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How to compose music on your smart phone

The proliferation of smartphones has caused a massive increase in the number of apps on the Play Store, a reality that we all know. Specifically, in this article we are going to focus on those apps that teach us how to compose music. Notably, there is an influx of apps of all kinds, including some very specific ones designed for certain industries.

This is the case of the tools for musicians and composers, some services make their work a bit easier by allowing you to create backgrounds, preview certain effects, automate transfers, change the key of a piece in seconds and very long wait, very useful. That is why we decided to choose the best, which are these:


This is an app that not only allows us to create scores easily, but also to know the result instantly without touching it. The best thing is that it includes instrument simulators (violin, viola, cello, piano, drums, among others), so that it doesn’t limit you in any way, but it gives us the opportunity to know which of them is the best for our composition.

Audiotool , for its part, is a synthesizer that may be of interest to experts


In addition, it has an option that allows us to modify music files, it has a simple interface to use, it includes the possibility of sharing our compositions with anyone, and it includes vibrato and various effects. Of course, to start enjoying its advantages you have to pay.

For iOS, you can download the app at this link.

Note Reader

As for Note Reader, its main advantage is that just by taking a picture you can listen to a sheet music. It is appreciated if you wanted to know how what you are writing sounds like. In any case, it is a rather basic app that allows you to make a composition of the place. It is also useful for those who have trouble imagining what a particular score sounds like.


Of course, there are other types of resources and tools in addition to apps that will delight composers and music lovers. Noteflight, for example, is a website where you can create, view, print, share, listen to musical compositions and has approximately two million members.

The page is available even in several versions , a basic version where we can do the above from the browser itself; and a premium version that is more focused on learning. This first includes the ability to create unlimited scores, simulate up to 85 different scores, transcribe and transfer scores, organize scores, and more. The annual fee is approximately 45 euros.

What Incredibox has successfully achieved is that it is one of the most popular apps of its kind

As for the learning version, in addition to those mentioned above, it has a specific performance and evaluation function. Of course, it costs 10 euros more. To learn how to get the most out of them, the site includes user manuals, help, reviews, FAQs, and more .

iGigBook Sheet Music Manager

Designed by musicians, this application is very complete, since it allows you to transpose a piece of music to a new key without racking your brain, find basic chords for a certain style, find sheet music, etc. However, it is not free, it costs 14.99 euros and is primarily focused on searching for music in general.

Available for iOS, on the App Store
Available for Android in the Play Store


For ScoreCloud (formerly known as ScoreCleaner Notes), what it does is transcribe what you sing or play into a musical language , a neat feature if you’re inspired rather than typed. An interesting option, especially for instrumentalists, even for those who learn in the most amateur way but who need sheet music. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that some of the best works are produced spontaneously.

It also has an intuitive interface capable of recognizing melodies in almost any setting, from studios to community gatherings. Of course, it doesn’t capture chords, that is, it doesn’t recognize those notes played at the same time, so we don’t recommend it if you’re a pianist, guitarist or lover of both strings. etc.

Indaba Music

Although somewhat different, Indaba Music is another interesting web service and community. We can create music and share it with other users . Among its advantages, we have highlighted the variety of instruments and effects, the possibility of collaborating with other musicians, voting for our favorites, winning contests with their own compositions, etc.

iReal Pro

Another of our favorites is iReal Pro, which does not allow you to collect chords for certain songs

Another of our favorites is iReal Pro , which does not allow you to collect chords for certain songs, integrates accompaniment functions, chord diagrams and even a function that gives us the possibility to make a certain piece sound in a loop possibility .

This is the perfect interpretation if you are unsure about the accompaniment. Of course, you can only listen to it with piano, bass and drums. Also, the official product page has a dedicated blog with technical support, reports on different updates and more. It is currently available for Android, iOS and Mac.


Audiotool , for its part, is a synthesizer that may be of interest to experts in the field as well as to amateurs and the most curious. Described as “a powerful online music production studio, right from your browser.”

So first of all, you have four preset schemes (Rookie Acid, Minimal, Berg and another empty), different instrument functions, the ability to mix tracks and more. It has a wide variety, so it is not easy to use if you are new to the field. Fortunately, there are many tutorials available to us.


In our selection you can not miss those tools designed to awaken in children the passion for composition . What Incredibox has successfully achieved is that it is one of the most popular apps of its kind and is often used in primary and secondary classrooms.

To start using it you do not need to register, but you can create different melodies with various beatbox-style rhythms. What is interesting about the application is that different characters appear to interpret and characterize the work in question . In addition, it allows you to record and generate links that can be shared on social networks, etc.

Creating Music is a website designed for the little ones in the house to develop their creative skills

Creating Music

Also aimed at the smallest of the house. Creating Music is a website designed for the little ones in the house to develop their creative skills and start creating in a simple way. Simply drag the appropriate instrument onto the staff.

It also includes a specific section for playing Beethoven music and scales, listening to music, comparing rhythms, creating melodies by choosing different visual methods, detecting changes in short pieces of music, etc. Of course, this is a good place to start. Share on social networks and more.


From writing simple accompaniments to making it easy for us to learn techniques like scales, to doing it professionally. PocketBand gives us a variety of virtual instruments and synths, as well as recording capabilities, from our practice and editing.

It is only available in Android version.

We recommend the Pro version, although it is paid, it has more personality than the LITE. Of the two, yes, you will be able to share compositions of up to 12 tracks, share compositions and more. It is also designed for temporarily separated groups.

5 other applications to compose music

In addition to what has already been said, there are other music apps that are great for those who are learning to play an instrument, which will give the aforementioned professionals an extra hand to teach them.

Noteworks: Available for Android and iOS, great for fluency when reading staves. A video game in which they have to find out which notes appear in the different keys (G and F, C in the 3rd and C in the 4th).
Music Intervals: Similar to the previous one, in this case it focuses on the interval between notes.
Perfect Ear 2: Improves auditory perception, identifies chords, rhythms, scales and more. Become the king of dictation.
Funk Drummer: A rhythm generator tool with a very large sound library for “playing” gears for technical exercises like scales, arpeggios, etc.
Piano Maestro: An interactive way to learn to play the piano, an app that recognizes what we are playing through the microphone and gives us a score.
I hope this information has been useful to you, do not hesitate if you know of any other app to leave it in the comments.

Internet Tips and Guide

How do internet speed tests work with real data speed?

We all want to know what real speed our Internet connection has , know what the upload and download limitations are, if there is a “traffic jam” on the network, etc. That is why we are going to see how the popular speed tests are performed and how these tests work.

What is a speed test?

An Internet connection speed test measures ping and download and upload speeds. The first is a diagnostic utility that checks the status of the network, the connection between our equipment and our Internet service provider (ISP).

Measuring download and upload is important because most ISPs promise speeds of “up to” certain Mbps , but they don’t set the minimum. Sometimes the download and upload speeds are even different: this is what we know as asymmetric connections.


The first thing to do when performing a speed test is, as we have said, find a nearby server to send the ping

How a speed test actually works?

When we perform a speed test from our computer, our location is determined first , to locate the closest test server. Once the server is located, the service that performs the test sends a signal (the ping) to the server and responds by sending another signal back. This round trip is measured in milliseconds.

After the ping is complete, the download begins. The service opens several connections to the server to download data. All this is to measure, on the one hand, the time it took to download this data and, on the other, the network resources that have been used for this download.

Once the test service verifies that the connections are correct and adequate according to what we have contracted, it downloads more data, measures the amount downloaded in a limited time and the download speed .

Then the load is tested, the data upload . It is basically the same process, but in reverse: sending data from our computer to the server.

How accurate are these tests?

Although everything we have explained so far seems simple, it is actually quite a complex process, with several steps to follow and, depending on all those steps, the accuracy of the measurement will be higher or lower.

An example. The first thing to do when performing a speed test is, as we have said, find a nearby server to send the ping. This is fine, but not all of our connections are always made to nearby servers, so the speed will vary greatly. Therefore, also, we will have different results in each measure: each time a different server is chosen, at a different distance.

Another circumstance that can significantly modify the result of the speed test is that our computer is running other programs or services connected to the network , so the figure will be lower than we would expect.

What to do to correctly measure our Internet speed?

To get the best possible result in speed measurements, the first thing we have to do is forget about WiFi: if we really want to know the speed we have, we should use an Ethernet cable connection.

Second, we should stop all programs that are accessing the Internet. Of course, we must do the same with all the objects in the house: Smart TV, smart speakers, etc.

One last tip: we will restart the router before executing the speed test, so we will clear the navigation cache and we will have an almost pure test.

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Cryptocurrency trading, one of the best ways to earn money

In recent years, there has been a considerable decrease in some crypto-services, which is why crypto trading bots have been created , which allow automatic trading and earn money without doing practically anything. We must be aware that to be able to do “traditional trading”, we must have a bit of knowledge, because if we get into this world without having learned anything, we can lose all our capital in the blink of an eye.

One of the most recommended options could be crypto-trader software

Cryptocurrencies have become the best alternative for many companies to keep their capital high, the drawback is that there are many platforms that provide a trading service, however not all of them offer the “promised” results causing that with it the number of victims of fraud grows more and more.

Choosing better software is not easy, and even less so if you are a beginner, even the most experienced often make mistakes that put their financial stability at risk .

Trading is the door to success for all people who today decide to use their bitcoin. We know that, although this crypto is the most volatile on the market, its versatility leaves the others on the ground, added to the fact that it allows operations to be carried out in just seconds and its price is one of the most attractive on the market.

Many people have lost thousands of dollars trying to trade without knowledge , and since all markets are controlled by whales, when they think to bring down the value, they do it.

Advantages of a trading bot

The advantages are clearly the profits without being all day in front of the computer seeing charts, executing and canceling orders, seeing price variations, and much more. Just by investing a little money, the software will buy and sell according to its algorithm, and with those options, profits will be generated.

It is one of the best ways to earn money on autopilot and without risks, since we are not subject to “our knowledge” and we are supported by the algorithm of a bot that makes money little by little, without large operations as would normally be done when does traditional trading.


  • It is very important to get a good trading bot, a reliable software and that we know that it really works and that we can collect our profits.
  • Do a good research on which options are recommendable, test with a small capital and evaluate the results. If they see that it is profitable, they can add more and more capital.
  • And, always, they can also take the time to study a lot about trading so as not to depend on anyone and make their own operations and earn money safely.
  • Always keep in mind that trading and investing are risky activities. And always keep this phrase in mind: do not invest more money than you are willing to lose .
Miscellaneous Tips and Guide

Bluetooth 5.0, what is different and why does it matter?

Modern smartphones and many other devices, especially headphones, already incorporate the new Bluetooth version 5.0. In this article we are going to tell you how important this technology is, what improvements it brings compared to previous versions, and whether or not it is worth looking for devices that are compatible with it.

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest specification of the Bluetooth communications standard . It is frequently used for wireless communication between devices, such as wireless headphones and a smartphone, or without going any further, a PS4 or Xbox One with its corresponding controller.

The reality is that with Bluetooth 5.0 the devices reach transmission speeds of up to 2 Mbps (which is double that of BT 4.2) as long as they are practically glued

Bluetooth 5.0 vs Bluetooth 4.0: news and differences

A new version of the standard means improvements have been added, but only when used with compatible devices. In other words, it is useless for your smartphone to have Bluetooth 5.0 if then your headphones do not support this revision. However you not need to worry if it is because the versions of this standard are all backwards compatible with each other , ie, Bluetooth 5.0 supports Bluetooth 4.2 for example.

