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First real smart phone software applications for blind people

The British company Screenreader has created what it calls the first smart phone really the first for blind people or vision impaired people. While not really a new smartphone, but a suite of software applications that make a regular phone with Android in a new way to use the phone, this device comes with a simple menu that provides auditory feedback and features that are important and useful for those who can not see.

First real smart phone software applications for blind people

Powered by partner Roger and Margaret Wilson-Hinds, who have also spoken created software applications for the blind, Georgie provides useful real-world applications, such as indicating to the user in which direction they are going, or where the nearest bus stop is. By running your fingers through the menu, a voice tells the function. Deciding on a menu option, an extra moment ago that the function starts.

Georgie can be purchased as a set of software applications for those who already have a phone, or as a complete system. It comes with a single software application that allows basic functions such as dialing and voice dictation and has useful features such as “places” that advertise the address and can be loaded with the known risks along the way.

Users wishing to add more functionality have three software applications packages to choose from. The software application “Travelers” which features the names of places such as restaurants, bus stops, shops, along with weather reports by voice. Another software application package called “Lifestyle” offering the ability to listen newspaper and magazine articles and even entire books. The third software applications, called “Communicating”, helps users to connect socially, helping them to record, convert to text and then send Twitter messages or text.

The basic software applications costs 190 euros and each extra adds an additional 32 euros.

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When a mobile is friendly to the environment?

There are devices that are specially designed in a sustainable way and also offer accessories to complement the concept “eco friendly“. The EPEAT (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment) of the United States has taken in the last week several devices listed ecological Apple, being designed with recycled components difficult.

When a mobile is friendly to the environment

Among the highlights is the “Blue Earth” by Samsung, A phone that is loaded with sunlight and plastic comes from recycled bottles. Otherwise it has the features of any othersmartphone: screen touchscreen 400 x 240 pixel resolution and camera of 3.2 megapixels. But it also has a solar panel on almost the entire rear, which allows to recharge it with natural light andspecific software that informs the user about saving CO2 emissions when walking, for example.

When a mobile is friendly to the environment

Another eco friendly mobileis an old model The Nokia 700, being the smallest of the firm (96 grams in weight and 10 mm thick), as it has sought to minimize the use of plastic for making them and also their packaging comes from recycled materials. It is free of PVC, chlorine, bromine and nickel, which allows reuse. Ithavescreen of 3.2 inches and 5 megapixel camera. Bring an application on ecology, alluding wallpapers, maps, route optimization and walking tours.

Both devices achieve a contribution, however small, to reduce the carbon footprint, but also can seamlessly integrate common specifications of other smart phones, such as the WiFi connectivity, radio, GPS or music player and video.

Finally, it is interesting to note the project “The street charge” offering charging stations for smartphones powered by renewable energy, thanks to which you can recharge your mobile supporting it on a table at the bus stop, for example.

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New sources confirm that iPhone 5 have nanoSIM card

A couple of days we referred to the rumor that arose from the Financial Times, according to which the huge demand for smaller sim card or nanoSIM cards by a number of European operators could be a symptom of the need to use these units in the next phone of Apple, the iPhone 5.

Well, according to the guys at Boy Genius Report is not a rumor but a fact confirmed. At least, they argue that it is something that leaves no doubt as they have been verified by sources of the first American operator, AT&T.

New sources confirm that iPhone 5 have nanoSIM card

From the half point above the signature itself Cupertino Furnishing the operators would you work with a series of adapters that come to be useful in the face to prove how they work the nanoSIM cards with their networks.

It seems that did not disclose details about the reasons to come to support the decision to perform such tests, although it is reasonable to think that it would make sense to use a new terminal, either hypothetical iPhone 5 or even the rumored iPad Mini, although the latter option has all of them, given that it is proposed that is an affordable, which would rule out the presence of a 3G model.

Among recent signs that are arranged around the iPhone 5 in the form of rumor or leak highlight the fact that the design of new phone develop a thickness of only 7.9 mm. To do this, it would have integrated a new display technology, known as In-Cell, which would account for the Japanese Sony and Sharp, and a new arrangement of glass back cover for a new metal cover. The battery, on the other hand, have a new structure, in order to draw the new dimensions of the device.

When considering a more elongated iPhone, the internal power unit could be extended to lighten their thickness. We say this because the iPhone 5 seems to be a four-inch screen with resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels, which will retain the definition Retina of 326 dots per inch.

In recent days, from BGR also noted that the new iPhone will have NFC connectivity and one GB of RAM, that will do very well to the power terminal, which would have, according to the rumor, quad-core processor based on the Quad-4 Samsung Exynosthe same found in the Samsung Galaxy S3.

