Chromebook Samsung Devices

Samsung already displayed its new version of Chromebook laptop

The Chromebook being major players in late 2013 and, it seems, will be among the star laptops in the year that is about to begin. All companies are positioning in this segment as sales of these teams are growing and this is an example of Samsung, which could present its new model during the CES held in Las Vegas.

And what has been learned will be enough news to be included in this laptop with Google operating system, and most of them with regard to hardware component protagonists are manufactured by the Korean company itself. An example would be the processor (or better called SoC, as this will be an element that is often used in mobile handsets and has ARM architecture). Specifically we refer to a model Exynos 5420 Octa 5 operating at a frequency of 1.8 GHz in its four cores and Cortex-A15 1.3GHz Cortex-A7, we latter being used when performance does not have to the greatest. By the way, this component uses big.LITTLE technology for maximum energy efficiency. An interesting detail is that the GPU will be a Mali-T628, so it will be more than possible to handle the graphics in three dimensions with solvency.

Samsung already displayed at CES its new version of Chromebook laptop

Well, if this is already a novelty, it is noted that the display of the new Samsung Chromebook will be 12 inches (even speculation that it could be something more) and would reach its resolution 2560 x 1600. That is, very similar to that found in the Nexus 10 also manufactured by this company. The fact is that the image quality is quite high.

Regarding memory, I must say that, again, Samsung Chromebook tends to resemble a mobile terminal, as shown by the RAM is 3 GB, the same as for example includes Galaxy Note 3, and that the space storage will come in two versions: 16 or 32 GB. Yes, due to the USB connectivity including laptop using external devices is more than assured.

As mentioned, it is expected that this new model will let go during CES held in Las Vegas next week, so that we can leave little doubt as to whether these predictions are confirmed. The price seems to be around $ 250 , so it keeps the line be adjusted as usual with Chromebooks. Anyway, it would not be surprising that eventually this Samsung device is staged after said event, as some sources the Korean manufacturer have it indicated that the Las Vegas show no intention to show laptops.

Chromebook SONY

The Sony Vaio will be included in the catalog of Chromebooks

As you may know, the next generation of computers in this company may include the Sony Vaio. The first device honored with such a distinction would be a 11.6-inch with Google operating system. This would confirm the agreement between the two firms.

The Sony Vaio will be included in the catalog of Chromebooks

Chromebooks bet is the big giant web browser and which wants to conquer the entire market. Last year, the company introduced two devices (both OS in the cloud). For this 2012, Google has advanced to present new models and broaden the range of Acer laptops and Samsung included in Chromebooks catalog.

Chromebook is next generation of computers by Google

It plans to have other devices from these companies. Apparently, Google and Sony have reached an agreement to launch Vaio family notebook with the operating system of the leader of the network, so that over the coming months you will have at least one new Vaio computer with Chrome OS.

The 9to5 site, Google has leaked information about the model in question, which is found in the new range of Vaio. The Vaio VCC111 name is the first Sony to use Chromebooks. For the images could be seen, this device does not have the classic Windows button on the keyboard and also the housing offers some extras features that gives the pattern to use the Google OS.

Some of the features of the Sony Vaio: 11.6-inch screen (manufactured by Samsung) and Nvidia Tegra 250 T25 CPU with ARM technology. So far, those are the only available information. There is no info about the release date or price, so you will have to wait for official confirmation from Sony.