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Samsung guide for cleaning your mobile against the Virus and Germs

Cleaning your mobile frequently is something you should be doing already before the virus and germs became the main protagonist. However, the arrival of various types of virus has further focused on the importance of cleaning your mobile and how you can disinfect it.

One of the technology companies that has given this issue the most relevance has been Samsung, which offered to clean your mobile for the #coronavirus for free. After this offer, the South Korean company has produced a comprehensive guide explaining how to disinfect the phone step by step to protect yourself against the #coronavirus.

cleaning your mobile

The Samsung guide to cleaning your mobile properly

That mobile phones were nests of bacteria is something we already talked about when we explained how to clean the screen of your smartphone , being able to be home to up to 600 different types of bacteria . That is the level of dirt on the terminal that you are in contact with for most of the day, the one that you touch with hands that you can then bring to your mouth or eyes without being aware of what that entails.

As if this were not enough, a few days ago we learned how long the coronavirus can survive on the screen of your mobile, mouse, keyboard or game console . Depending on the material, the virus can be up to 5 days in these technological devices .

Dirty mobile

Knowing this data, it is even more important to pay attention to the cleaning guide published by Samsung . According to the South Korean company, the following are the steps you must follow to disinfect your mobile in the correct way .

  • Turn off the mobile, remove the case and disconnect any accessories you have connected.
  • Clean the outer surface of the terminal with a soft, lint-free cloth or wipe. Samsung claims to be against the direct application of cleaning fluids, water or other solutions, as they could enter the holes of the phone and damage it.
  • Wet the tip of the cloth with distilled water or disinfectant to carry out its disinfection. The firm recommends that you use a product based on hypochlorous acid (50-80 ppm) or alcohol-based (formulated with more than 70% ethanol or isopropyl alcohol). With that wet end, clean the front and back of the terminal without too much pressure . If you use casings on your mobile, you should also clean them in this way.

These are the three key steps detailed by Samsung for phone disinfection. As the company clarifies, the guide is focused on cleaning glass, ceramic and metal surfaces, not for those soft accessories with materials such as plastic, rubber or leather.

How to clean and disinfect your mobile

In addition, Samsung recommends that you not use other cleaning solutions, such as using compressed air directly against the phone. After having disinfected the mobile phone, something you should do at least once a day, you should pay special attention when using it outside the home : keep it close, do not pass it from hand to hand and do not leave it on any surface.

As Samsung specifies in its guide, it is a temporary nuisance that can protect your health like that of your loved ones at these times when coronavirus is present in most countries on the planet.

Samsung Devices Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy M31 with 6,000 mAh battery for launch on February 25

Having launched the Samsung Galaxy M30 last year, Samsung is ready to launch its successor, the Galaxy M31, in Asian countries later this month. The mobile phone will be launched on February 25 in India and will be exclusive to Amazon India.

The Samsung Galaxy M31 also has its own page on Amazon and has revealed some of the key technical specifications of the device, including a massive 6,000 mAh battery such as the Samsung Galaxy M30s.

Samsung Galaxy M31 with 6,000 mAh super battery

The rest of the hardware includes a configuration of four cameras at the rear, directed by a 64MP sensor. The L-shaped location of the four sensors inside the rectangular camera is similar to what we have already seen in the Galaxy A51, Galaxy S10 Lite, Galaxy Note 10 Lite and others.

Samsung Galaxy M31 with 6,000 mAh super battery

Samsung has also confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy M31 will feature a Full HD + Super AMOLED “Infinity-U” screen.

Processor, RAM of the Samsung Galaxy M31, still to know

The rest of the technical specifications of the Samsung Galaxy M31, including the processor, RAM, storage, secondary image sensors, details on the display panel and other information, remain secret for now.

But it won’t surprise us if Samsung plans to reveal some of these details in the period before the actual launch.

It will also be interesting to see if the device will have a price similar to that of its predecessors, which could make it a worthy competitor against popular devices such as Redmi Note 8 Pro and Realme 5 Pro.

Meanwhile, Samsung will also launch the Samsung Galaxy S20 , Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Samsung Galaxy Buds + series in its “Unpacked” event. While the Galaxy S20 series will be the successor to last year’s Galaxy S10 line, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be the second generation foldable mobile phone of the Korean giant.

It will have a shell shape like the folding Moto Razr 2019. As for the Galaxy Buds +, they will be the company’s next-generation wireless headphones and the successor of last year’s Galaxy Wireless wireless headphones.

3D Gadgets Samsung Devices

Samsung at work on a new augmented reality viewer?

Samsung is now one of the largest companies in the world, ranging from different sectors of electronics, including smartphones, technological gadgets, smartwatches, appliances, laptops and tablets. A field, however, where the house has not yet released its own device, is that of augmented reality, to which the company is currently working to release a new product, thus joining Apple and Facebook, also working at something similar.

