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F-Secure Sense, Security in a Box for gadgets and smart home

On the Startup conference Slush 2015 in Helsinki, of course, are already long established companies present, including F-Secure. The Finnish security company presented at the conference before its newest product, which for safety in your own home but to make the move.

F-Secure's classification name for software that displays advertisements

At a previous event gave us Mikko Hypponen, CRO of F-Secure, an insight into the world of hackers and vulnerabilities in the network. It is frightening how easy it is sometimes to hack into a public system. As a security company F-Secure scans continuously the network for open systems and has already made some interesting discoveries, we found interfaces control the motors or adjust the control room for a swimming pool with the possibility of the chlorine content. They also had to look at access to a POS system from Subway and were in a hospital, the vital signs of patients. All these were publicly and for everyone accessible interfaces.

One might even say that the F-Secure Sense systems would need no access to the network, but they are without a user name and password, so absolutely unsecured available. Scary and an absolute security problem! So when even companies and public institutions are unprotected in the network as it looks then in from individuals? Much worse.

In addition to the smartphone, tablet and notebook we have in our home a lot of other devices can not be attacked or tapped. From Smart TV, on the fridge, the wireless lamp up to the baby monitor. According to Gartner, by 2022 we will be more than 500 devices in our homes have connected to WiFi, and therefore potentially vulnerable. A little more security is certainly appropriate here, especially in IP Cams will not necessarily that someone “mitschaut”.

F-Secure will improve security in your own four walls and has presented for F-Secure Sense. This is a hardware and software solution. Sense assumes the task of your Wi-Fi to make sure and imagine a secured Wi-Fi connection available and warns you if any of your equipment makes strange connections to Russia, China or elsewhere. In addition to the hardware, there is an app with which you can control the sense and will also be notified if a device gets out of line and behaves conspicuously.

Miscellaneous Portable Device

Swich and a wireless charger with style

Gradually, more and more manufacturers begin to develop new devices to maximize wireless charging technology. It is also true that there are many new phones that already include such accessories, however, it is also good that Swich take care of to launch its own device that not only reach the public in a massive way, but at the same time presents elegance and design.

A pedestal wirelessly charged devices at once but can be used as a decoration is always a good idea. Idea seeking funding through Kickstarter.

Nokia Lumia Nexus or 5 may use it without any problems.

Its design fits perfectly with the wooden desks, in addition to desired tilt angle so that you can continue using their mobile charging uncut. The contact surface of this charger takes microventosa acrylic foam, which will prevent the mobile is off this pedestal and can be used without problems.

This wireless charger implements the use of Qi standard, so those who have terminals like Nokia Lumia Nexus or 5 may use it without any problems. To those who helped in the beginning, they have been able to support the idea for just $ 100 while the price and time ran out, you can get $ 170.

Only at the end of the year can receive the first model of this type of accessory. After spending $ 30,000, the creators have put more goals and if they exceed $ 50,000, three new colors are added and even more if you get to the $ 100,000 funding will allow adding a battery.

Portable Device SSD Storages Storage

Advantages and characteristics of solid SSDs

You may even result SSD abbreviations unknown to some readers, or simply it is a term that has been passing while reading a magazine or blog technology, while others who already know their meaning are synonymous with the past technological advances in the field of storage for your equipment.

SSD is short for Solid State Disk. The difference with “traditional” hard drives is that these devices do not harbor drives inside, using a much more similar to memory cards or USB storage devices solid memory.

One of the main advantages of solid disks is their speed, we can not forget their resistance to vibration and shock, its lower power consumption, and usually a much longer lifespan. By the way, are pretty quiet and we save the hassles that sometimes we cause conventional hard drives with their shrill sounds.

Solid State Disk use a much more similar to memory cards or USB storage devices solid memory

After give you know some of the benefits of SSD drives, maybe it’s time to decide which is the best model we can acquire arrives. The offer is wide and varied when choosing an SSD for our team, so we can know about various alternatives.

What happens, like when we buy any daily product, the quality can clearly make a difference. This is where my clear preference for the models listed in the catalog of kingston ssd.

It’s easy to associate the name of this company with their memory and storage products, a guarantee that has built over the years working and leading this sector.

The catalog of Kingston solid discs has enough options to choose from disks with different storage capacities, sizes and connection interfaces. A wide range of solutions for companies and individuals who intend to improve the performance of your equipment and care to maintain and protect your data using the appropriate hardware.

Hi-Tech Gadgets Optical Devices Portable Device

Details Tech Specs of ASUS B1M wireless projector

ASUS has brought its new LED wireless projector, very portable model that is capable of reaching 700 lumens of brightness.

The ASUS B1M weighs less than a kilogram and offers a native resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. ASUS B1M wireless projector supports 100% of the NTSC color scale and thanks to aperture ratio allows use in small environments, being able to offer a screen 50 inches to only a meter away.

Another highlight of this ASUS B1M is that you can use a portable ASUS charger and the connection to the video source is wirelessly via WiFi

Another highlight of this ASUS B1M is that you can use a portable ASUS charger and the connection to the video source is wirelessly via WiFi (which can also be controlled by a smartphone), although there is also the possibility of using its port USB, the HDMI, VGA or memory card reader. It is certainly supported natively with files Microsoft Office and PDF. 2 W loudspeakers are integrated for use if necessary.

The ASUS B1M and can be purchased for 639 euros.

Details Tech Specs

  • Image Technology: 0.45 “DLP ®
  • Technology Lighting: R / G / B LED
  • LED lifetime (max): 30,000 hours
  • Actual Resolution (native): WXGA (1280×800)
  • Contrast Ratio: 3500:1
  • Light Output (max): 700 lumens
  • Color Saturation: 100% (NTSC)
  • Display Colors: 1.07 Billion


  • Throw ratio: 0.9
  • Projection Distance: 0.6 ~ 3 meters
  • projection size / Screen: 31.2 ~ 153 inch
  • projection Compensation: 100%
  • Zoom Ratio: Fixed
  • Video features Image Modes: 7 Modes (Black board / White board / dynamic mode / Landscape Mode / Cinema Mode / Standard Mode / sRGB Mode)
  • Auto Keystone: Digital (Up to + / – 40 degree)
  • Auto Keystone: Yes
  • Aspect Ratio: / 16:9 / 16:10
  • projector Location: near Mesa / Mesa later
  • Audio features Integrated speakers: 2 W x 2

Signal frequency
Analog Signal Frequency: 31.5 ~ 91.1 KHz (H) / 50 ~ 85 Hz (V)
Digital Signal Frequency: 31.5 ~ 91.1 KHz (H) / 50 ~ 85 Hz (V)
Feeding Mode: ? 85 W
Standby mode:

Noise level
Normal mode: 32dBA typical
Eco Mode: 28dBA, typical

Input / Output Signal Input: HDMI, D-sub Video Input: Composite Video Audio Output: Earphone out USB Port: 1 x downstream Card Reader: SD

Supported Multimedia Formats: Video MOV, MP4, AVI, MKV, MPG, MPEG, WMV Audio MP2, MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC Picture JPEG, BMP, JPG Reproduction of documents in Adobe PDF, Microsoft PowePoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Text


  • Frame Color: Black
  • Buttons: Yes, ()
  • Tripod: Yes
  • Foot Retractable: Yes


  • Kensington Lock
  • Dimensions
  • Physical Dimensions: 175 x 44.5 x 139 mm
  • Package dimensions: 338 x 80 x 225 mm

Net weight (approx.): 900 g
Gross Weight (approx.): 2.3 kg

Operating temperature 0 ~ 40 ?
Humidity in operation 20 ~ 90%


  • Power adapter
  • Power cord
  • Protective
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Remote Control
  • Cable D-Sub
  • Wi-Fi dongle (in selected countries)

Compliance to Regulations

Curious Gadgets Portable Device

Vuzix Augmented Reality Glasses

One promise of futuristic movies is becoming more reality. With Google as the main representative (or at least the most renowned and has generated more publicity about it), augmented reality glasses seem to approach the market massively, after several models that are progressively more polished than before.

A new feature includes a 3DOF sensor on your camera FullHD resolution to recognize and track the objects to which we approached

Vuzix, a company that has always been in this from the lens technology and special viewers, has decided to present its new Star 1200XLD successors of their Star 1200XL model that field to a view enhanced by the addition of augmented reality with videos. Obviously, the improvement in Vuzix augmented reality glasses includes a generational change alone, optical see-through AR system that supports audio and 2D or 3D video to virtually all HDMI-out devices.

The lenses will serve as display with an aspect 16:9 and a native resolution of 852 x 480 pixels, and emulate, in front of you, a screen of 75 inches at a distance of about 3 meters.

