GPS Extension Kit for ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Only software upgrades can get you so far and in the case of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime, you can not even get to the end of the street. The Taiwanese Tablet has been battling blindness satellite since it was conceived, so it was only a matter of time until the Tegra 3 will expire and obtained a prescription.

GPS Expansion Kit for Transformer Prime on the site of the members of ASUS

It announced fairly quiet GPS Expansion Kit for Transformer Prime on the site of the members of ASUS. The owners of a Primecould get it for free if registered their tablets on the website.

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The complete “extension kit” consists of a single device only EU joins the tablet at the bottom, mimicking the shape of the keyboard connector on the base of the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime. It is not about a perfect union with the edge of the unit, however, as suggested in the application page of the kit, but nevertheless performs well.

The hardware space went from 0 to 16 within seconds of attaching the extension kit, instantly making the Eee Pad Transformer Prime a viable tool for navigation. If you find a problem to use it, however, since your tablet was reset randomly every few minutes while the device was added, despite a sticker on the front of the kit implores users to update their tablet before use.

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TomTom GPS navigators for Android

With the evolution of the latest technologies in mobile phones, we no longer have a device that is simply used to make and receive calls, but we have a true extension of our device, with an operating system that allows us to install an innumerable number of applications and the use of a GPS Navigator that makes our trips to have a real co-pilot, indicating the fastest way to get and never lose.
TomTom GPS navigators for Android
On this occasion, we bring what has been the completion of two leading companies, each in its field, on the one hand an Google Android operating system is extremely efficient, and on the other hand the firm TomTom, maker of GPS navigators of the highest quality, both with extensive experience in the market.

TomTom Contradiction
Before analyzing and presenting the application, a few years ago there was a prejudice that many cell phones could not meet the needs that to have a GPS Navigator, though of course, over the years, improvements in connectivity occurred, in the Hardware included in mobile phones today, this gap began to shorten.
This happened to a new level when the company spokesmen had indicated that mobile phones are not adapted to this technology, so many computer users including a GPS-Aided among its features, then opted to buy a product from this firm.
This prestigious firm has decided to partner with the firm Google, which provides the operating system Android, to repeat the success of browser version TomTom for iPhone, which is just one of the most downloaded on the App Store from the Apple company.
In regard to their competitiveness with Google Maps, the map navigation tool that costs nothing, has stated that there will be no incompatibility, and that is simply an alternative, offering better routes, many other traffic providers and above all, have more experience in creating these GPS Navigators .
Of course, the version of TomTom for Android will cost, and as we analyze, will feature quite similar to those you have for your pair of the company on the block, and can save maps directly on your phone, which will facilitate the loading times of each map and a savings, especially if we have a limited data plan.

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Google + Motorola: What you should know about

Google: On shopping spree and always still hungry. Google has purchased Motorola mobility, the Mobile Division of US group Motorola, a sinfully expensive price. summarizes what motives behind the takeover were stuck, what impact it has and how evaluate the experts of Google’s decision.

Google's Android is better protected

Google’s Android is better protected

The fact that Google 65 percent more than the current stock value, you can look deep claims for Motorola’s mobile phone business: It was about the thick patent portfolio. Google put out not less than $12.5 billion and thus $9.4 billion more than in the so far most expensive acquisition (DoubleClick with $3.1 billion in 2007). Taking giant to save especially the operating system Android, which seriously threaten competitors with numerous patent lawsuits. The own adjustments that continue to be used in most of the Smartphone industry, have Google gives you a presence – the Group owns patents but comparatively little. According to the search engine optimizer by SEObytheSea Google had just own 871 patents to beginning of the year (granted, 02 / 11) and nearly 300 other companies had – transferred to Google Motorola comes today on about 17,000 approved and 7,500 to patents.

And because on the one hand Google has lost the struggle for the interesting patents of Nortel software provider against an amalgam of Apple and Microsoft and is at the same time even in patent litigation, the question of patents was apparently all the more urgent. “Motorola has a strong patent portfolio, which will allow us to better protect Android from anti-competitive threat from Microsoft, Apple and other companies,” Google CEO Larry Page said bluntly. The about 1,000 patents owned by IBM, which had recently acquired Google, disappear in addition to Motorola’s outright. The only one who finds the cheap purchase price and thinks that Google has received the “long-underrated” patents still pretty cheap, is the major shareholder Carl Icahn.

Motorola defy + could attract customers by the new owner.

Highly integrated hardware/software systems of the Apple on the horizon

Motorola has a two years experience with Android-based handsets (as a first mover the droid phone of 2009, which scores already in its third generation), some product ranges in certain regions has again reduced (for example Flipout in Europe), and some so successfully placed eagerly awaits the successor (defy +). This experience could be very thanks to Google. Also the own software tweaks, such as the platform Motoblur, which based on Android, certainly represent a good starting position for Google/Motorola. Here, there will be a vertical product integration in particular according to analysts such as Gartner’s van Baker.

This could result in a push for Google TV lately somewhat weak Division. Motorola is one of the largest manufacturers of set-top boxes in the United States. In the Telephony end device area Google/Motorola could bring new products, such as a telephone, which is equipped by default with Google voice. Google’s extensive map services and Motorola’s Motonav could be integrated; under the aegis of Google could flourish new Motorola Bluetooth and remote business, was considering the PC world magazine. As far as the speculation about new product categories. In the official announcements are yet for any of the directions of trends.

Focus China

Especially in China, where according to the Economist Intelligence Unit in all provinces, the emphasis on growth, the market-sharing question urgently. Motorola has invested here recently, suppliers and channels to open up and bind – Google has withdrawn because of dispute with the Chinese Government censoring from the market. Motorola offers even devices in China, where the granted search engine Baidu is preinstalled. The purchase of Motorola by Google, which drive a different policy on China, should beat there is still some waves, believed the Wall Street Journal.

Effects in the Asian market and from the hardware supplier

According to a report in business insider, a new situation arises may among the Asian partners of Android from Google. Samsung and LG could compete now much more and also they become for Google by partners in the sales channel real competitors, because its archrival in the market, Motorola mobility, is now owned Google.

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Waze, the social application for mobile phones in recent times expected

WAZE is a novel application of traffic and navigation for mobile that provides traffic conditions in real time thanks to content provided by the user community.

It is a free application that is based on information transmitted on the road through nearby conductors reports. Its aim is to save time in travel and improve everyday driving. The social aspect of Waze is the most important element that differentiates this application from the rest because it gives drivers the power of working together to provide and receive information more relevant traffic available at any time.

Waze, the social application for mobile phones in recent times expected

This new version includes a pioneer in the desktop icon of the phone, allowing users of Android, greater access to information relating to traffic.

Waze social application is the most anticipated mobile phones of recent years that indicate how to reach your destination based on traffic conditions in real time. In other words, is a community of drivers and passengers who offers content 100% generated by users. While you travel more better conditions you will have to mobilize you.

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Telematics systems for cars

We are getting closer to having our cars the same technology we have in our homes or offices. Utilities that are available today are: telematics systems, the connection with multiple devices, services in the cloud, surf the internet with the same operating system of the car and remote access.

Telematics systems for cars

Yet they are not in a massive way, depend on the model and brand, but surely in the future all cars bring them. Cars with operating system including

This helps us to manage many functions within the vehicle. The most common are: