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How will the PS5 and Xbox Series X affect gaming hardware?

This fall both Microsoft and SONY will launch their ninth generation consoles, the Xbox Series X and the PS5 respectively. The launch of these consoles will bring several new technologies under our arms, and we cannot help but wonder how this will affect PC gaming hardware in general. In this article we ask ourselves these and other questions that surely have crossed your mind.

While it could be said that these two consoles have already accelerated the adoption of Ray Tracing in GPU and have encouraged processors with more and more cores to play, the impact of these consoles on gaming hardware has obviously not yet been felt in the market, and we will have to wait for them to go on sale to start seeing some kind of symptom, if there is one.

As for Xbox Series X, the topic is quite similar, since Microsoft already specified in the technical specifications of the console

Will next-gen consoles affect PC gaming hardware?

Seeing what one company and another has taught so far, it is inevitable to think that even a top-of-the-range gaming PC is, in many ways, weaker than upcoming consoles (especially in the areas of audio acceleration , decompression storage and potentially ray tracing performance). So with these facts in mind, how will the arrival of next-gen consoles affect PC gaming hardware?

The specifications of the consoles, will they be the standard for triple A games?

While it is true that consoles carry optimized hardware for games, and that games are developed for them, we cannot ignore the fact that, although personalized, at the end of the day both PS5 and Xbox Series X assemble hardware for PC, with x64 architecture. So, once its specifications are known, we ask ourselves the following question: will console hardware be the new standard for upcoming triple-A games?

When developing a game, consoles have a relative advantage, and since their hardware is always the same, software can be developed specifically to have the best performance on said hardware. On the PC, for its part, things change there are countless possible hardware and software configurations, so it is much more complicated to develop something specific and they are forced to develop the game with more general optimizations.

Answering the topic of the question, we believe that it is quite complicated for the hardware of the consoles to set the standard for the requirements of triple A games, for the simple fact of that freedom that developers have when it comes to launching the specifications for PC . Also, keep in mind that a generation of consoles will remain “stagnant” for some time (4-5 years normally) always with the same hardware, while PC hardware always continues to evolve and improve generation after generation.

Will Ray Tracing become a requirement and not something optional?

Now that both PS5 and Xbox Series X will have dedicated hardware for Ray Tracing , something that on PC for now only NVIDIA provides with its RTX graphics, we also wonder if there will come a time when it is a requirement and not something optional to have this technology.

In this regard, it should be borne in mind that, since the next-gen consoles are fully powered by AMD, it is understood that it will not take long to launch a generation of graphics for PC gaming that has ray tracing hardware , so There will come a point when both NVIDIA and AMD have the same on the market.

This means that in the medium term the hardware of a gaming PC considered as modern will have hardware for Ray Tracing, so in one way or another, we will have it in our PCs. This does not mean that ray tracing ends up becoming a requirement for games, and although it may happen we believe that it will always be optional , whether you have dedicated hardware or not. The hardware is, and the developer will depend on taking advantage of it or not.

Will the decompression of storage work the same on PC?

The loading screens are one of the biggest enemies of any gamer. It is a waiting time that, on many occasions, takes us “off” or “disengages” from the game if it is too long, and that is why in the next generation of consoles both Microsoft and SONY (especially the latter) have placed special emphasis on the speed of your storage system, which in theory virtually eliminates loading screens.

For example, the PS5 will equip an 825 GB capacity PCI-Express 4.0 x4 SSD with a specifically designed controller, integrating 12 flash channels and capable of handling transfer rates of up to 5.5 GB / s.

the medium term the hardware of a gaming PC considered as modern will have hardware for Ray Tracing, so in one way or another

SSD PlayStation 5 consoles

As for Xbox Series X, the topic is quite similar, since Microsoft already specified in the technical specifications of the console that its performance is 2,400 MB / s when it works in crude and up to 4.8 GB / s when it works with compressed files. , since the console is equipped with a custom hardware for decompression.

Of course, here we can only intuit that this is the future of gaming hardware also on PC, since technology continues to advance in favor of greater bandwidths and speeds, and this is what serves to eliminate the screens of load.