Bluetooth 5.0 Low Energy

One of the most important novelties of this version of the standard, if not the most, is called Bluetooth Low Energy or Bluetooth LE. It was already introduced in version 4.0, and is designed to reduce the power consumption of wireless devices that connect using this method. The difference is that in BT 4.0 LE there were some major restrictions regarding compatible devices, and now with the 5.0 standard virtually any device can use this low-power mode .

For example, Bluetooth headsets couldn’t communicate via BT LE, so they had to use the classic standard instead, increasing power consumption compared. With BT 5.0 all audio devices can communicate with this bass mode with sumo, which greatly extends its battery life. In other words, devices that use the Bluetooth 5.0 standard have LE mode and therefore better battery life.

Dual Audio

This revision of the standard also enables a new feature that allows audio to be played on two connected devices simultaneously. This means that with a single audio source, we could pair two Bluetooth headsets at the same time and both listen to the same music. But this is not all, since it could even be done with a single smartphone, two different people listening to two different songs at the same time.

This is more useful than just sharing an audio source, since it allows, for example, putting a pair of speakers in stereo and without the need for cables. Of course, the source device must be compatible with this feature, and we have already seen it for example on Samsung smartphones (where it is called Dual Audio).

More speed, distance and bandwidth

Of course, this version 5.0 of the standard also brings improvements related to transmission speed, bandwidth and maximum coverage distance. The official material of the Bluetooth association states that the distance is multiplied by four, the speed to double and the bandwidth by eight compared to Bluetooth 4.2, but the reality is that these figures are simply theoretical.

Features of Bluetooth 5.0 vs 4.2

The reality is that with Bluetooth 5.0 the devices reach transmission speeds of up to 2 Mbps (which is double that of BT 4.2) as long as they are practically glued, and in terms of the maximum distance, it reaches up to about 200 meters (they should be 240 to be four times more than the 60 meters of Bluetooth 4.2), but this distance is drastically reduced when there are obstacles (such as walls) in between. This distance is especially interesting for drones, as you will already assume.

The aptX compression standard already promises CD-quality audio at speeds below 1 Mbps, so a speed of 2 Mbps should allow for better audio quality. Technically, devices have to choose between higher speed or longer range, so that “double speed” benefit is only useful when operating at close range, as we have already discussed.

Samsung Devices Tips and Guide

Samsung guide for cleaning your mobile against the Virus and Germs

Cleaning your mobile frequently is something you should be doing already before the virus and germs became the main protagonist. However, the arrival of various types of virus has further focused on the importance of cleaning your mobile and how you can disinfect it.

One of the technology companies that has given this issue the most relevance has been Samsung, which offered to clean your mobile for the #coronavirus for free. After this offer, the South Korean company has produced a comprehensive guide explaining how to disinfect the phone step by step to protect yourself against the #coronavirus.

cleaning your mobile

The Samsung guide to cleaning your mobile properly

That mobile phones were nests of bacteria is something we already talked about when we explained how to clean the screen of your smartphone , being able to be home to up to 600 different types of bacteria . That is the level of dirt on the terminal that you are in contact with for most of the day, the one that you touch with hands that you can then bring to your mouth or eyes without being aware of what that entails.

As if this were not enough, a few days ago we learned how long the coronavirus can survive on the screen of your mobile, mouse, keyboard or game console . Depending on the material, the virus can be up to 5 days in these technological devices .

Dirty mobile

Knowing this data, it is even more important to pay attention to the cleaning guide published by Samsung . According to the South Korean company, the following are the steps you must follow to disinfect your mobile in the correct way .

  • Turn off the mobile, remove the case and disconnect any accessories you have connected.
  • Clean the outer surface of the terminal with a soft, lint-free cloth or wipe. Samsung claims to be against the direct application of cleaning fluids, water or other solutions, as they could enter the holes of the phone and damage it.
  • Wet the tip of the cloth with distilled water or disinfectant to carry out its disinfection. The firm recommends that you use a product based on hypochlorous acid (50-80 ppm) or alcohol-based (formulated with more than 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol). With that wet end, clean the front and back of the terminal without too much pressure . If you use casings on your mobile, you should also clean them in this way.

