xbox Live Gold for some functions SmartGlass work.

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Huawei Windows Phone 8 handsets leaked Gets Official Press Photo

The Chinese firm Huawei also adds to Windows 8 version for mobile devices, and not be very happy with this information. One of their upcoming smartphones that come with the new Microsoft OS, has been leaked and it is known as a design splendor shines with something familiar.

Huawei Windows Phone 8

As you know, the latest presentations of Nokia anticipate that the Finnish company is the leading post with WP8, and Huawei Ascend, Windows Phone 8 handsets any resemblance to the colorful Lumia W1, is purely coincidental.

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Through the social network Twitter, evleaks which is known for leaking a lot of information in this market, which has distributed everything to be official, worthy of a promotional render.

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Following leakage of a few weeks ago, you know that W1 Ascend will boast a screen 4-inch WVGA, a dual core chip at 1.2 GHz, 512 MB of RAM, 4GB internal storage, 2000 mAh battery and a camera system twice, with a 5 MP main and one with VGA resolution. It is estimated, on the other hand, a price of just over $ 300.

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New Nokia Phone with Windows 8 will be presented on September 5

The new Windows Phone 8 from Nokia are just around the corner. Within just three weeks when the Finnish company will hold its annual event, Nokia World 2012, which will share with participants presenting the New Nokia Phone Lumia devices, designed to work with the most advanced platform of Microsoft for smart phones.

New Nokia Phone with Windows 8 will be presented on September 5

In the invitation sent to media this fact makes it quite clear, showing the same of similar composition to the interface Metro of Windows Phone, including data for opening doors in the event, also referring to Nokia and Microsoft as Hosts for the occasion.

Fortunately, the thicker the land of the leaks, and to illustrate what could submit Nokia at the event, we learned a couple of missteps that have been uncovered by Unwired View and WPXAP. In both cases, we dealt with components of a pair of phones, which presumably would be two of the terminals going to announce on September 5 in the opening event of Nokia World 2012. Specifically, it is the protective surface of the front of two unique models in the catalog of the Nokia.

In the case of filtering that we have learned through Unwired View, we have a panel that would be defined by a screen of 4.3 inches, which would coincide with the current high-end signature, Nokia Lumia 900. It is noteworthy that, at least looking at this component, it appears that the final design would have the device that would set the front panel would display a rounded appearance around the edges, perhaps along the lines of that seen in the Nokia Lumia 610, but with a larger-and unlike seen in the Nokia Lumia 800 and Nokia Lumia 900.

In fact, the straight lines of these yes that would be present at the second potential terminal which would consist of the front panel that has leaked through WPXAP. In this case we encounter itself with a protective cover with an appearance closer to that seen in the two phones in the first level of the Finnish firm. However, in one as another, it is difficult to determine whether the final design will be so dependent on the form taken this component, though, a priori, one would think they will.

Both end faces match, also on two elements of interest review. On the one hand, both boast a small hole next to the earpiece for what appears to be a front camera, the Nokia Lumia 900 and included a side of a megapixel sensor. Furthermore, the logo of Windows Phone that is located in the lower mode capacitive start button has changed its design, now adopting the appearance of the new corporate identity that Microsoft has defined for the whole family of platforms to be put in a position to phones, tablets and computers from next autumn.

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The Nokia smartphone with Windows Phone 8 arrive in September

Nokia released its new line of Lumia Nokia smartphone system based on Windows Phone 8 over the next Nokia World 2012.
The annual conference that the Finnish firm place to present their new products, and that this time will take place in Helsinki between days 5 and 6 September, will host the second generation mobile platform the company Microsoft.

The Nokia Windows Phone 8 arrive in September

What they have not pointed out these sources is the nature of the mobile that Nokia submitted to expand the family Lumia. In addition to incorporating Windows Phone 8, which is the latest version of the platform of Redmond, is expected to strain any device to expand its appeal thanks to the presence of technology PureView, unveiled the Nokia 808 PureView and has special peculiarity as the possibility of taking pictures and videos with an unusual quality. Not surprisingly, the said device to capture images with a maximum resolution of between 34 and 38 megapixels and no effective terms, and offers a digital zoom that emulates the results of a powerful optical zoom small format.

