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Western Digital updates its My Passport line with fast NVMe SSDs

Western Digital has unveiled a new series of products to add to its popular My Passport line of external hard drives . In fact, the new WD My Passport SSDs offer a large storage capacity in portable format and an extremely fast data transfer speed guaranteed by the transition to NVMe SSDs .

Western Digital The My Passport case has certainly been specially designed for users on the go
According to Western Digital, the new My Passports nearly double the speeds of previous editions, reaching up to 1,050MB / s reading and 1,000MB / s writing , while the maximum capacity goes up to 2TB . Users can also easily secure their data using the 256-bit password-protected encryption protocol .

The My Passport case has certainly been specially designed for users on the go, which is ideal for a portable drive. The chassis is resistant to vibration and shock, according to Western Digital, and the company claims the SSD can survive drops of up to 1.98m . The My Passport drive supports the USB 3.2 protocol and comes with a USB-C cable and a USB-A adapter . For best results, of course, we recommend using a USB 3.0 port whenever possible.

Western Digital sells My Passport with a 5-year limited warranty in various colors and is already available at major retailers such as Amazon in 500GB, 1TB and 2TB sizes.

Last month we also told you about Western Digital regarding the technologies used in its high-capacity hard drives. In fact, the manufacturer’s new Gold series hard drives, capable of storing 16TB or 18TB of data, stand out from the others as they are the first to use ePMR (Energy-assisted PMR) technology. Finally, a couple of months ago, WD launched Red Plus drives , intended for specific use with NAS systems. The new HDDs have replaced the previous WD Red range and, in addition to being more expensive, only feature Conventional Magnetic Recording discs, better known as CMRs.

SSD Storages Storage

ADATA launches its new industrial solid disks ISSS314

The manufacturer of RAM and solid storage solutions ADATA, just presented its new ISSS314 SSD solid-state drive. These new disks are designed specially for the industrial oriented business market. And for this they have been endowed with greater resistance to shock and extreme temperatures. So that they can operate correctly in any working environment.

ADATA launches its new industrial solid disks ISSS314 3D MLC NAND Industrial environments are always the most demanding for computer components. Since in these environments it is very easy to surpass the usual operating conditions for them.

Two versions will be available for these new SSDs. Differentiated by the type of 3D NAND Flash memory that they mount inside.

Thus, for example, there will be a version that will mount 3D TLC NLC memory. It will be available in capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB. This will be the version that supports a lower temperature range. The latter being confined between 0 and 70 ° C. This means that they can not be used in very extreme environments.

On the other hand, we have the version that mounts 3D MLC NAND . This will be available in sizes ranging from 32 to 512 GB. In this case, the temperature ranges supported are broader. Since they range from -40 to 80 ° C. Turning them into essential tools for very unfavorable environments.

The rest of specifications for both models is identical.

ADATA launches its new industrial solid disks ISSS314 3D NAND Flash memory
The read and write speeds for both models are completely the same. These are 560 MB / s for reading, and 520 MB / s for writing. So it’s clear they’re pretty fast drives. So is the impact resistance of 1500 G / 0.5 s. Or the average life time, which is over 2 million hours of operation. As well as the resistance to vibrations, which is 20 G, at a frequency between 10 Hz and 2 KHz.

ADATA has not provided the price of ISSS314, but it is clear that the model with 3D NLC TLC will be cheaper than the model made with 3D MLC NAND.

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Testing a case for external SSD with USB-C port

The USB-C promises to be a new standard, which replaces the USB-type A and many other connectors. On Macbooks, Macbook Pro 2016 and 2017, and most recently on the new iMac, Apple has to place Thunderbolt 3 type USB-C ports.

Testing a case for external SSD with USB-C port which replaces the USB-type A and many other connectors

The advantage of this connection coupled with the Thunderbolt 3 is the speed of the data transfers that can be carried out. Indeed, thanks to the USB-C, transfers can go up to 10Gb / s and up to 40Gb / s with the contribution of Thunderbolt 3.