For now, it is unknown precisely when it will release the terminal. It has raised a really risky option, that of presenting the August 7, but seems to have a greater consensus from the evidence leaked around October as a time to raise the curtain and you see this device.

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Android vs Windows Phone vs iOS mobile platforms

It’s no secret that Android is one of the most popular mobile platforms and valued by users. The green robot operating system is present in many smartphones and tablets and it is no coincidence that many manufacturers choose this platform for their devices. Android offers many advantages but especially notable because it is a free system. The user can customize the system to their taste thanks to the huge catalog of applications available on Google Play, the official store of the brand.

The most direct competitor is iOS Android, the operating system of the iPhone

The success of this platform is growing. A few days ago, during the launch event of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the company announced that in 2012 reached a whopping 400 million Android devices worldwide. According to Google, currently the average daily activations is around one million terminals, a staggering figure. This translates into no less than twelve activations per second.

The growth of the platform will not only increase exponentially and if this rate continues, in a not too distant future could double this figure. In 2011 amounted to 100 million devices and only a year later the figure has quadrupled reaching 400 million.

The most direct competitor of Android is iOS, the operating system of the iPhone. According to a study conducted last May between the two platforms share the 82% of the market share of smartphones. However, the study revealed that during the first quarter of 2012 there were more sales of Android devices, namely 59% versus 23% of Apple. Windows Phone also is growing considerably, but is still very far from these two giants of mobile platforms, although in some years could get a better position and become a dangerous competitor.

Android plays with a certain advantage over Apple, and its platform is present in a greater variety of devices also cover different ranges. Meanwhile Apple has fewer models available and its price is generally higher than most Android, for this reason not suitable for all customers.

Android growth seems unstoppable, according to analysts at Ovum agency’s mobile platform Google will continue to increase its market share and dominate the market for smartphones in the coming years ahead of other systems. Samsung is one of the companies that have chosen by Android and, considering that recently has been hailed as the largest phone maker in the world, is responsible for much of his success. HTC, Motorola or Sony are other brands that have this system in smartphones its catalog. Google has made its mobile operating system reaches the top and it looks like it will continue climbing the ladder in the coming years.

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The supercomputer that identifies cats

It is a system created by Google, of 16 000 nuclei, which can recognize the whole body of a cat, plus faces and bodies of people, using Youtube videos.

Google supercomputer artificial brain

The most used search engine giant of the network has created a neural network computing, which consists of thousand computers of 16 processors each, whom they have supplied 10 million images taken from the web that plays videos, YouTube to see how much time needed to learn to identify their own, i.e. without external assistance.

This artificial brain has learned to recognize human faces and bodies, but what is more fun, faces of cats, as well as about 20 thousand different objects. The success rates are still very low but have improved by 70% compared to previous experiments.

The idea of identifying the domestic cat is because it is one of the animals that have more videos on the net and most are played by the Internet.

One of the challenges of X Laboratory inventions secrets of Google was to test the ability to recognize specific objects or patterns, such as faces, without human help. This discovery will be presented this week in Scotland. Speculation arising upon a hypothesis that says that human infants learn to visualize and identify something when they see it many times. One type of neurons specialized in recognizing something and are “activated” when identified. The system has recognized the unique facets of cats.

According to the American newspaper, The New York Times, the “artificial brain” created by google could be used for speech recognition and also for the automatic translation of texts, although states that have not “given in the key” right for machines to learn on their own.

Source: ABC

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What are the reasons for the overheating of the new iPad

The new iPad has already made itself heard. And not only for its merits. A defect was immediately found. While on the one hand you have the ability to connect to next-generation 4G networks and have a Retina display very saturated and bright colors, the other you have a overheated stronger and faster than previous models. What are the reasons that cause this phenomenon?

overheating of the new iPad

The DisplayMate Technologies Corporation has carried out extensive tests, the search for causes of overheating. In fact, considering the improvements introduced on the hardware, was to be expected that such behavior, however annoying it may be, nevertheless falls within the maximum limits set by Apple. The Cupertino company has in fact already a response to complaints from customers saying that the new iPad of Apple meets all the goals.

To satisfy a hunger as the energy of the new iPad, which compared to its predecessor, features a chip LTE network and display a much more demanding in terms of its energy, Apple was forced to fit the device with a battery much more capacious. The Retina display has a power consumption up to 2.5 times higher regard by considering only the backlight is particularly intense in the new iPad. Even high resolution, i.e. a greater number of pixels, requires a much greater energy quantity.

Despite requests energetic well above those of the previous models, the new iPad is able to maintain the same times of autonomy by virtue of the new battery. This, unfortunately, has a downside. That is, an energy consumption somewhat supported determines an equally high overheating of the components.

