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Advantages of installing solar panels in your home, business or company

More and more consumers are committed to environmental care and, above all, to energy savings. Therefore, solar energy is gaining ground and there are already many who have switched to electric self-consumption. Although there is still ignorance and doubts about the advantages of installing solar panels, both in homes and in businesses or large companies.

What is Solar Panel Systems?

There are many advantages to buying a solar panel system to light up your home. This article will give you an idea of the sources of photovoltaic products. A solar panel is a set of photovoltaic modules that are mounted on a support structure, and that are electrically connected. A photovoltaic module is a packaged and connected assembly of solar cells. The solar module can be used to supply large scale residential and business electricity when used as a component of a larger photovoltaic system.

Alternative Energy – Turning Light into Electricity

Solar panels essentially convert light into electricity. The name “solar” comes from where they draw energy, which is the sun, and which is considered the most powerful source of energy that exists. The word photovoltaic basically means “light-electricity”.

All the cells that are in the solar panel work together to produce photovoltaic energy. The more light reaches each cell, the more energy is produced. One example is the spacecraft, that although the control tower is moving, the photovoltaic cells always point towards the sun.

7 advantages of installing solar panels in your home, business or company

What are the advantages of installing solar panels?

1- Savings on your electricity bill

The prices of solar panel installations have been reduced considerably in recent years. It is possible to obtain savings of up to 85% on the electricity bill when switching from normal electricity to solar water heaters. To have a better estimate of what is the saving for solar energy change, it is only necessary to say that in the United States, a saving of 1% in the energy bill of its industries would represent US $ 1 trillion dollars per year. In some states of the United States, economic benefits are being given to those who adopt solar energy, such as Florida and California.

2- Increase the value of the property

The houses with installations of photovoltaic plates are revalued in comparison with those that have conventional electrical installations. The future owners will be happy to know that they can consume solar energy in their new home, without having to make the initial investment.

3- Healthy conservation of the environment

The primary benefit of the use of solar energy is the healthy conservation of the environment. This means that the use of this type of energy does not generate harmful substances for the survival of the living beings that inhabit the planet. Another benefit is the boost that a country’s economy receives when it implements this type of clean energy.

4- Green energy consumption

More and more consumers are committed to sustainability . If you want to be part of this movement and put your grain of sand, start consuming clean energy . Solar energy is an unlimited source and helps reduce the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.

5- Social recognition and pride of belonging

Installation of photovoltaic panels in your business or company will be a success. Both your employees and your customers will be proud to know that they belong to a modern and proactive company in the face of environmental care. This will encourage a pleasant attitude and positive comments or opinions outside of the work environment.

6- Dissemination of a positive message

If your business or company has sufficient recognition to be influential in society, you are responsible for its formation. You can help promote the knowledge and importance of renewable energy . That is, your message will influence the society we build for the future: use it, make it positive! Many of the most important companies worldwide (Ikea, Apple, Facebook …) already boast of consuming green energy. With electric self-consumption, you will go one step ahead.

Solar energy is not only a form of sustainable energy consumption but infinitely renewable – at least until the sun ends without energy within a few trillion years. Solar panels require little maintenance, as they do not have mechanical parts that can fail.

Solar energy has many advantages and has come to stay because there are many benefits for consumers. We must also say that solar panels are very efficient, since they can create energy in a few millimeters, and all this is done in silence, which is beneficial if you have demanding neighbours.

One of the disadvantages of solar energy is that it can not be produced at night. Another disadvantage is that these equipment can be expensive at the beginning for many people.

How can I install solar panels?

The benefits of solar energy have not yet been fully exploited. The reason is that most homeowners and small businesses are not able to embrace this green energy source because of the high cost of installing solar panels. However, the fact is that most people do not know about the government assistance that is offered in order to offset the cost of photovoltaic panels. Once you have given this cost of the system, you would have access to practically free electricity.

Just contact your nearest solar energy provider, who are providing financing of up to 100%, installation and maintenance, permit management and the best personalized offer. Whether it is for a single-family house, townhouse, community of owners, businesses, large companies, industry, livestock or agriculture … Go to self-consumption energy!