These are the three key steps detailed by Samsung for phone disinfection. As the company clarifies, the guide is focused on cleaning glass, ceramic and metal surfaces, not for those soft accessories with materials such as plastic, rubber or leather.

How to clean and disinfect your mobile

In addition, Samsung recommends that you not use other cleaning solutions, such as using compressed air directly against the phone. After having disinfected the mobile phone, something you should do at least once a day, you should pay special attention when using it outside the home : keep it close, do not pass it from hand to hand and do not leave it on any surface.

As Samsung specifies in its guide, it is a temporary nuisance that can protect your health like that of your loved ones at these times when coronavirus is present in most countries on the planet.

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How to download Android applications from PC

Most Mobile phone users know how to download Android applications from the Google Play Store. You just have to pick up your phone, open the store app and find the application that interests you.

But what many do not know is that it is also possible to download Android applications from the computer. Without it being necessary for you to touch your mobile or tablet at all. The process is quite simple, and the only reason why it is not very widespread is that there are many people who do not know it.

But we will explain how to do it step by step in a simple way.

Install Android applications on your mobile from the PC Google and its multiplatform system

Install Android applications on your mobile from the PC

Take the advantage of Google and its multiplatform system

One of the great advantages of Google is that it allows us to make all its cross-platform tools . For example, if we use Drive we can access our files from any device, and the same goes for our Gmail mail.

But what many people don’t know is that we can also access the Google Play Store from any device. And in this way download our favorite Android applications in a simple way.

Thus, it will not be necessary for you to touch the mobile to install your favorite Android applications. Simply by logging into your Google account from the computer’s browser, you can access the Play Store in the same way you would on your mobile.

And from there you can indicate which of the Android devices you have you want the Android applications  you want to download, and in a matter of seconds you will have it installed on it.

Steps to Download and install Android applications from PC

To be able to download Android applications from the Google Play Store from your Android, you must follow the following steps:

From the browser you usually use on your computer, access the web version of the Google Play Store .
Sign in to your Google account with your username and password.
Find the application you want to install on your smartphone.
Click on the Install button, which will appear in green.
If you have more than one device, choose the one on which you want to install it.
If requested, sign in again with your Google account.
Press Accept.
Wait a few seconds for the installation to complete.

A fast and comfortable process

Once we have finished this process, we can take the mobile. There we will see how the applications that we have sent from our smartphone will have been installed correctly on our phone.

Therefore, as you can see installing Android applications from a PC is an extremely simple process. Have you ever installed Android applications directly from your computer? If you wish, you can tell us your experience in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

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Transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another quickly and easily

For a long time now, the photographs and videos of our devices are one of the most precious files. Either to enjoy them ourselves or to share them, our mobile keeps great treasures. If you are here, it is because you are interested in knowing how to pass those videos and photos from one iPhone to another, either because you have acquired a new iPhone or because you want to send them to another person who also has an iPhone, in this post we will show you how You will be able to do it.

Transfer to a new iPhone

If you have purchased a new iPhone, you may want to keep your photos on the new device. For this there is a really simple method and it offers the device itself when it is being configured for the first time . Once you have entered in the new iPhone initial data as your country and language, your Apple ID and other data, the device will ask you if you want to restore a backup :

Restore iPhone copy

Transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another without losing quality

Restore with a copy of iCloud : if you had a backup saved in iCloud with your previous iPhone and the photos and videos were synchronized, you can choose this copy and your new device will be configured as it was in the previous one, including all the photos.
Restore with a copy of iTunes: if you saved a backup of your iPhone on your computer, be it a Mac or a Windows computer, the photos and videos will be integrated in that copy and you will only have to connect the new iPhone to the computer and Click on this option to restore the copy with the photos.