And what about hardware accelerated audio?

Another novelty in terms of hardware that the new generation of consoles presents is the integration of a dedicated chip to process the audio of the games. As a general rule, audio is processed by the CPU, and while it doesn’t have much of an impact on performance for other things, it does force you to work on it. In addition, having a dedicated audio processor not only frees the CPU from that task, but also makes it more complicated to integrate the audio integrated into games with more channels, positional audio and technologies such as Dolby Atmos or DTS: X.

In this respect, we could say that having a dedicated audio processor is practically the natural evolution in hardware, precisely because it frees the CPU from that work and at the same time allows adding complexity to the sound system of games – or whatever. Obviously we can be wrong, but at this point the consoles would be marking the way forward, just like in storage.

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SCUF Prestige is the new Scuf Gaming controller for Xbox One

Many are the console users that over time have chosen to leave aside the control that comes standard and opt for the different options that we have at our disposal in the market, although its price is significantly higher. Once the tests, do not use the serial control again.

One of the most recognized manufacturers in the market for controls for third-party consoles is Scuf Gaming, an American company that has just launched the SCUF Prestige, a controller for Xbox One as PC and Android devices . If you want to know all the details of this new command I invite you to keep reading.

SCUF Custom Gaming Controllers

Like Microsoft does, some of its products, SCUF says it has taken into account the community and have developed a new command to meet the needs of the most demanding players adding new features that enhance the experience of playing in a console like It’s the Xbox One.

Scuf Prestige: SCUF Custom Gaming Controllers

One of the best controls currently available on the market for Xbox is the Xbox One Elite, a command developed by Microsoft in collaboration with Scuf Gaming . This new last generation command offers us a comfort and customization possibilities never seen before. Thanks to the lithium battery we can enjoy up to 30 hours continuous without having to charge the remote. In addition, it offers a customized case and an integrated non-slip case.

The Scuf Gaming has a weight of only 262 grains , thus becoming one of the lightest controls in the market. In addition, it offers us the possibility of being able to adjust the sensitivity of the triggers to the millimeter as well as the path of the subsequent blades in order to reduce the reaction time.

It comes with two additional joysticks, a 3-meter micro-USB braided cable, an electromagnetic reassignment key and a SCUF key to adjust the triggers. You can now book the Scuf Prestige through their website for 159.95 euros, although we will have to wait a few days to enjoy it, as it will be sent within 30 days after booking.

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The Nintendo Switch Mini could arrive this summer

The Nintendo Switch represents as always the most peculiar console among the three world leaders in the world of video games. Since it went on sale its catalog has been growing and has even had innovation in terms of gameplay. The main feature with which Nintendo sells this device is the fact that it is a hybrid console to play both outside and inside the home, and that it attracted the attention of many users.

For some time there has been speculation about a cheaper Nintendo Switch called Nintendo Switch Mini because it would have somewhat smaller dimensions to be able to afford a more adjusted price trying to reach a much wider audience.

Among the features that would dispense this new console compared to its older sister would be the elimination of the joycons in the box – although they would be compatible wirelessly for the multiplayer – there would not be an included dock for this so the feature is also lost Hybrid becomes a portable console.

Everything points to the E3 2019 fair to be held in Los Angeles from June 11 to 13, will be the key to unveil the new proposals of Nintendo Switch

This information collected by Bloomberg also indicates that this mini console and even a newer version of the normal version will be revealed in the next E3 2019 to be held on June 11 and 13, 2019. About the renewal in the normal console it is mentioned that the changes will not suppose any improvement according to the graphic power of the Nintendo Switch.

With all the excitement of Google Stadia, it seems that this new entertainment system would not come alone or alone, we would have two versions. One more economic with the name of “Mini or Lite” and another one, with the name of “Pro or XL”. The first version of this video game came in 2017 and won the majority of Nintendo fans and thousands of children who ask for Christmas. It is a portable or desktop system to play on the TV at home and that gives more versatility to a more childish public and of course, also to the house daddies.