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Line Dock, the gadget to charge battery and cool your laptop

Formerly the term ‘laptop’ was almost a euphemism, because the early models were like suitcases. But with the advancement of technology we have now come to have as thin laptops as large envelopes as is the case of Apple MacBook. This makes laptops ideal for working anywhere, whether away from home, office or any outlet to charge them, there is the problem of autonomy.

Do you travel often and need to have more battery in your laptop? This gadget seen on the web Indiegogo may well become your best friend. Line Dock is a mix between external battery, external SSD, based cooling system and wireless charger as a multifunction smart external battery for computers from 12 to 15 inches. And all in a very compact external design reminiscent of a closed Macbook Air, both for its color and its design without marks of any kind on the entire surface.

This multifunction external battery, thinnest and Smartest Laptop Power Bank is suitable for any type of computer and portable device.

Line Dock is itself a base that comes with three USB ports, HDMI connection, USB port and Type C MiniDisplay to connect for example the new MacBook. Although it also brings microUSB port to connect it to a laptop of the classics without the new standard Type-C.

Once connected to the computer, Dock Line has a battery of 20,000 mAh with loadable 1.5 times completely any laptop battery of market. And in fact at the same speed as its creators that if we connect the PC to the network, with the advantage that Line Dock is also a cooling base that can keep the laptop cool at precisely a time when the device temperature rises.

Line Dock as an external multitasking battery

The base also comes with several magnets to keep the laptop fixed on its surface, and four QI devices to charge up to 4 mobile phones wirelessly if they are compatible with the wireless charging technology. And if that were not enough, Line Dock also includes an SSD storage disk for storing data to choose between a minimum of 256GB and a maximum of 1 terabyte. As we pointed out earlier, Line Dock is a popular financing project for the Indiegogo website, which, after 16 days of completion, has achieved 300% of the initial amount that its creators requested.

If you are interested in this external battery multifunction smart, you have the model with SSD 256GB for $ 149 (141 €) , and Premium with SSD 1TB $ 599 Do (568 €). Although you will have to wait a few months, since shipments (worldwide) have a delivery date of at least June 2017, in almost half a year.

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Garmin Index: an intelligent scale for healthier life

Garmin has announced a new scale. Its name is Garmin Index and its main feature is that it is intelligent , so it is able to know in detail the body of the person and keep track of different parameters such as weight control, muscle mass or fat, among others.

A connected scale with metrics that matter, the Index Smart Scale is another tool that will help Garmin users pursue their health and fitness

Specifications of Garmin Index

Garmin Index is a scale that is designed for both athletes and for people who want to control weight or follow a lifestyle more healthy . And all thanks to their performance is achieved, as its “intelligence” knows the body of the person and analyzes the different parameters that measure the health from the inside.

With this scale, the person using it can measure the different variables such as weight, body mass index, body fat, water percentage, bone mass and muscle mass.

Garmin Index is prepared to make wireless technology through Bluetooth Smart with different devices. Besides, you can synchronize via WiFi with Garmin Connect , which is the online community of the firm.

A connectivity options that facilitate the user consult their data and verify your progress and fulfill its objectives, from a tablet, smartphone or computer.

Another advantage is the number of people who can use it in a simultaneous , since it works smoothly with up to 16 people different loading of each metrics automatically from your body composition to Garmin Connect. Garmin battery operated Index and it offers a battery life of nine months .

Design: The Garmin Index scale has a minimalist and elegant design, launching in two colors to choose: white or black. Its dimensions are 35 cm x 31 cm x 3 cm. The weight is 2.8 kilos.

Price and Availability
Garmin not been provided so far this information.

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Sony SmartBand Talk SWR30: the most complete wearable moment

One drawback of virtually all activity bracelets is that you need to recharge your battery almost every day. In its latest model-bracelet monitor activity, Sony has had a great idea: use for your screen electronic ink , yes, the very technology of e-book readers. What is one of the virtues of electronic ink? You need very little power. Is the Sony SmartBand SWR30 Talk with electronic ink and a range that reaches the four days of use.

As regards his side of physical monitor , nothing new under the sun: measures the steps or strides you take, the calories you burn, the distance you travel, can set goals and also studying the quality of your sleep. Your screen shows you the basic information of all these records; mobile to which it is allied deals with detailed reports.