Share using AirDrop

Maybe AirDrop is one of the functions less used by users but which is very useful. If you do not know what AirDrop is, you should know that it is a feature found in both iOS and MacOS that allows you to transfer files such as photos and videos between devices , whether they are associated with the same Apple ID or not.

So, once it is known that it is AirDrop, it must be active on the two iPhones that are going to transfer photographs. To do this you must do the following:

Open the Control Center. In iPhone with Home button the way to open it is by sliding from the bottom of the screen forward. On the iPhone X and above is sliding from the top right of the screen down.
Display the connection box. This box is where icons of airplane mode, WiFi, mobile data and bluetooth appear; you just have to do a long press to unfold and see new functions.
Click on the AirDrop icon.
Multiple functions appear now, you must activate the “All” function.
Once you have activated the transmission and reception of files through AirDrop you can go to the photo gallery and select those you want to share with the other iPhone. Once selected click on the share button that will appear in the lower left corner and you will find the option to share with AirDrop with the other device .

Obviously there are more options to share photos from one iPhone to another. Another example would be doing it by sending an email or uploading the photos to cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, but these options are somewhat longer and unnecessary having faster options like AirDrop.

The option of sharing photo-traps using WhatsApp is not recommended and this is due to the understanding that the application makes of the photographs, which remain with a quality much lower than the original. So, unless you do not mind losing quality, do not consider that possibility.

Have you had any problems when transferring photos and videos with this tutorial? If so, tell us in the comment box and we will try to help you.

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The best free antivirus for Windows 10

The best free antivirus for Windows 10

A fundamental dilemma for all computer users is the antivirus protection, that is to say, which of all the antivirus programs for Windows 10 that exist in the market is the right one for their needs, and that also fulfills perfectly with its fundamental mission. Unfortunately, the wide range of antivirus software that the user can access, makes its decision difficult, and if we add advertising campaigns in favor of this or that program, it becomes very difficult to have a clear picture of what really matter, that both our computer and our data are safe.

Although antivirus protection is something that we should not take lightly, the truth is that if we take a few precautions when surfing the web or running a program, we should not have problems, and with the integrated solution for the antivirus defense included in Windows 10, Windows Defender, should be more than enough for a careful user’s needs.

Now, if we are the kind of people who do not take too many precautions when downloading files or browsing the web, or simply need to feel safe with the notifications like “Everything is fine … Your computer is not infected with Virus”, then The best remedy for this is the installation of a third-party antivirus.

This brings us back to the beginning of the article, where we ensure that the selection of a good antivirus is a rather complex task, since the different developers include dozens of features to differentiate themselves from the rest, but that most likely we do not need. In addition, we must take into account in an antivirus software is a complex program, and needs many resources of our system to operate, which may slow down our team, especially if it is a bit old.

To clarify a bit the picture about the antivirus for Windows 10, we divided the post into two parts. In the first of these parts, we will talk about the best free antivirus for Windows 10 of third-party developers, while in the second part we will know how Windows Defender can be our best alternative to be completely safeguarded against any threat.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

Bitdefender Antivirus provides protection against viruses in real time , an automatic intrusion detection system that guarantees that the applications or software

Despite the excellent features offered by this fantastic tool, unfortunately the way to finance it is through a few and annoying notices to upgrade to the paid version of it, and that appear in the places and at the least appropriate times.

Bitdefender Antivirus provides protection against viruses in real time , an automatic intrusion detection system that guarantees that the applications or software that we download from the Internet do not include other hidden applications, anti-rootkit protection and many other options with which to maintain a good security. .

If you wish you can download Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition by clicking on this link.

Avast! Free Antivirus

Avast! is undoubtedly one of the most popular and downloaded antivirus programs for Windows 10

Avast! is undoubtedly one of the most popular antivirus programs for Windows 10, not only because of its high level of protection, but also because of its ease of use and its high level of automation, which means that the user practically does not have to Do nothing so that your computer is well protected against viruses and other threats.