An SSD case designed for the latest Macbook Pro

If you want to connect a hard disk or SSD to your new Macbook or Macbook Pro, there are USB-C boxes in which we will place the disk of our choice. This is what the brand Aukey, which currently sells this type of accessory. It is neither more nor less than a box (here in black polycarbonate) equipped with a SATA and USB-C port.

connect a hard disk or SSD to your new Macbook or Macbook Pro

The case here is designed to be compatible with hard drives and SSD in 2.5 inch format. With this USB-C box, you can connect any disk of this format (an SSD preferably for transfer speeds higher in writing and reading than HDD) on the latest Macbook Pro, Macbook and iMac From the firm to the apple.

Design and performance of the SSD USB-C

In terms of performance, this case offers transfer rates up to 5Gb / s, so it is not the fastest in its category. In terms of design, Aukey makes it very simple since the case is all black, except for the logo of the mark on the front of the product.

The USB-C is composed of two parts: a first one in which one will place the disk and the second, which is none other than the cover. Once the disk is plugged in, it’s plug & play, the disk is automatically recognized by macOS.
Finally, in terms of price, the case alone is worth less than 20 € on Amazon , it will add to that the price of an external SSD (unless you already owned one).

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Western Digital removes a 10 TB variant of a purple hard drive

Western Digital Corporation, a leader in the storage industry, today announced the availability of new WD Purple 10 TB mechanical hard drives , the newest member of its line of high-capacity hard drives for surveillance applications. These new hard drives are intended to cover the need for the security industry to have access to reliable and much larger capacity storage devices than has been used so far in the market.

10 TB WD Purple hard drive is optimized for use in 24/7 video surveillance systems

According to IHS Markit, the anticipated growth in the use of high-resolution network cameras and compatible with the standard 4K image recording in the coming years is driving a greater demand for surveillance-type storage to support systems That present these technologies. With increased capacity and state-of-the-art technology, the 10 TB WD Purple hard drive is optimized for use in 24/7 video surveillance systems and up to 64 high definition (HD) cameras in home and small companies.

Built for easy integration into new or existing video surveillance systems, WD Purple hard drives are designed and tested to standards developed for surveillance work and are compatible with the most widely used chassis and chip sets in the industry . Since this industry currently does not maintain any standard, WD worked closely with other companies dedicated to these tasks to develop a benchmark to define and demonstrate performance in this type of high security systems.

The new 10 TB WD Purple  complements Western Digital’s broad portfolio of advanced storage solutions for the surveillance market by offering a broad portfolio of solutions capable of serving customers with cloud storage and server systems.

In the words of Brendan Collins, Vice President of Product Marketing.

“Advanced technological advances in imaging technologies are expanding the value that video surveillance provides for applications that monitor both retail and public security in all cities, whether large or small. Our new 10 TB unit inherits the qualities of our WD Purple family, with maximum capacity ready to be offered to VARs, integrators and consumers with a 4K ready solution for current and next generation surveillance systems. “

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Advantages and characteristics of solid SSDs

You may even result SSD abbreviations unknown to some readers, or simply it is a term that has been passing while reading a magazine or blog technology, while others who already know their meaning are synonymous with the past technological advances in the field of storage for your equipment.

SSD is short for Solid State Disk. The difference with “traditional” hard drives is that these devices do not harbor drives inside, using a much more similar to memory cards or USB storage devices solid memory.

One of the main advantages of solid disks is their speed, we can not forget their resistance to vibration and shock, its lower power consumption, and usually a much longer lifespan. By the way, are pretty quiet and we save the hassles that sometimes we cause conventional hard drives with their shrill sounds.

Solid State Disk use a much more similar to memory cards or USB storage devices solid memory

After give you know some of the benefits of SSD drives, maybe it’s time to decide which is the best model we can acquire arrives. The offer is wide and varied when choosing an SSD for our team, so we can know about various alternatives.

What happens, like when we buy any daily product, the quality can clearly make a difference. This is where my clear preference for the models listed in the catalog of kingston ssd.

It’s easy to associate the name of this company with their memory and storage products, a guarantee that has built over the years working and leading this sector.

The catalog of Kingston solid discs has enough options to choose from disks with different storage capacities, sizes and connection interfaces. A wide range of solutions for companies and individuals who intend to improve the performance of your equipment and care to maintain and protect your data using the appropriate hardware.