Samsung and the mysterious augmented reality viewer

What should be a new Samsung AR device has recently been leaked into a patent . This shows the design of a new AR viewer that the house would be dedicating its work to. The patent, which had been requested in February, was actually published only a few days ago .

mysterious augmented reality viewer

According to the drawings shown by the latter, Samsung’s new augmented reality set has a structure made of metal and synthetic resin . There is a cable connected to the right side of the device that could be used for the connection for another device for data exchange or recharging, of which the house however, does not specify its usefulness.

The lenses are made of glass. The headphones also appear to have two front-facing cameras and two projectors for each eye.

However, the Samsung patent stops here. Unfortunately, the documents are limited only to the description of the product design , without yet revealing the technology that the Korean company intends to implement and use. All that remains is to wait for the house to release more information about this curious product.

Hi-Tech Gadgets Miscellaneous Samsung Devices SONY TV

Smart TV Operating System Guide

In order to get the most out of the Smart TV, a worthy operating system is required. We discover together the operating systems of the Smart TVs of the various manufacturers.

Those who do not buy a new TV are now aware that in addition to the simple viewing of digital terrestrial channels, it is possible to take advantage of apps. Like a PC, web browser or smartphone on modern smart TVs we can install various applications (like Netflix and YouTube), it’s usually enough to connect the smart TV to the Internet (more often via WiFi, but also via Ethernet).

But even on smart TVs, we need to be careful about which manufacturer we rely on: in some cases smart operating systems offer very few apps , often not up-to-date, or rely solely on the browser to offer Web content in a very limited way. Let’s look at the best Smart TV platforms on the market.

Smart TV operating systems

Android smartphone owners can use the phone to control the TV directly using voice controls

If you are pointing to a brand new smart TV you can take advantage of the Android TV platform, which resumes the features of the most popular smartphone operating system and the TV port. Android smartphone owners can use the phone to control the TV directly using voice controls; Google Cast support allows you to send any video content from apps to TV (like a Chromecast TV will be “viewed” by the Cast symbol). The Android TV platform is growing and is in the current state of the art without any doubt the best platform to take advantage of Smart TV capabilities, taking the lead in Smart TV operating systems.

Sharp and Philips: Android TV or OS owner

Sharp and Philips also have a proprietary operating system that even though Smart features are not up to the platform offered by Android TV

Sharp and Philips also use Android TV on some models of televisions, but in this case the range is less wide than that seen on Sony. Blocked all the benefits already seen on Sony, but in this case you have to be more careful: Sharp and Philips also have a proprietary operating system that even though Smart features are not up to the platform offered by Android TV.

Panasonic: Firefox OS

Sharp and Philips also use Android TV on some models of televisions, but in this case the range is less wide than that seen on Sony

Panasonic has believed in Firefox OS right from the start and the platform is among the best TV views: fast, with many app / webapps and Firefox embedded in the platform. You can now buy Panasonic TV with Firefox OS.

Samsung: Smart Hub and Tizen OS

Samsung offers two Smart TV operating systems, both valid and well-supported
Samsung offers two Smart TV operating systems, both valid and well-supported. Smart Hub is the historic Samsung platform, which is well supported by smartphones from the same manufacturer or other Samsung products (Decoders, Blu-Ray Players etc.). Tizen OS is the open source operating system developed by Samsung that offers more expandable style, Android TV.

Few TVs currently offer Tizen OS, but in the case of Samsung the difference between the two platforms at the moment is minimal, perhaps further on Samsung will only target Tizen OS.


WebOS is perhaps the most beautiful operating system graphically and with the largest number of applications

WebOS is perhaps the most beautiful operating system graphically and with the largest number of applications. WebOS has a taskbar that opens from the bottom of the screen to choose which app to launch or which feature to open. The speed of this system is the strong point: you can switch from Netflix TV channels in less than 2 seconds. Make sure you buy upgraded WebOS (2.0 or 3.0) versions of your TV so you always have the most up-to-date apps for the most commonly used services (Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies etc.).

Accessories Samsung Devices Smartphone

Best Screen Protector for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is one of the most spectacular smartphone under the point of view of the screen. First of all, it has one of the larger displays that can be found throughout the market, with as many as 6.2 inches diagonally. At the same time, however, it has the very reduced size compared to any other device with the same size of the display, which makes it super revolutionary. The problem is that though this curved screen, covering practically the whole front part of the device, it is highly subject to damage of any kind and size.

Display Protection Crystal Clear Invisible Samsung Galaxy

It ‘s true, the glass on the screen of this device is covered by protective Gorilla Glass 5 of Corning, but this does not mean that it is indestructible. Just a well-aimed crash, a fall or the like so that it can result in damage that could be very serious. The damage is less severe for sure a scratch or a crack on the glass that at most may minimally affect the viewing experience. But there are much more severe and debilitating that perhaps you are not even aware of. Think, for example, if you go to break the crystals of this panel: you may get a whole screen or a portion of the screen that does not display the images.