In addition to the antivirus capability, Avast offers the possibility to protect our equipment against the threats posed by malware. Also, Avast! includes various tools with which to combat other types of threats and problems such as browser bars, spyware and other similar malicious software.

Another of the most interesting features offered by the antivirus, even in its free version, is the possibility of analyzing the home network in search of any vulnerability that could become a gateway to cybercriminals, so that we take the necessary precautions.

If you wish, you can download Avast! Free Antivirus for free by clicking on this link.

Panda Antivirus Free

Panda Antivirus is also one of the few resources of the system, without this in any way diminishing its effectiveness and characteristics

Panda Antivirus is one of the easiest antivirus applications to install and use of those mentioned in this article, so much so that in order to have it in operating conditions, only a few clicks are required.

With one of the best rates of virus detection in the market, Panda Antivirus is also one of the few resources of the system, without this in any way diminishing its effectiveness and characteristics, similar to that of paid and much more complete antivirus.

It should be noted that when installing Panda Antivirus, the wizard could try to install other third-party programs as well as change the home page of the same, but if we pay due attention, it is possible to modify it easily so that this does not happen.

Panda Antivirus is available for free download by clicking on this link.

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG Free Antivirus, according to many users, is one of the best alternatives for the fight against viruses available in the market

Another of the most popular antivirus, and with a long experience in the field. AVG Free Antivirus, according to many users, is one of the best alternatives for the fight against viruses available in the market, since in addition to antivirus protection, it also offers anti-malware and spyware shields.

These three features are also present in the free version of AVG, which makes it perhaps the antivirus software suitable for all types of users.

It also includes tools for the identification of suspicious elements that come from Facebook, Twitter and similar services, it also provides the ability to analyze links to verify that they do not lead to malicious sites.

If you want to enjoy the protection of AVG Free Antivirus, you just have to download it and install it, which you can do by clicking on this link.

Avira Free Antivirus

Avira Antivirus is perhaps the least known of the antivirus programs mentioned in this article, however that does not mean it is one of the best, mainly due to its capacity, tools and ease of use

Avira Antivirus is perhaps the least known of the antivirus programs mentioned in this article, however that does not mean it is one of the best, mainly due to its capacity, tools and ease of use.

The free version of this excellent antivirus comes from the factory with the possibility of performing a few and powerful analyzes, however, these are not your best advantage, since it also incorporates a system that basically protects us against the software that is installed when we use the installation assistant of other applications, that is to say those camouflaged programs that if we do not pay attention we authorize that it is installed in our team.

In the case that Avira Antivirus interests us, we just have to download and install it, which we can do by clicking on this link.

McAfee Windows 10 Free Antivirus

A classic of classics, McAfee Free Antivirus is undoubtedly a very reliable product, even if it is a rather trimmed version of its paid brother

A classic of classics, McAfee Free Antivirus is undoubtedly a very reliable product, even if it is a rather trimmed version of its paid brother. The free version and compatible with Windows 10 of McAfee was released to the market after the release of the latest version of the OS, and is in constant development to offer the user increasingly better options and tools to combat viruses of all kinds.

If you are interested in giving this antivirus a chance, you only have to download it by clicking on this link.

Miscellaneous Tips and Guide

How to Effectively Organize Your Lab

Place your waste bins on the side of your dominant hand so you can eject pipette tips and other equipment easily

Researchers may need lots of lab equipment to conduct their work. However, too much lab equipment can make a lab cluttered and hazardous. If you need tips for efficient laboratory organization, look no further than the following strategies to save space and benefit the workflow of your research. Using these tips, you can conduct your research in a space that is clean, efficient, and safe.

#1: Clean Out Your Samples and Compounds

Do you have several samples lying around your lab, untouched for months? You and your fellow researchers probably do not need them anymore. Create a system where you and your lab mates can efficiently dispose of any expired or unwanted samples every month. By clearing out the samples you don’t need, you can save significant cupboard and fridge space for relevant research.

