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How do internet speed tests work with real data speed?

We all want to know what real speed our Internet connection has , know what the upload and download limitations are, if there is a “traffic jam” on the network, etc. That is why we are going to see how the popular speed tests are performed and how these tests work.

What is a speed test?

An Internet connection speed test measures ping and download and upload speeds. The first is a diagnostic utility that checks the status of the network, the connection between our equipment and our Internet service provider (ISP).

Measuring download and upload is important because most ISPs promise speeds of “up to” certain Mbps , but they don’t set the minimum. Sometimes the download and upload speeds are even different: this is what we know as asymmetric connections.


The first thing to do when performing a speed test is, as we have said, find a nearby server to send the ping

How a speed test actually works?

When we perform a speed test from our computer, our location is determined first , to locate the closest test server. Once the server is located, the service that performs the test sends a signal (the ping) to the server and responds by sending another signal back. This round trip is measured in milliseconds.

After the ping is complete, the download begins. The service opens several connections to the server to download data. All this is to measure, on the one hand, the time it took to download this data and, on the other, the network resources that have been used for this download.

Once the test service verifies that the connections are correct and adequate according to what we have contracted, it downloads more data, measures the amount downloaded in a limited time and the download speed .

Then the load is tested, the data upload . It is basically the same process, but in reverse: sending data from our computer to the server.

How accurate are these tests?

Although everything we have explained so far seems simple, it is actually quite a complex process, with several steps to follow and, depending on all those steps, the accuracy of the measurement will be higher or lower.

An example. The first thing to do when performing a speed test is, as we have said, find a nearby server to send the ping. This is fine, but not all of our connections are always made to nearby servers, so the speed will vary greatly. Therefore, also, we will have different results in each measure: each time a different server is chosen, at a different distance.

Another circumstance that can significantly modify the result of the speed test is that our computer is running other programs or services connected to the network , so the figure will be lower than we would expect.

What to do to correctly measure our Internet speed?

To get the best possible result in speed measurements, the first thing we have to do is forget about WiFi: if we really want to know the speed we have, we should use an Ethernet cable connection.

Second, we should stop all programs that are accessing the Internet. Of course, we must do the same with all the objects in the house: Smart TV, smart speakers, etc.

One last tip: we will restart the router before executing the speed test, so we will clear the navigation cache and we will have an almost pure test.

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3 Google offerings to make quarantine easier

With the world currently experiencing one of the worst epidemics in human history, entire nations and populations have been forced into lockdown and isolation. With staying at home, the only option, the quarantine can be a real challenge for everyone.

Thankfully, Google and its list of services, like they do every day, are here to help you breeze through this tough period. We now look at three Google Services that you can use to make your quarantine more fun and productive:

Google offerings to make quarantine easier: productive quarantine & have fun

1. Google Home

Devised to be the perfect assistant to your daily living, Google Home is a range of smart entertainment speakers offered by the tech giant. Powered by the ever-reliable Google Voice Assistant, Google Home is your perfect companion in isolation. Equipped with the latest technology and machine learning capabilities, it provides you news, fetches the latest health updates, lets you search for information, and do a lot of other things with just your voice commands. Feeling low in the evening? Simply say “Okay Google” and ask it to play your favorite track. Need a timer during those home workouts? Use these smart speakers with your voice and they’ll give you a count. From searching for information to controlling your television, Google Home is the perfect assistant to make life under quarantine easier. Pair it with Chrome Cast and navigate your binge-watching sessions with your voice. Get the Google Home from Noon at USD 100, and grab a sweet deal with Noon coupons.

2. Google Stadia

With Stadia, Google has now entered the gaming industry. With a set of offerings that look to blow the Xboxes and PlayStations out of the water, the Stadia is unlike anything seen in the gaming industry. A complete cloud-cased service operated by Google, the Stadia lets you stream 4k video games at a whopping 60 frames per second from your device. With the gaming console based on the cloud, Stadia can be accessed from Google Chrome and your games played over the cloud on the high-performance Stadia cloud console. Games like GRID, Destiny, and Thumper are made available for gamers to play. Furthermore, to help people through these times, the Stadia has been made free for 2 months in 14 countries. Sign up and start playing! Get your consoles for Stadia from Ubuy at a bargain with Ubuy Coupon codes.