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USB Stick from Sony designed for mobile devices

The launch of Sony USB Flash Drive stick for Smartphone has been very unexpected and surprising. This product has the ability to offer a storage capacity of up to 32GB memory me and has the feature that sets it apart from the rest, having the ability to be used with mobile devices directly without the need for a converter Cable because it has a microUSB port.

But the fact is that this product developed by the Sony is much more complete than that. At the second end of the product there is a USB port to use, so also has the possibility to use it on desktops or Laptops with Windows or Mac OS systems, so that their compatibility and utility is simply complete.

Regarding the software that is necessary for their use on computers by simply connecting the Sony product and is found all ready to be used

One detail that should be mentioned is that the standard model using this Sony in relation to the interface is USB 2.0. This is because the vast majority of mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, which do not have compatibility with version 3.0, so the appropriate controller should not be so modern. The dimensions of the stick UBS Sony are 18.9 x 9 x 31.4 mm and weighs only 6 grams.

Various storage capacities

The options available in this section of the product are 8, 16 and 32 GB of memory, so you can get the one that best fits the needs you have to meet each user. always bearing in mind that the design and other aspects not changed at all, only varies the capacity of the internal flash memory that incorporates the peripheral.

new Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone, which undoubtedly will be a most useful accessory

Regarding the software that is necessary for their use on computers by simply connecting the Sony USB Stick and is found all ready to be used. On mobile devices is different in that it must have the Android 4.0.3 version or higher and additionally, you must download a file manager program called File Manager, developed by the Japanese company and will be available in the Play Google Store for free.

The new Sony USB Flash Drive for Smartphone, which undoubtedly will be a most useful accessory thanks to its small size and compatibility , will be released on next month in the online stores of the manufacturer. As for the prices of each model are as follows:

For the model of 8GB, the cost is U.S. $ 19.99
To model 16GB, the cost will be 29.99 dollars
To model 32GB, the cost is U.S. $ 62.99


LaCie Blade Runner external hard drive designed by Starck

LaCie has just shown a new external hard drive for limited edition. Again, this is a product designed by Philippe Starck. It is named as LaCie Blade Runner, which is inspired by the famous science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott. The outer casing has a tapered cage and contains an organic form that is intended to resemble a human body. The designer says that represents a combination of man and machine. The truth is that it has an industrial look and futuristic, thanks to the metal finishes. The aluminum shell not only sinks like processors and car radiators, but also performs the same function. Contributes to optimal cooling of the unit and extend life.

data can be protected by a password, thanks to LaCie Private/Public included in the price

The aluminum case also provides a great resistance to the product which, incidentally, is quite heavy (2 kilos), which is not surprising given its high capacity. You can store 4 TB (terabytes). On one side is the power button with a cross, and typical of consumer electronics products of Philippe Starck. The button is illuminated by LEDs are green when the hard drive is in standby mode and green when lit orange. The interface is USB 3.0, which is backwards compatible with USB 2.0 ports. When working via USB 3.0, the data transfer rate reaches up to 5 Gbps (gigabits per second), who stay up to 480 mbps (megabits per second) when connected via USB 2.0.

The aluminum case also provides a great resistance to the product

LaCie Blade Runner external hard drive is a fast and high performance. It is suitable for all kinds of tasks that require intensive data. It also allows automatic backups so easy with PC and Mac and is shipped with LaCie Backup Assistant tool. In addition, data can be protected by a password, thanks to LaCie Private/Public included in the price. The manufacturer offers free 10 GB of storage on Wuala cloud for a year. When not in use, this hard drive LaCie automatically enters eco mode that reduces power consumption up to 75 percent.

Inside the package there is a USB 3.0 cable and an external power supply. The manufacturer says it is compatible with PC and Mac computers with operating systems like Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 and later. Its dimensions are 141 by 193 and by 74 millimeters. It is possible to find on sale LaCie Blade Runner in our country at a price of 240 euros, taxes included.

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AMD could also enter the SSD market

AMD is going through a situation that is not easy. The recent rumors about a possible sale could change the course of not only the company, but also the history of modern technology.