#2: Choose Equipment with a Small Lab Footprint

Whether you’re conducting protein stability analysis or you’re trying to run a qPCR assay, working with large, clunky equipment can take away valuable lab space. When you shop for new lab equipment, choose items that are small and compact. If it’s been a while since you’ve purchased new equipment, consider updating to a more efficient model with a low lab footprint. These products can make a significant difference in your workflow and productivity.

#3: Incorporate Cleaning into Your Workflow

Nothing feels less productive than a dirty, messy lab. In addition, lab spaces that are not clean can pose significant safety hazards to lab occupants. It can be easy to neglect tidying up while engaging in strenuous research – but you lose the space you need to complete your research in a productive manner to the mess cluttering your space.

Incorporate tidying up into your workflow whenever possible. Start cleaning and putting away any equipment you are not using as soon as you finish working with it. A few weeks of practicing this habit will make cleaning up your lab space feel like second nature. You will free up your lab space and keep your workspace free of hazards using this system.

#4: Organize Your Lab Bench Ergonomically

You can lose a lot of efficiency and productivity simply by not organizing your lab bench in a seamless manner. Adopt the theory of ergonomics, which prioritizes efficiency in the workplace, while organizing your lab bench:

  • Place your waste bins on the side of your dominant hand so you can eject pipette tips and other equipment easily.
  • Keep your lab notebooks away from your main workspace to prevent damage.
  • If you have solutions that you use every day, place them on the side of your non-dominant hand. For solutions that you do not use as frequently, place them in higher places. Make sure you label all of your solutions.
  • For general supplies such as scissors, calculators, wipes, and other items, designate a certain spot for all of these items at your workbench. That way, you’ll always know where to find the items you need, instead of searching for them all over the lab.
  • Place your tip boxes within arm’s reach on the side of your dominant hand.
  • Make sure to only keep the items you need on your workbench. Store miscellaneous or extra items elsewhere.

Whether you have a lot of lab space or you’re trying to make the most out of a small office, these tips can help you reduce your lab footprint and increase your workflow’s efficiency. With a cleaner, efficient lab, you can increase your productivity and keep your workspace free of potential hazards.

Security System Tips and Guide

What is ethical hacking?

Through ethical hacking , computer security knowledge is used to test systems, networks or electronic devices, looking for all those vulnerabilities that can be exploited to take those measures that avoid putting our system at risk
A specialist in ethical hacking must know how to determine the risks of the devices or components that are within their reach in order to strengthen their protection and evaluate the possible assets, threats or vulnerabilities.
Despite the negative connotations that the media have given to the term Hacker, the truth is that this type of professionals in the field of computer security use all their skills and knowledge to identify and efficiently manage possible security breaches that may arise in a company or system.

Ethical hacking and cybersecurity

You could say that ethical hacking is a tool for data protection and prevention. Precisely, what is tried is to stay several steps ahead of those who try to attack us with attacks carried out by computer experts and who have been trained in the criminal mentality of the hackers themselves, as well as in the different techniques of digital attack .

Through ethical hacking , computer security knowledge is used to test systems, networks or electronic devices, looking for all those vulnerabilities that can be exploited to take those measures that avoid putting our system at risk.

In this sense, an ethical hacker , in the field of cybersecurity carries out so-called penetration tests or “tests” to detect vulnerabilities that may affect the system such as bad configurations, using all the knowledge they have to your disposition Once the situation has been analyzed, these professionals will be responsible for sending a report on the situation so that appropriate measures are taken.

However, in order for all of these actions to be truly effective, it is very important that at the business level awareness is raised about the importance of computer security.

At this time, information is presented as one of the most important assets for the company, whether we talk about banking transactions or databases. All these assets are managed from computerized systems. However, a misuse of them can be presented as a weak point for companies and, logically, a favorable point for competing companies.

The companies that most often see their information security compromised are related to financial systems. On the other hand, we can also find very diverse cases of industrial espionage in which, through hacking, we try to locate the weak point of the competition in order to take full advantage of all this information.