Two new models for the next E3 2019

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal , specifically via Gamespot we have known that Nintendo plans to renew its most famous console at the moment, but not only would we have a new version of the Nintendo Switch but we would have two models which would arrive for this summer . There is much talk of a cheaper version and a more premium version without losing compatibility with the games now.

What will the Nintendo Switch of 2019 look like?

According to the access that WSJ has had to developers’ documents, we would have a more stylized version with more and better screen than the current one. The most basic model (mini or lite) would eliminate the vibration motor and other internal details of the console to reduce costs and focus on a more childish and economic audience . As a first Game Boy or contact for children. The “Pro” version obviously would not be like the PlayStation 4 Pro or the Xbox One X in power, but it will have more power than the current Switch and possibly more screen with 4K resolution and without just frames.

As we have summarized, they will not be a step consoles or with a simple renovation but, they will bring new features and features never seen before in other consoles of their moledo or hybrid style. For the screen with more inches would have the Japanese provider of Sharp Corporation , but would still not include the OLED. They would carry an LCD screen (liquid crystal). The games are still in the air, but it is speculated that both consoles have an exclusive game of Pokémon for the most fanboys of the saga, will they be the new Pokémon Shield and Sword?

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Nvidia Announces Compatibility of Titan Xp with MacOS

Is this the announcement of a new Mac Pro by Apple for 2018 or a simple coincidence? Still, Nvidia has just announced the release of its new GPU: the Titan Xp. This new video card is available now: it has 12GB of GDDR5, 3840 core CUDA (clocked at 1.6GHz).

Nvidia Announces Compatibility of Pascal Cards with MacOS

Apart from these few technical details, the new one that should give the most pleasure to video game enthusiasts and graphic powers, is the announcement by Nvidia of the next availability of the drivers of the cards Pascal for macOS . It will now be possible to insert a GTX 1080, 1060, 1070 or Titan Xp in a Mac Pro or to benefit from a GPU (much) more powerful on a Macbook Pro 2016 via an external GPU box .

The drivers will be available in April. The announcement by Nvidia of the compatibility of Pascal GPUs on Mac is therefore good news. Maybe a Nvidia GPU will be integrated into the future 2018 Mac Pro … Nothing is less sure as AMD with its VEGA seems to have been Apple’s choice. However, know now that we can now choose to put the latest Nvidia Pascal cards in a Mac, we wonder why the drivers did not arrive sooner!

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Xbox Scorpio against a PC Gaming: this is what costs you a PC with the same power

The war between consoles and PC is growing. Xbox Scorpio bets all by pure raw power to get the promise of the game 4K to 60p. Can there be response from the PC world? How much would it cost to have a gaming PC with the same technical capacity?

The PC Gaming configuration equivalent to Scorpio Xbox Project Scorpio Vs. PS4 Pro

Just to know the specifications of Scorpio, an advance more than expected and that does not do more than want to know the final product, we wondered. How much would it cost to mount an equivalent gaming PC? Logically we are talking about different platforms and there are no direct equivalences in all the sections , but we can approximate enough knowing that those differences are there.

The fact that they are different platforms must be added that Microsoft and AMD have worked hand in hand to have unique hardware and optimized for Xbox games. No less important is the fact that Microsoft has worked directly with AMD to have a completely customized Scorpio hardware and very important, optimized to get all the performance with the games of the platform of Microsoft and with many changes that reduce latency and performance between CPU and GPU.

Scorpio’s SoC has as its main technical data the combination of a GPU of 40 computing units at 1172 MHz with 12 GB of GDDR5 memory (326 GB / s bandwidth ) and an 8-core X86 CPU at 2.3 GHz (4 MB of L2 cache) which has already become clear that they are not Ryzen for economic reasons.

To give us an idea, at the processor level, the equivalent in kernels could be the Intel i7-6900K to 3.2 Ghz that comes for more than 1000 euros , or Ryzen 7, the 1700 that comes for about 350 euros .

If we want something more adjusted in price and that meets the requirements to play on a PC, we would stay with the current king in the PC world, the Core i7-7700K that comes out for just over 300 euros and, despite its 4 cores , Compensates with high operating frequency. And very attentive to the future Ryzen 5 because they could enter into this struggle thanks to their power / price ratio, which gives us an idea of why the price of this Scorpio may not be triggered.