More than a technological resource, the SSD of AMD should improve the ecosystem of hardware brand

The latest rumor related to AMD is about the ability to enter the market of SSD with a number of models included under the Radeon brand but not big news from the technological point of view. AMD does not have – except last minute surprise – the resources needed to create new drivers or memory modules, which would have to go to other companies outsource models.

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More than a technological resource, the AMD SSD should improve the ecosystem of hardware brand. It would have in the market microprocessors, graphics cards, chipsets, memory RAM (yes, they also have) and also storage SSD. Arguably offer the major components of a computer, which must be considered a major achievement.

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A priori it seems a move to create a complete brand image that includes multiple categories of products under the brand Radeon rather than a technological breakthrough that differentiates AMD over the competition. I also remember that it is a rumor and that is to be taken as such, at least until the company officially confirmed its existence.

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Fujifilm to reveal high performance optical discs with 1TB storage

I will be honest: I do not use for years an optical discs in my computer either CD or DVD . The Blu-Ray computers exist but have been mainly used for video games and movies on the PlayStation 3, and many think that Blu-Ray disk will be precisely the last generation optical discs market. Well this is where comes Fujifilm is asking that his little piece of cake for the future.

Fujifilm to reveal optical discs with 1TB storage

For now it is a draft and is in the labs, but the point is that Fujifilm wants to have 1TB capacity optical discs. The technology is significantly different from the current Blu-Ray but keeps many similarities with it, which would result in a similar trend as we live a few years ago between DVD and BD own.

An interesting fact is the density. Fujifilm’s 20 layers disks poses at 50 GB each (amounting to 1TB in total) in a rate of 25 GB per layer which is the same amount of data a single-layer Blu-ray disc holds. Now with the spotlight on a long term, the company also raised reaches the 15 TB per disk with similar technology but increasing data density. Another important aspect is that because of how aggressive the process, it seems that it will not be feasible to have re-writable disks as if they were common in CD, DVD and also to a lesser extent with BD.

The optical discs live a bad time when ‘the cloud’ and Internet are focusing all efforts of companies. Fujifilm is said could bring to market the first products using this technology in 2015. And for what? For salvation could be at the movies in 4K for a Blu-Ray of 25 or 50 GB could be short. Do you think you have a future?


First tests for Fusion Drive, seems to keep the promises

Fusion Drive is a feature that arouses curiosity and can not wait to try to determine whether the statements made by Apple in terms of performance are not just a mere promotional message. The first tests carried out, however, seem to establish the good faith of Cupertino.

The tests were conducted by the YouTube channel Techfast Lunch & Dinner on the new Mac mini, which is also configurable with Fusion Drive. The model with this mode was compared with another mini of current generation but with simple mechanical hard drive 5400 rpm.

Fusion io Drive, seems to keep the promises

Since the beginning, the balance is for Fusion Drive: 15.7 seconds compared to 34.1 of the hard drive only. Even for the operations of reading and writing there has been history, since the software mode hybrid presented peaks of 400 and 300 MB per second respectively, while the traditional drive has stopped at 100 MB / s approx. Quite similar results have also been reported by Ars Technica in a short test. Fusion Drive Sign seems to be good at this work, taking advantage of the available units as appropriate. Recall that it is not a single drive hybrid as those of Seagate, for example: are a mechanical hard drive and an SSD separated, then united at logic level from the operating system into a single unit. Operating system and applications are always loaded on the solid state, while the rest goes to the bigger hard drive. A portion of the SSD is also used as a cache for the retrieved data more frequently, so as to load them quickly. The argument made here applies to the Mac mini, iMac but obviously there are higher expectations. Difference in the approach to be emphasized Fusion Drive for the all-in-one Apple is using NAND flash memory instead of the SSD, a solution aimed at containment of internal parts and used already in the Air and the Pro Retina.

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At this point, the curiosity to try it increases more and more, and hopes to do so as soon as possible, to have our say and investigate the speech, however, since it is still early tests, which will surely follow the most comprehensive analysis to specialized sites. We will not fail to bring you further developments on Fusion Drive, noting particularly any attempts to release as those that have already occurred a few days ago on Mac and unity is not officially supported by functionality.