We now look at three Google Services that you can use to make your quarantine more fun and productive: Google Home Google Stadia & Google Earth

3. Google Earth

Among the most popular Google Offerings, Google Earth lets you explore the world from your device, taking you to some of the most popular places on the planet. Using satellite imagery and street photography to provide virtual views and tours of the world’s most famous places, Google Earth is the closest we will come, right now, to a vacation. With street view explore the lanes of the world’s major cities. Dive deep into coral reefs or simply see the earth as visible from space. Connect the VR apparatus and you are ready to take a virtual vacation. Keeping you entertained, Google Earth is here to save you from boredom.

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How to Make Your Online Shopping Sessions Safer

The internet has made it easier for consumers to buy all types of products. You can buy a new wardrobe and shoe collection, or even furnish your entire home without leaving your couch. While this is super convenient for shoppers, it’s also very convenient for hackers and scam artists. This is why you need to be very careful about where you make purchases from. There are sketchy websites out there collecting credit card data from unsuspecting buyers.

If you have stores you’ve purchased from before or that are well-known, you should stick with those

If you’re like everyone else, you want to safeguard your financial data from thieves. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Buy From Trusted Websites

If you have stores you’ve purchased from before or that are well-known, you should stick with those. It’s easy to fall prey when you’re looking for new outlets that are cheaper. Remember, thieves are looking to attract shoppers by offering deals that can’t be found elsewhere.

Only Use Sites with the Lock

If you’re committed to finding the best deal, even if it means shopping with a new online store, then make sure to check for the seal of approval. The site should make it known that it is SSL encrypted. This means the payment portal is secure, so hackers can’t easily steal your credit card details. This is normally placed at the bottom of the web page. You can also check the URL – it should have HTTPS:// instead of HTTP://. A locked padlock icon is another symbol you can find in the URL bar, which identifies a secure site. So there are many ways to check and double check the validity of an ecommerce site.

Always Check Your Statements

You need to ensure that the purchases you make are at the correct dollar amount on your statements. If you notice more was taken, it could be an error or a sign of hackers. Identify and investigate these purchases to find out what happened.

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Mini Router 3G “Web Cube” available in the UK

The mobile operator 3 has introduced its 3G access point called “Web Cube” in the UK. The broadband router, manufactured by Huawei offers the creation of broadband networks up to five Wi-Fi devices.

Mini Router 3G "Web Cube" available in the UK

Aimed at tenants and students who want Wi-Fi at home, without being tied to a contract or a landline, this cube-shaped device meets the standard HSPA + at speeds up to 21.1Mbps, although according to 3, a more realistic expectation is to download 2 Mbps, on average, with a maximum speed of 10Mbps. The device has a range of up to 30 meters.

3 is carrying out a test marketing the product in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Leeds. The device is available through two plans. It is offered without a contract for an upfront cost of £ 60 and a monthly cost of £ 15 for 10 GB of data. On the other hand, there are also plans for 24 months at a cost of £ 16 per month with no initial cost and 15 GB of data.

3 not only offers access 3G mobile service in the United Kingdom but also in Italy.

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The share of market of internet explorer is still in decline

Long time we have been talking about the most popular Internet browsers and its performance in the market. Analysts say Google Chrome will overtake Firefox before year’s end and will be located just behind Internet Explorer, the software on which we will now put all our attention.
The share of market of internet explorer is still in decline
The browser of Microsoft continues losing users and its market share is less than 50 percent. Official statistics suggest that IE agglomerates the 49.6% of Internet users, a very important figure but it is far from the performance seen in previous years; Let us remember that in 2002 the browser monopolized both to 95% of users.
The truth is that Internet Explorer is no longer the “hottest” browser in the market and is losing ground overwhelmingly, especially by their absence in the field of smartphones and tablets. It remains to be seen if the arrival of Windows 8 with IE 10 changes this situation.
The big problem of this tool was the lack of innovation and the poor quality of development seen in recent years. In addition the popular explosion of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome took that many users tweak alternatives better polished, with constant updates and user experience optimized periodically.
In my particular case I stopped using Microsoft’s browser after the appearance of version 6, and newly returned to try (as alternative browser) when IE 9 became available. However the application not returned to dazzle me, a situation that has been repeated in large number of Internet users. Through the comments we invite you to tell us what browser to daily use and why.

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Google + revive the “playback” of Google Wave

Prior to the launch of Google + search giant had two failed attempts in the field of social networks: Buzz and Wave. The first platform looked promising but had no success, while the second run with the same fate despite having some innovative features.

Google + revive the playback of Google Wave

Yesterday Google announced several enhancements to G +, as the long-awaited integration with Google Apps site or the launch of Creative Kit However, one of the inclusions that more attention was Ripples, which lets you see a kind of diagram with the “wave shock “caused by a public post is shared by many users.