Or, you could also break the touch screen , and in this case you could not interact with the smartphone. Now with the touch screen gets pretty much everything, the physical buttons are minimized and you can not even navigate the user interface with them. Adjusting a display is often a real tragedy, because in service centers you can also ask for hundreds of Euros for replacement or just to buy the new glass. Imagine then if we are talking about Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. And remember, warranty does not cover physical damage, but only internal damage and defects.

WARNING: the films themselves are not able to completely protect the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus! The device absolutely necessary also a cover! Discover now the best through the following article: Cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus for Best protection.

Curious Gadgets Hi-Tech Gadgets Samsung Devices

Samsung releases 3 new watchfaces with Gear S3 features

Taking advantage of the advanced features of the new proposals and wearable set of sensors and GPS, to be addressed to all smartphones compatible Galaxy brand. Samsung Gear S3 is a device designed to satisfy the most adventurous users. Proposals for this week are 3, and refer to Gear S3 Travel , Gear S3 Outdoor  and Gear S3 Sports.

New skins and new features available for Samsung S3 Sports Gear

Samsung Gear S3 Travel

Travel Gear S3 Watchface represents a range of customized products that add ad-hoc capabilities to travelers and business-man working offsite. The new layout is quite interesting, and aims with contextual on-screen reference to two time zones customizable. Beside these first added, moreover, you can also find the basic information for the evaluation of the temperature and the local currency, as well as a quick link to the map, which also shows the distance traveled.

A theme enhanced by the possibility of choosing the color output that you like, to be chosen from the 4 default proposals.


Samsung Gear S3 Outdoor

Samsung releases interesting proposals customization addressed to all users S3 Gear smartwatch

Gear S3 Outdoor Watchface, however, it is proposed as an indispensable tool for those who lead an outdoor life and love to go hiking or long solitary walks. Thanks to this new skin, will be virtually impossible to get lost. Thanks to the new design you can get all the information you need, up to the altitude route details. There are, among other things, data from the heart rate sensor and also a stop watch and a speedometer always at hand.

What’s more, you can obtain contextual information on the remnant of your battery, the light level, the times of sunrise and sunset, the time and even barometric data. The new theme, finally, offers the ability to customize the layout according to four predefined color schemes.

Gear S3 Sport Watchface finally integrates what are the functions already seen with skin Outdoor

Samsung Gear S3 Sports

Gear S3 Sport Watchface finally integrates what are the functions already seen with skin Outdoor and adds additional color ranges to customize at will the layout of your smartwatch. It has, in particular, the functions integrated gesture to single-tap and double-tap, which allow quick access to specific functions.

Besides the first infographics information about the features and specifications of these new Watchface, Samsung has also released new video where they illustrates the improvements achieved by the use of the new features. You can download the new products directly from the Galaxy App Store. Follow us on facebook to get all the news of the week on Samsung technology.

Samsung Devices UPDATEs

Samsung stops sales and replacements of Galaxy Note 7

We have reached the most difficult point of the crisis of Samsung with its Galaxy Note 7, where this morning everything pointed to that the company had stopped production, at least in South Korea, as a preliminary step to stop sales of your device due to problems of explosions, fire and smoke , derived from a battery failure.
Samsung has just issued a statement which urges all its partners around the world to stop selling Galaxy Note 7
Now it’s official, Samsung has just issued a statement which urges all its partners around the world to stop selling Galaxy Note 7 , this also applies to the replacement program , in addition to all current users of a Note 7 is requested to turn off immediately and do not use it until the end of the investigation.

Samsung says that after new reports of fire and smoke in replacement units of the Galaxy Note 7 , have launched an investigation into the hand of regulatory bodies, which have taken the decision to remove market its device in pro security of its users.

Samsung does not mention that production Note 7 has stopped, just focus on devices that are currently in stores and users, so we have to be aware of the information arising about the results of research, so that this is not over yet.

It must be emphasized in the words of Samsung, who ask users of a Galaxy Note 7, original or replacement, to stop immediately usuarlo turning off the computer and waiting for future directions. This confirms that replacement units most likely keep the bug that causes the device to overheat, which means that the problem could not be solely on the battery.

All in One Hi-Tech Gadgets Samsung Devices

Samsung all in one computers with curved screens released

Soon we begin to breathe the famous event CES 2015 and major developers are beginning to leave knowing what their featured products will be for presentation at this celebration.

In the case of Samsung , we know that will come with its new range of laptops but so will the new sector which will access the computers all in one but with the novelty of having the curved screen.