The contribution of AMD in the hardware of Scorpio is not only important in the part of gross power but in obtaining the same without firing the price, as it happens with its Ryzen of consumption

The rest of the necessary components should not be overlooked. Input will require a power supply, motherboard, RAM, Blu-Ray drive and storage, which all point to it will be at least 1TB and possibly SSD .

Without knowing the design and final configuration of Scorpio, what with this advance is more than clear is that it will be the most powerful console ever created . In our comparison with the main rivals has become clear.

Those 6 TFLOPS (40 computing units with a working frequency of 1,172 MHz) of which Scorpio presumed would have a world-wide equivalent of the classic GPUs in the GTX 1070 , which offers 6.5 TFLOPS and has 8 GB of GDDR5 memory. Its price is above 450 euros . In the world AMD the closest is the RX 480 with 5.8 TFLOPS and price of 265 euros and, as a data, only offers 36 units of computation.

Regarding the GDDR5 memory, although they are 12 GB, only 8 GB can be exploited by developers, as Microsoft reserves 4 GB for the system to run smoothly.

Something really impressive is the bandwidth , key for that 4K to 60p in a fluid way. They are 326 GB / s that are far above the 256 GB / s of the Nvidia 1070 or the 224 GB / s of the AMD model. If we had to match that bandwidth on a PC, the budget would skyrocket because it only offers the GTX 1080 (320 GB / s) and with a price above 600 euros . By balance our choice is the GTX 1070.


The possible price of the Xbox Scorpio seems very tight for what it will be able to offer. But a Gaming PC is not limited to entertainment and in the future we will be able to update it

With these specifications, the Xbox Scorpio is not expected to come down to $ 500. When we think about whether it is expensive or not, we can compare the great configuration that Microsoft has managed to introduce in it, but without forgetting that, beyond the game and the multimedia world, its possibilities are more limited than a PC , however much we devote Most of the time to play.

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XGamer Nice Looking curved screen tablet for gamers

XGamer is a concept especially designed for fans of video games mobile users. This is a tablet touch supposed to offer an immersive gaming experience. To this end, it combines the functionality of a conventional tablet with a curved display system.

XGamer, the curved screen tablet for gamers

Flanked by a cutting-edge design, the tablet was designed as a handheld gadget that can carry everywhere. It has a 10-inch touch screen, both slender and curved. With 1080p resolution, this screen allows the user to view the contents to 180 degrees. Providing a sensation of immersion through its display system. In addition, its curved shape was designed to favor the ergonomics during use. As for the order, the reader is equipped with buttons and joysticks behind the screen. The user can manipulate easily while controlling his actions during the game.

XGamer was developed by industrial designer Beau Red.

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Mad Catz: SURFR and LINX3 game controllers at MWC

Today the company Mad Catz, a manufacturer of micro-console MOJO, announced before the start of the Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona two new game controller for Android. The first in the list is the SURFR looking more subdued than previous controllers made ??by the company and known to fans: thanks to the Qwerty keyboard and the mouse pointer, this device has been designed to make life easier for the players.

Mad Catz Announces The SURFR, A Game Controller-Keyboard Combo That's Surprisingly Not Insane

This new game controller will be able to connect to any device Android , including Smartphone, Tablet, TV and others, you can also extend the handles to make better grip in the case of more complex games, and there are also several buttons, a d-pad and two levers analog. It is therefore a controller which should be functional and comfortable during use and will be available for purchase at the price of79,99 $ in red, black and white probably by May.

Mad Catz announces the S.U.R.F.R. and L.Y.N.X. 3 game controllers ahead of MWC 2015
The second model of the game controllers, the LINX3 , is the younger brother of LINX9 and remembers the futuristic device that the company had previously announced for the MWC 2015. In fact, during the event will see the LINX9 while this will be the model more accessible for the public. Also this controller can connect to most terminals Android : consists of two joysticks, a d-pad, buttons ABXY and two other keys. This model, unlike the upper one, has no keyboard and the dock for central tablet, so it has a foldable design and more compact. Will retail for 69.99$and will be launched in May, but it will be submitted at the same SURFR to MWC 2015.