Sony SmartBand SWR30 Talk with electronic ink and a range that reaches the four days of use
You see, this bracelet Talk last name. Yes, you can talk through it , so if you receive a call on your mobile, you approach the wrist to his mouth and his microphone and speaker do the rest. Indeed, for this Sony SmartBand has its side smartwatch : your screen shows you the messages you receive on your mobile, reminders of appointments , calls missed, etc. And you can open and read much of these messages by looking at the wrist.

Substitute clock

Another detail that we liked: displays the time continuously. Investigate how many bracelets activity show you permanently hour. Thus, it can replace the clock usual.

More details: it is waterproof up to 1.5 meters, supports voice commands to manage some features, allows record sounds or messages and voice, care, recharge your battery is via a charger MicroUSB standard, we will, of any Mobile, which is a comfortably not depend on covers, bases loaded or exclusive boots.

Sony SmartBand has its side smartwatch : your screen shows you the messages


turns out that this Sony SmartBand Talk you can install applications . You have my own shop where you will find from weather information to shortcuts to favorite contacts, sound recorders, music management mobile, etc. Install on a bracelet apps you want and go from one to another by pressing the button.

If you want to know more about this comprehensive bracelet activity, click on the attached video which, incidentally, ends with a brief analysis of the last smartwatch of Sony the SmartWatch 3.

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The first electric bicycle with solar body

Apparently, technology has given a powerful new boom to the bicycle, which although is a very old and quite useful and practical vehicle, in recent years has had a major boost thanks to all the innovations and additions that have been developed and LEAOS is no exception.

powerful new boom to the bicycle, which although is a very old and quite useful and practical vehicle

We begin by explaining that LEAOS is a company of Italian origin, but has only recently begun to develop electric bicycles, has made great progress in design and technology to create the first electric bike that has the ability to recharge your battery via the solar Solar LEAOS thanks to technology.

This is possible thanks to two solar films, which are located on the side of the body of the bike; to counteract the weight of the panels, the remaining structure is carbon fiber, which maintains an ideal weight. While on the handlebars a small LCD panel that informs the user about the distance, autonomy and the status of their LED lights are integrated.

As to how far you can go, people LEAOS says his bike can reach 16 miles in full electric mode, increasing to 20 km if assisted pedaling and although this meant to receive the rays of sun, its 36 volt battery can be charged using a conventional mains or solar satellite, which would take 24 hours.

An interesting proposal but open to many improvements such as autonomy and, especially, recharge time, because although we are all attractive make solar panels, turns out they are not as efficient enjoyable they are more of a thousands and are located in a desert.

For now, keep your expectations LEAOS up offering innovative model with a base price of 7,900 euros (134,000MXN), a cost that will also have to start thinking about how to reduce, if they want to reach more people.

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Valta smart plugs to save money and energy

A new way to save energy is being forged on Kickstarter. It is Valta, a system based on two main devices, a hub and several smart plugs, allowing you to save money by avoiding the famous standby lights. Obviously this is not everything and that you can remotely control how and when your devices turn on and turn off.

Valta is an energy saving system that automatically detects when a device is not being used, when we are discarding quickly identifies electricity and notify us to help you save money and help the environment. It is primarily intended to prevent the famous red light standby, allowing us a faster on the object in question but that makes us spend several euros after the passage of several months.

Valta is an energy saving system

Its operation is quite simple. On the one hand you have the hardware, a hub called v-Hub and the various outlets you need or want, and the software made by the web or iPhone applications. In short, the system connects our devices to our iPhone, iPad or computer via the v-Hub and the Internet. This hub has different smart plugs to save the data collected about your energy expenditure on the cloud servers of the company to be shown on the screen of your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

When an object goes to sleep, Valta automatically alert you to make the decision to create timely. If you choose to turn it off, the plug will stop giving energy to avoid the waste, but also have the ability to leave it on. The best thing is that all this is synchronized with the internet so that you can turn on and off your smart plugs to save money even though you are away from home. Moreover, as usual in such systems, you are able to schedule events to simplify your daily routine, use a timer or group devices to turn them off at once when not in use, such as a home theater.

The different applications interface is simple and intuitive. Your electricity consumption will be reflected in real time to detect anomalies and Valta will offer alternatives to save energy. Its price ranges between 139 and $ 349 respectively, as smart plugs that we want to buy. If you are interested go through this website of Kickstarter.