Nevertheless, although Nokia has confirmed that we will see mobile PureView system in one of its next Lumia, have not ensured that the second generation of devices with Windows Phone will integrate a model with this technology. What we do know is that we have a prototype that seems to work with Windows Phone 8.

China is the web WPDang that has leaked this model, which, incidentally, themselves baptized as 900 Fake Nokia Lumia, or whatever it is, Nokia Lumia 900 of paste. What you see is a model that indeed looks like the latest and most comprehensive mobile terminal of this family, but with the proviso that displays icons for Windows Phone 8, although, in fact, it could be Windows 7.8 phone.

And, as you may recall, the current generation of devices Windows Phone can not be done with the version called Apollo. In return, these terminals will receive an update dubbed Windows Phone 7.8 that basically emulates the look of Windows Phone 8, and specific system functions more advanced Microsoft.

Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain whether the images shown WPDang correspond to a Nokia 900 with Windows Phone Lumia 7.8 or if it is a prototype that come with the platform to be released in the coming weeks. A clue may be given by the terminal housing, color yellow, which is not available for any of the official models of Lumia 900. In any case, there is a turning point, given that Nokia could expand the palette of this device without too much effort.

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Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

In a few days, on 27th July, the most curious the showpiece event of sport world, Olympic 2012 games will start. From London it will develop all the skills of several disciplines and if you are someone who can not attend them, you can download the software applications for your mobile phone to follow the Olympic 2012 games from the smartphone with free apps.

Follow the Olympic 2012 games from your cell phone with free apps

It has never been easier to be well informed of what happens in an Olympic 2012 games. So many sports vying for the same time even if they are watching on TV you always lose something. In this edition in the English capital you can follow each and every one of the games and competitions from the smartphone.

The first application is free and is called “Results, Official London 2012 App” available for the operating system Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. With this tool you can access all the information related to: performance, live show, real-time feedback, calendar, medals, sports and competed, athletes, etc. It also has a custom section called “My Games” to configure the data you want to know, by country, athlete or sport.

On the other hand, the application “Join In” allows you to know beyond the Olympic 2012 games, because it offers a guide to those who visit London with routes, maps, torch, attractions, etc. It is available for Android, iOS and BlackBerry, but not for Windows Phone OS.

To download each you must enter the web store that belongs to each operating system (Android Market, Google Play, App Store, etc) and you are done, you can have all the information of the Olympic 2012 games on your cell phone and tablet.

No more excuses to say now you can be aware of that happening in London because you are in your office, now you know what is happening instantly from your mobile device.

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Windows Phone 8: the new Microsoft operating system for mobile

Following the debut of the new tablets Microsoft Surface, the U.S. giant has continued to show more developments in the mobility sector. This time the event has revolved around the mobile, more specifically in the new operating system for advanced mobile or smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia and where they are baptized under the name Windows Phone 8. Some interesting features of the new icons could be that technology is integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) or the processors that use the terminal and should not be a single core. But there’s more news:

what is the windows phone

For starters, Microsoft wants to make life easier for developers. And considering that it should also appear in a few months the new version of PC operating system (Windows 8), the company did not want to miss the opportunity and the source code of both systems will be the same, in other words, the manufacturer wants developers have it easier and to create new applications or games use only one type of tool. Of course, should take into account the technical characteristics of each team and adapt the operation to each of them for best results.

On the other hand, the first thing the user will find when you turn a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 is the change of the home screen. Concentrators or Hubs can now be more colors and, above all, the user can customize to your liking. Moreover, with simple gestures, Microsoft offers the ability to resize each of them with a choice of three sizes, all depend on the importance of each and what the average time the user query.