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The Xbox remote control is designated by mistake

The Xbox One continues their good sales figures we saw in the early days of its release but not Microsoft seems to have relaxed and it seems to be looking for improvements and even new devices to market. One of these devices could be a remote control to manage eg multimedia content stored on the console.
The Xbox One remote image appeared on the Net only takes a few moments
This remote control could be seen in the last hours of accident and is very similar to the device we all have in our home and handled with an ordinary television.

The remote image appeared on the Net only takes a few moments and someone from Microsoft must have realized the mistake and quickly withdrew hastily although many media able to capture the image and which we offer leading this article.

This new device for the Xbox One will be released on March 4 with a price of $ 22.69, about 16.67 euros and surely be a bestseller given its price and the comfort it can give all owners of the new Microsoft consoles.

Do you find useful remote control of this type to manage your Xbox One console?

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Rockstar has confirmed micropayments for GTA V Online

If Microsoft will make a world tour to present his latest creation on console, Xbox One, Rockstar North has meanwhile dropped a bomb that is sure to make fans salivate. Last week, the giant responsible for the development of video games has confirmed through a blog that Grand Theft Auto Online will make possible real micro-payments in exchange for what he calls in-game cash. The players immediately reacted by commenting on the disruption of the balance of power that could cause this game brute force.

Grand Theft Auto Online will make possible real micro-payments in exchange for what he calls in-game cash

Thus, the “Cash Cards” will only be available to purchase before entering the game and not during gameplay. According to information from our British colleagues, the $ 100,000 “Red Shark” Cash Card will be sold at £ 1.99 and the $ 200,000 “Tiger Shark” is trading at 3.49 pounds. The $ 500,000 “Bull Shark” worth £ 6.99 while the 1250000 “Great White” will be available for £ 13.49.

Rockstar makes much of the fact that it does not constitute a case scenario pay-to-win. He stressed that it will be easy for all players get money compared to their counterparts who play off-line. And it does not unbalance the multiplayer also drastically release. It will only allow the player to move a little faster.

Note that the more you pay for “Mr. Roger’s Land of Make Believe” and you cash dollars. Rockstar and even insinuates that if you spend a little, you will not have much advantage in the game If this is indeed the case, only the mega rich kids who can afford to pay $ 25 USD can expect to get a return on their investment. We’ll know a little more after tomorrow, official launch date of the online version of GTA V.

Today we wonder if Rockstar does not do his best for the billions of virtual sales are as real as possible and that, by regressing the virtual middle classes.

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The PS4 console will be released in Europe on November 29

The news that all fans of Sony wanted to know, and especially those who were interested in buying the new console PlayStation 4, is its market launch date. Sony has announced this news at Gamescom 2013, the console will go on sale in the European market on November 29 at a price of 399 euros. Americans can enjoy the machine since some time before the U.S. market will be released on November 15 at a price of $ 399.

Those who buy the console will receive a PlayStation Plus subscription so they can discover the benefits of the service for 14 days. This means that they will have direct access for free to two games from the popular Instant Game Collection. It is clear that those conducting the activation of a one-year subscription before September 29 will receive 90 days free of charge.

For impatient users, those who make the purchase of new Christmas campaign games from Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Activision and Warner Bros PlayStation 3 will also be available on PS4, will be able to download for the new console digital version to a cost around 10 euros. This will seek to increase sales of the PlayStation 3 games not decrease and that the public can still have fun with these games in the next console.

Sony has announced this news at Gamescom 2013, the console will go on sale

Sony, at E3 2013 was all set with regard to the preparation of its release but stumbling over because of an important factor, its catalog of games. From a list of 15 games available in stores, only has three new exclusive games PS4 console, and are three games of the own company Sony.

For some time there was not a catalog of releases so poor, even worse than the catalog of the PlayStation 3, which also caused great anger. In the past the incredible launch day PlayStation 2 that large shelves filled with original games and with very good quality. What remains to Sony is relying on independent productions and digital, and is an issue that is not going to guarantee a future livelihood.