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OnBeat Solar Headphones to Charge smartphone

Many people prefer to be accompanied by their favorite music along with smartphone when they go out. Unfortunately, this causes phone battery to drain even faster, something that these eco friendly headphones can solve. Above the band it has a small flexible solar panel that allows, through two batteries on the outside of the headphones, to re-charge any of your gadgets.

The idea of OnBeat is quite interesting. Why not use the power of sun light to charge batteries on your behalf when you walk down the street wearing headphones? Although its appearance is that of normal headphones, the fact is that in the top of the headband you can find a flexible solar panel that captures sunlight and feeds two lithium ion 1000 mAh batteries placed on the outside the OnBeat headset to charge the device you want. In addition, in the event that the day is clouded, you can load your headset directly through a computer and the USB port that is precisely used to charge the mobile device.

eco friendly headphones that charge your smartphone or tablet on the move

While this would solve the problems of many people, now is not fully developed. The panel has an area of 55 cubic inches with a load capacity of 0.55 watts somewhat sparse. This would mean that you could not get to charge the battery of your smartphone completely, but yes, you would keep more life while listening to music, these solar headphones makers claim it can charge the battery of a mobile phone, but you have not seen it demonstrated.

With regard to the sound quality of the OnBeat, you can find two 40mm drivers with a frequency response ranging from 20 to 20,000 Hz and a sensitivity of 100+/-3dB. Since then, their specifications are not bad if you also note that it may charge your smartphone.

As usual in these great ideas, the project is seeking funding through Kickstarter with a minimum price of 69 pounds, about 100 USD. It may seem excessive, but the truth is that the quality of the materials and the possibilities offered are really interesting.

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Daikin Introduces New Innovative Automated Control Systems

The company Daikin, a leader in climate control solutions, continues its high capacity for innovation in your area of automation and control systems. With the development of new and advanced centralized management systems so that the user can more easily manage, centralized and optimized HVAC facilities, and so enjoy maximum comfort with increased energy savings.

Among the new systems include the Daikin Intelligent Touch Manager for VRV units, the Online Controler, allowing control via smartphone, tablet or PC, KNX and Modbus gateways, and new wireless temperature sensors.

Daikin introduces new wireless temperature probe K.RSS for Sky-Air systems and VRV

The Intelligent Touch Manager for VRV systems offers a new solution to monitor and manage up to 2,512 indoor units Daikin. Thanks to this system, which consists of a web server touchscreen series, it is possible to monitor and control all devices installed in a building, such as lights, boilers, meters, loggers and recovery, among others.

Notably, in an installation of VRV over 80% of the signals are Daikin units. For this reason, it is much easier to integrate the set of signals in the system and to achieve a simple and powerful BMS (Building Management System). In this sense, Daikin is able to achieve a better integration of all devices in the system, so that, with a single provider, facilitates their implementation, issue tracking and exploitation.

Remote monitoring and new walkways

Another innovation developed by Daikin is the new Online Controller which allows remote monitor and control the main functions of the indoor residential and small business units. The operation of the system is very simple and can be used from any location via a smartphone, laptop, or tablet PC. Among the possibilities are remote fault detection, supervision during periods of absence or event log.

On the other hand, emphasize the two gateways KNX: KLIC-DD, for Daikin units in the home, and KLIC-DI, Daikin equipment in the industrial area (Sky-Air and VRV). The function of these gateways in automated systems is to ensure that all devices “speak” the same language, so you can send and receive, more precisely, orders, data and information.

The new Daikin KNX gateways extend the possibilities of connectivity and integration. KNX is a standard communication language used in the control systems of homes and buildings, and is the only international protocol that meets the requirements of European standards EN 50090 (CENELEC) and EN 13321 (CEN), as well as international standard ISO/IEC 14543-3 (ISO and IEC).

With the new gateway installation and configuration are much simpler for the integrator. In addition, devices have focused on providing generic solutions such as for control blinds, lights, air conditioning, security, etc..

Specifically, Daikin-KNX gateway KLIC-DD monitors and controls some domestic units. Meanwhile, Daikin-KNX gateway KLIC-DI monitors and controls certain models of Sky Air.