This feature was part of Google Wave but under the name of Playback. The truth is an excellent feature as it also offers very comprehensive statistics on the impact of shared publications around the world. For now the option is enabled only in America but soon hit the world.

If you want to see in action Ripples can make it through this link. In the area of the diagram may increase or zoom out (using the mouse wheel) to visualize the spread of public posts in Google +. The truth is that Ripples is a very interesting addition that gives a bit of self-developed social network in Mountain View.

There is still much work in G +, but luckily Google engineers are putting much effort to create a unique experience for users. In the comments section will provide us with your opinion on Ripples or any of the new features included in the social network.

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Detected threat that spreads to twitter direct messages

Social networks have become a fundamental part of our lives, but unfortunately more and more viruses or threats are appearing on those platforms. Facebook and Twitter are more committed sites (for crowding as many users), so it is advisable to be careful.

Detected threat that spreads to twitter direct messages

In the last hours a new infection was detected at the site of the bird: it is a virus that is distributed and reproduced through direct messages. The text that appears in the DM says: “There is a rumor about you circulating on the web [link] You might want to read more about it”.

There are several versions of the message going around Twitter, but the important thing is not to click on the link it contains. If you click on the hyperlink text will be forwarded to all your followers and your account will be compromised. Be cautious and keep their social networking contacts informed about the problem.

Worst of all, this is not the first time an event happens like this. Some time ago users of the popular microblogging site were affected by infected tweets offering tools apparent miracle weight loss or to know who visited your profile.

In the event that your account or that of someone you know has been compromised by this threat. Do not hesitate to change your password and to revoke permission to third party applications.

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Fined for creating a fake profile on Badoo

Would you like someone else to open an account on a social network using your name and personal information? Obviously not. And that’s what happened to a client who saw a profile on Badoo was using his name, his photo and even his phone number. He then decided to report on the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD), who has decided to fine the person who created this fake account with 2,000 euros for impersonation. A story that leaves a little easier for those who fear for their identity in social networks.

Fined for creating a fake profile on Badoo

To find the responsible for this usurpation of the personality, the AEPD has had the help of Internet service provider. This shows once again how everything we do online is recorded in one way or another, so that the impunity of those who use the Internet to commit crimes is part of the past. Although we did not know it, in everything we do we trace.

The complainant was decided to seek help in the AEPD after several men called to the phone after having consulted on Badoo profile, a profile that she had never created.

The usurper was not limited to put his name and photo, but had hung on the social network even your private data.

In the message that was created with this account was an offer of false sexual men between 22 and 40 years for men and around Madrid, which shows a clear intention to do harm by the offender.

Internet Rumours & News

Netflix lost 800 000 subscribers in the last quarter

In recent times we have talked several times about Netflix, the renowned service streaming movies and TV series. Currently the platform is not going well and this is due to increase of 60% implemented on the subscription price in the U.S., as was severely criticized by users.

Netflix lost 800 000 subscribers in the last quarter

From the beginning Netflix executives knew that the answer would be positive, but nobody expected what was coming. Yesterday the company released the balance of the third quarter of 2011 and reported that 805,000 subscribers lost in North America since September. The figure is hard but could be worse.

Actually there were more than 1 million people who left Netflix to the price increases become effective, but because since then have also added new users figures are slightly offset. It is clear that this does not improve the picture of the service nothing in America.

Worst of all came after the statement presented by the directors as the value of the shares of Netflix again collapsed and fell 27%. At this time each company’s stock has a value of around $ 88 … and think that by mid-years were stroking the 300.

The only hope for the firm to exit the well is located in the international market. Netflix is worth remembering that recently landed in several Latin American countries and plans to do so from next year in Europe. The first countries of the Old Continent will receive service in Spain, Ireland and the UK.

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Google shut down its service Buzz

Google is now finally ready to finish his much-maligned Buzz service. This heramienta will end in the next few weeks Google announced last Friday by a message on its official blog.

Google shut down its service Buzz

The service takes only 20 months old and is destined to remain as Google failed brand have created a social networking site to be the main competitor Facebook. The company now focuses all its tools Plus, the new service who left the firm three months ago and that it was socially acceptable, but can not be number one as Facebook.

Buzz first system was inconvenient for the way in which he linked with Google email service. After being activated, this tool will automatically create diverse social circles that exposed users most used Gmail contacts and all people had access to unlimited information.

This is what started a series of investigations by the Federal Trade Commission in the United States, which then had to chide the company for violating its own privacy measures and for attacking the user, and finally Google has decided to end with this service and dismiss him to remain in memory only.