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The gadget and software for healthcare

These gadgets and software for healthcare can help you in every moment of your lives, as well as when you want to exercise and look good. Some healthcare device even serve to prevent or detect diseases early and to live healthier.

The gadget for better health

The first is a digital scale that brings called Withings WiFi, allowing you to transfer easily and quickly your weight data to your smartphone or computer. Allows for use in family and recognizes the scale, by weight, which is using integral and which devices to send information.

Meanwhile, you can use a gadget to measure your heart rate that is placed on the wrist and it’s clock. It measures the pulse when it engaged in any activity, from climbing a ladder to run in the square and reveals some parameters such as maximum performance and what the amount of calories burned per day. It also includes a band that is placed on the chest to detect the heart rate in real time.

Wii Fit Plus can burn calories and above all

With Wii Fit Plus can burn calories and above all, a fun alternative for those who are bored of going to the gym. This is another improvement of technologies in healthcare. It has function for calculating how many calories are burned during exercise and you can opt for the multiplayer mode for family fun. Thus, you can have a sports center in the room and practice when you have time available, without leaving your home.

Finally, for what diabetics, there is a meter (to measure blood sugar) that connects to the iPhone, the iPad or iPod. The patient should take the blood sample in the corresponding strip and then slide the bottom of the device, with the application iHealth previously discharged, which record the level of glucose and entering a record to store all records.

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Why The New iPad and not iPad 3 or iPad HD?

The presentation of Apple’s new tablet has certainly surprised about one thing: the name. Everyone expected something definite. iPad 3 and iPad HD were two options recommended by the rumors until a few days ago. But Tim Cook began the presentation of the product projecting the title The New iPad. And, above all, never call in some other way. It seems almost as if to say, “We’re not talking about an iPad 3, or an iPad HD. We are talking about the new iPad.”
The New iPad and not iPad 3 or iPad HD
The question arises: why not give a precise name for the new product? You know, Apple has always paid great attention to detail. Let alone for the name of a new product. With regard to this question has answered Phil Schiller, claiming that Apple does not want to be predictable. Sorry, but the statement did not convince the manager.
By analyzing how the Cupertino company has acted on other products helps us to understand the real reason behind the much-criticized choice of the name of the new iPad. Consider the iMac. In 2009 and 2011 that product, although marketed in different models, has always been called the same way. What is its name: iMac. And is unique. The same goes for other products, like the MacBook Air. What matters is not what the specific model. Don’t worry about.

For the same reasons, Apple has never revealed the specifications of the components of certain products. The fact was never officially said what was the frequency of the processor of an iPhone or iPad, nor what was the RAM. There are details that you do not have to cover. The only thing that needs to be convinced that you are using the best product. This is the thought of Apple. Staying on this line of reasoning, then, you will not have an iPhone 5? In the name of convinced, if so, you have only iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03D, smartphone for modern women

Like men, women seeking to have the latest technology, but unlike them, we seek a detail that differentiates you from the rest. That’s why stylish designs and attractive colors gadgets delivered for the female users.

Fujitsu, Arrows Kiss F-03D, smartphone for modern women

This time it is Fujitsu in Japan who has announced a new compact smartphone called Fujitsu Arrows Kiss F-03D and has been designed for the female, wearing a jewelry design applications and features dedicated to them.

It has a sparkling jewelry design with buttons “cut gems” and offers dedicated applications, including a diary function and application Karada Life with tips for healthy living.

As for the phone itself, this equipment is powered by Qualcomm MSM8255 processor single-core 1.4 GHz and support for wireless charging system Okudake-Juden.

It has a TFT touchscreen with resolution 3.7-inch WVGA (800 x 480), a rear camera with 8.1 megapixel CMOS sensor, a 1.3 megapixel front camera, Osaifu Keitai mobile wallet, television, and the role of infrared communication, and a stylus to facilitate the writing of Japanese characters.

The Fujitsu ARROWS Kiss F-03D will be released by the operator NTT DOCOMO on 25 November and will be available in two color options, white and pink.

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Solar street to melt the ice

Solar street melt the ice

Snowy roads are often responsible for road trips and caroms disastrous. Although there are utilities that are responsible for removing snow from roads, it is apparently insufficient to make travel possible and safe.

To overcome this problem, the American engineer Scott Brusaw shared an idea that deserves to be studied closely. It proposes to transform the tarred roads in areas able to heat and melt the snow. For this he designed a glass surface extremely durable, capable of covering elements that produce heat. It must then be a source of energy, Scott Brusaw think solar energy is most appropriate. In addition, he said, these roads will be equipped with LED lights which would display a sign on the floor. Only fails to project a system for discharging water from melting snow.