Added to this is the possibility of communication via Modbus protocol, which supports domestic units, Sky Air, VRV, VAM/VKM, curtains DX and water as hidrokits units or chillers Small Inverter.

Wireless Sensor temperature

KNX gateways addition, Daikin introduces new wireless temperature probe K.RSS for Sky-Air systems and VRV. Powered by a temperature transmitter (RST) and a receiver connected to the indoor unit (RSR) that communicate wirelessly by radio frequency. It provides a precise measurement of the temperature, without the need for wiring work to introduce.

This wireless sensor monitors the temperature of the room and sends information to the indoor unit every 90 seconds or every time the temperature changes by 0.2 degree C or more. Thus, provides comprehensive control and ensures full thermal comfort in the room.

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Philips TLED Ultra Energy Saving Lights To Replace Fluorescent Tubes

Philips has just introduced its latest creation in the field of high-tech bulbs. Called Philips TLED and aspires to become the substitute for the millions of fluorescent tubes that are on the roofs of half the world.

Qualities not lacking, the Philips TLED is able to double the brightness of traditional neon tubes, with 200 lumens per watt. In addition, their consumption of energy is exactly half. According to Philips, one-quarter of the world’s lighting systems are based on neon tubes.

Philips TLED and aspires to become the substitute for the millions of fluorescent tubes that are on the roofs of half the world

In the United States, these fluorescent tubes consume 200 terawatts (TWh) of electricity each year. If you replace them by Philips TLED, consumption would fall to the half, saving the not inconsiderable figure of 12,000 million dollars and leaving issue the equivalent of 60 million metric tons of CO2.

“After being recognized for our quality of LED light (mimicking traditional light bulbs) to creating new experience with Philips Hue (the connected light system for the home), we now present the next innovative step in doubling lighting efficiency. It’s exciting to imagine the massive energy and cost savings it will bring to our planet and customers.” – Rene van Schooten, CEO Light Sources & Electronics for Philips Lighting.

This next-generation Philips LED lamp will hit the consumer market by 2015 in both office and industry applications. It is also noteworthy that a home-ready lamp will be brought forth soon afterward.

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Parrot Flower Power: a sensor that tells you what your plants need

What a cool invention! It is what you thought nothing more to discover what its functioning. The French company Parrot, well-known for the manufacture of hands-free devices, just introduced today at CES 2013 a tool super interesting for plant lovers, but also for those who have never known quite how to care for them. It is Parrot Flower Power, a sensor that has to be anchored to the ground floor you have in your home to receive continuous information of the conditions for its maintenance.

Parrot sensor can also be a great tool to learn how to be a good fielder

The operation of the Parrot Flower Power is so simple. Simply catch device, which is a kind of root will be integrated into the plant, so that the system begins to measure sunlight, moisture, temperature and the need for fertilizer. With six months of autonomy, you can find two different colors: emerald and wood.

The device works through Smart Bluetooth technology to inform the owner of the plant and specific daily needs of the plant, depending on the time of year and the nature of the species. In fact, in these calculations, the system is connected to an application that you can install on your mobile phone and makes use of a catalog of more than 6,000 plants, a database fully developed by a team of botanists. The only disadvantage of this system is that the application is only available for users of Apple iPhone and iPad. It is likely, however, that the firm eventually develop an app for terminals with Android or Windows Phone. It would be ideal to provide a truly useful to a greater number of users.

Parrot Flower Power works through Smart Bluetooth technology to inform the owner of the plant and specific daily needs of the plant

At the time of your plants require intervention, you will receive a notice through the application that will tell if you have to water it, give it some fertilizer or change of site to not give it much sun or cold. Each species, as you know, require a special individual care, so you have to watch out for announcements Parrot Flower Power. Aside from getting a healthier plants and bright, gradually learn to care for them. Yes, Parrot sensor can also be a great tool to learn how to be a good fielder.

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Furthermore, the application will help you find the name of the plant searching for colors, which will be of great help if you are not experts and do not know its exact name. Unfortunately, the Parrot Flower Power has not yet been submitted as a commercial product but as a prototype, although the device – fully finished and ready to reach the user’s hands – will be available in the middle of this year 2013. The price is still unknown.