A new feature includes a 3DOF sensor on your camera FullHD resolution to recognize and track the objects to which we approached. Reproduction of content through its simple via USB interface, the player become 35 degree eye vision.

Vuzix has announced its availability in exchange for a price of $ 4,999 so it does not appear to be exhausted too soon.

Hardware Portable Device Storage

New external hard drive Western Digital My Passport

Western Digital (WD) has expanded its My Passport line of portable hard drives with a new, larger storage capacity.

New external hard drive Western Digital My Passport

The new family member is MyPassport an external hard drive of 2 TB that uses a USB 3.0 SuperSpeed for better transfer rate. Current models come in capacities of 500 GB and 1 TB.

Additionally, the new portable hard drive from Western Digital is also compatible with USB 2.0 interface.

This new model comes with the complete discography of Justin Bieber and a choice of several colors like black, white, silver, red and blue. Its chassis is also resistant to fingerprints and, of course, the scratches.

The Western Digital 2 TB My Passport is priced at 188 euros.

Accessories Portable Device

XDModo solar charger that attaches to the window

The technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and there are always things to be tested in one way or another provide us our daily activities. In this new opportunity will come to speak of a new solar charger called XDModo, an excellent portable solar panel that captures the sun’s rays and transmits them directly to your smartphone (among other words an accessory to charge the battery from a Smartphone).

XDModo solar charger that attaches to the window

XDModo easily attaches to the window, so that while you cook or do any type of activity, it is dedicated solely to charge the battery of your phone via solar charge.

Solar street to melt the ice

Light Catcher, super practical photoelectric battery

Powertrekk, a portable charger with fuel cell


It has a normal USB port and micro, and stores its energy in a rechargeable lithium battery of 1400 mAh. You may be wondering, What good is it? As their price is about $ 66, which could be a bit excessive, but at least you are contributing to the environment, which in these times do you need.

Accessories Curious Gadgets Portable Device

Iomega redesigns its products

It’s for portable hard drives eGo and software used Lifeline Bellagio on NAS devices. The company today announced a renewal in the design of their hard drives, which have a glossy finish and protective coating that resists Drop Guard blows. Now available in two capacities: 500 GB and 1 TB. It only require for USB to work.

Iomega redesigns its products

It has SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface compatible with previous models for transferring files up to ten times faster than a 2.0 port.

Also, bring Encryption hardware 256 Bit AES Integrated, to give more security to your device, 3 year limited warranty and Protection Site software. The prices are 135 and 190 euros depending on capacity.

In addition, Iomega has updated management for LifeLine StorCenter NAS Bellagio and from now you can have a backup for configuration file encryption, data protection when the computer is idle, support Wake on LAN, SMART and correction of minor errors. In addition, secure FTP, improved video surveillance, identification of devices of shared resources and permissions.

This new software is available and can be verified from the Iomega website in support section.

Accessories Miscellaneous Portable Device

Nike + FuelBand, sports bracelet

Nike, famous sportswear manufacturer, began receiving advance orders for SportBand Nike+ FuelBand, a new gadget designed specifically to motivate and inspire athletes and people interested in sport.

The Nike + FuelBand, ergonomic design, measure the movement, calories, and result in NikeFuel, calculation using the methodology of Nike on the basis of data obtained from a triaxial accelerometer and movement.

Nike + FuelBand, sports bracelet


Nike + FuelBand, sports bracelet


Athletes will be able to compare the NikeFuel and set specific goals for the day. The Nike + integrated FuelBand brings 20 LED lights that light up green or red to let users know when they are reaching fitness goals.

All information can be synchronized with a PC via USB or Bluetooth connectivity, and even an iPhone app. Thus, users can track their performance and goals in one place.

The Nike + FuelBand price is $ 149.

Accessories Portable Device Storage

Silicon Power LuxMini 720, modern and colorful flash drives


If you’re tired of the classics by models and colors for storage devices, Silicon Power has released a new and colorful flash drive. The name Silicon Power LuxMini 720, this series is available in 3 colors: blue, peach and bronze.

Silicon Power LuxMini 720, modern and colorful flash drives


The new 720 Series Silicon Power LuxMini combination has a shiny exterior, exquisite metal cover and perfect arc. This accessory storage is compatible with USB 1.1 and 2.0 connectivity.

Ideal for young people, this flash drive is available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB storage capacity.