Now, leaving aside the graphics and design, Windows Phone 8 also has major improvements at the level of hardware: from now on, the terminals that use icons Microsoft may have more powerful processors and should no longer be single core, multi-platform support is assured.

In addition, the screens are also good news. And is that Windows Phone 8 may be present in advanced mobile with resolutions that meet quality high definition such as: 1,280 x 768 pixels or 1,280 x 720 pixels, an aspect that will thank the user when viewing images directly from the screen smartphone.

Also, the memory section has also been improved. With Windows Phone 7, the possibility of increasing the internal memory of the mobile was zero, something that the user quite limited. However, Windows Phone 8 compatibility with SD memory cards will be assured. Besides getting more space to store information in general, will also be much easier to move files between your phone and a computer.

Following the developments presented by Microsoft, note that one of the technologies of the year – NFC or Near Field Communication – will also be present in the repertoire. But his approach is not exclusive to pay as a credit card or using compatible accessories, also is intended that the client or consumer to share files more comfortable such as photographs, office documents or information from a phone contact.

As for new applications, following the previous thread, Microsoft Wallet will be responsible for making payments by NFC in establishments that are approved and ready. While Internet Explorer 10, the new version of Microsoft well-known browser, will be responsible for the navigation of websites. Moreover, it will be the same version used in Windows 8 and the first tests reveal a faster product -to four times according to the manufacturer, and more secure, fully canceling you can actually phishing.

Not to miss the party Skype you are fully integrated into the operating system and offer the possibility of making Internet calls. And also presents Audible: the siri future rival – Apple’s personal assistant could be something green.

Nokia has also taken a leading role in the context of the presentation. And is that the firm Nordic-one of the great allies of recent times, will be responsible for mapping that uses Windows Phone 8 in new-generation terminals. Moreover, it sets aside the exclusivity that had the Nokia Lumia and maps are open to the entire platform. One of the strengths is the known use offline or offline in English. How it works It is simple: the client is downloaded to the terminal maps and stored in internal memory. In this way, you can navigate streets and highways and not use the contracted data rate.

Finally, Microsoft has said that the existing terminals with Windows Phone 7.5 can not be upgraded to the latest icons. However, neither be idly: we are working on a new version that integrates more than one new feature and the name that will receive this update will be Windows Phone 7.8. But beware, this also has thoroughly highlighted is that current Windows Phone 7.5 applications do work in the new system.

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HTC Kaixuan: first Smartphone 7.5 for Windows Phone China

HTC has everything ready to launch the first smartphone with Windows Phone 7 at home. The new HTC smartphone will be launched at the moment only in China, making a move that eventually will also introduce in this country with tremendous technological expansion the first device with Windows Phone. HTC Kaixuan smartphone is chosen for the home market and will be available towards the end of March, according to the company itself has said in a statement. HTC is already accepting pre orders for its smartphone through the online store, where the price is around $ 698.
HTC Kaixuan first Smartphone 7.5 for Windows Phone China
Microsoft said it has waited long for the launch of a smartphone with Windows Phone 7 and to be joined by other HTC smartphones and Nokia, ZTE, also in 2012. Speaking of hardware, HTC Kaixuan smartphone is a good standard, very similar to HTC Titan. HTC Kaixuan will present a screen 4.7-inch touchscreen with 1.5GHz processor and an 8-megapixel back camera.

HTC said that the smartphone will be different than the other models because Windows Phone 7.5, will be fully localized into Chinese so users will not be compatible with Twitter but with Sina Weibo, the correspondent of the social network in China. Windows Phone 7 prepares to land in a market where the lion is played by Android, licensed for 56% of active smartphones in China (data from 2011).

The open source nature of Android was the main reason for its success, having allowed Chinese companies to develop a perfect range of applications in their own language and with selective requirements for Android, which makes them much more popular for the average user. To compete with Android, Microsoft will need to develop the same type of platform to Windows Phone 7, which represents one of the biggest challenges on which Microsoft and HTC are betting.
In China, more present producers are Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, Motorola and Apple.