Samsung all in one computers with curved screens

Thus, following the trend set by LG from Samsung come with its new line called Series 7 where its main advantage is the curve on their screen. What is surprising is that the equipment included in this screen and only have mouse and keyboard as unique peripherals.

Its main features
His work on curved panels has reached different devices in your offer and wanted to also that they can reach computers all in one. In this case we face a screen of 27 inches with a Full HD panel that can actually be rather short considering the size of its diagonal.

Samsung all in one computers with curved screens in CES 2015

The screen can also be monitor if it sees fit well because it has video inputs, including HDMI and 10W power speakers.

As for the computer, it will come with Windows 8.1 and Intel hardware, and its a Core i5 processor. 8GB RAM, 1TB of hard disk space over 128GB SDD format complete the features of this particular desktop.

As for its availability only know that will hit the market this month, ie, in the coming weeks although nothing is known about its price.

Samsung Devices TV

Samsung Smart TV UHD UE85S9SL

Highlights Premium Member S9 series of Samsung, the Smart TV UHD UE85S9SL is one of the largest market UHD TVs and represents a remarkable revolutionary change in the design of these systems by the South Korean company, where a lightweight metal frame but very resistant elegantly combines with a large screen can reproduce images with a level of dramatic realism.

The first thing that strikes you when looking at this model is its unconventional appearance, thanks to a timeless and sophisticated design that breaks the structures of conventional TVs to become a kind of luxury frame, more like an art gallery room of a house.

Samsung Smart TV UHD UE85S9SL is also equipped with speech recognition systems and sensing gestures

This particular feature contributes greatly to the user to enjoy a more immersive, to wipe the screen boundaries and integrate it with the rest of the place visual experience.

Speaking of display, the Samsung Smart TV UHD UE85S9SL, is equipped with a 85-inch panel capable of providing images with a resolution four times that of HD devices, known as UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels), thanks to incorporating technology Enhancement Quad-detail.

Samsung Smart TV UHD UE85S9SL has integrated a computer speaker of the type 120 W

The image quality is also endowed with the implementation of an automatic improvement in resolution, so that low resolution images can be viewed with better quality than the original.

As for sound quality, this TV Samsung has integrated a computer speaker of the type 120 W Front Firing + Full Range, which is invisible to the human eye, for being subtly incorporated into the design of the device.

As for its Smart TV capabilities, the Samsung Smart TV UHD UE85S9SL has five panels and a simple intuitive interface Smart Hub, so that the user can search and access not only to their usual channels quickly and easily, but also a variety of programs and movies on demand, and thousands of available applications. Through the TV, you can also share content on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as play photos, video and music with other devices that are compatible.

The Samsung Smart TV UHD UE85S9SL is also equipped with speech recognition systems and sensing gestures (bring an integrated retractable camera), without allowing the remote when you want to manage different functions like changing channels or control volume.

Chromebook Samsung Devices

Samsung already displayed its new version of Chromebook laptop

The Chromebook being major players in late 2013 and, it seems, will be among the star laptops in the year that is about to begin. All companies are positioning in this segment as sales of these teams are growing and this is an example of Samsung, which could present its new model during the CES held in Las Vegas.

And what has been learned will be enough news to be included in this laptop with Google operating system, and most of them with regard to hardware component protagonists are manufactured by the Korean company itself. An example would be the processor (or better called SoC, as this will be an element that is often used in mobile handsets and has ARM architecture). Specifically we refer to a model Exynos 5420 Octa 5 operating at a frequency of 1.8 GHz in its four cores and Cortex-A15 1.3GHz Cortex-A7, we latter being used when performance does not have to the greatest. By the way, this component uses big.LITTLE technology for maximum energy efficiency. An interesting detail is that the GPU will be a Mali-T628, so it will be more than possible to handle the graphics in three dimensions with solvency.

Samsung already displayed at CES its new version of Chromebook laptop

Well, if this is already a novelty, it is noted that the display of the new Samsung Chromebook will be 12 inches (even speculation that it could be something more) and would reach its resolution 2560 x 1600. That is, very similar to that found in the Nexus 10 also manufactured by this company. The fact is that the image quality is quite high.

Regarding memory, I must say that, again, Samsung Chromebook tends to resemble a mobile terminal, as shown by the RAM is 3 GB, the same as for example includes Galaxy Note 3, and that the space storage will come in two versions: 16 or 32 GB. Yes, due to the USB connectivity including laptop using external devices is more than assured.

As mentioned, it is expected that this new model will let go during CES held in Las Vegas next week, so that we can leave little doubt as to whether these predictions are confirmed. The price seems to be around $ 250 , so it keeps the line be adjusted as usual with Chromebooks. Anyway, it would not be surprising that eventually this Samsung device is staged after said event, as some sources the Korean manufacturer have it indicated that the Las Vegas show no intention to show laptops.