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Fitbit Sense: the new smartwatch that detects stress is coming

Fitbit launches its new smartwatch. The device will be able to detect stress and atrial fibrillation signals. Let’s find out some of the features of the new Fitbit Sense.

Apple Watch may have a new rival. Fitbit has announced the launch of its new Fitbit Sense which, due to its design, has already been compared to the device of the Cupertino giant. In fact, the aesthetic characteristics favor comparison but what makes Fitbit Sense particularly interesting is the attention to the user’s health; and therefore the functions it is able to perform in this perspective.

Advanced Health Smartwatch Fitbit Sense is the innovative smartwatch

Fitbit Sense: let’s discover the functions and features of the new smartwatch!

One of the functions that is most attracting attention concerns the ability to detect electrodermal activity : it will be sufficient to place the palm of the hand for about 30 seconds on the smartwatch which will detect the electrical changes in the level of sweating of the skin. The result, together with the additional parameters measured, will offer an overview of the user’s stress condition and will provide suggestions about the various relaxation techniques to be practiced.

The device will be able to sense heart rate and monitor users’ sleep quality. In addition, it will offer the possibility to follow 20 different training plans. Fitbit Sense also introduces another particularly important innovation, it refers to its ability to detect atrial fibrillation signals.

As for what the design of the device will be, we know that it will have a 1.58-inch AMOLED panel ; and that the smartwatch will be available in three different colors.

Fitbit Sense can be purchased starting from autumn 2020 but the official date has not yet been announced. The cost of the device will be 329.95 euros.

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Spy glasses: The most versatile spy items trending during the lock down time

The Spy glasses with a hidden camera is one of the most used everyday objects in spying and recording images taken with a hidden camera. Perhaps the most famous recording made for this purpose can be found in the video that transpired from the Infanta’s statement before Judge Castro . It must be borne in mind that mobile phones and pens were requisitioned in that trial to prevent this, so we can conclude that spy glasses with hidden cameras are one of the best camouflaged objects and that they go unnoticed to record anonymously and not be detected, since the security teams that filtered the entrance were not able to detect them.

To download the Spy glasses images and videos stored in the memory of the lenses, we only have to connect them through the USB of the computer to proceed to download them

There are many models of spy glasses and many uses for them. A very common use in students is to wear spy glasses for exams , although they can be used in work meetings and in any other daily situation.

We can find different types and models of spy glasses for men and women and advances in technology allow us to find the best spy glasses for less than € 100 today. The best models allow you to record in high definition.

[table id=1 /]

In addition, all models come with instructions for spy glasses and are current models so they can go through normal lenses.

Here you can see all the spy glasses models available in your nearest spy store.

As you can see we have many models. The second model of spy glasses has surely caught your attention. Those are for the ski slopes, so you can record video while skiing down the mountain.


In this video you can see a recording made with glasses with a hidden camera and we can see that nobody detects or comments on anything, even over short distances. To download the images and videos stored in the memory of the lenses, we only have to connect them through the USB of the computer to proceed to download them.

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10 best spy cameras with amazing discount during lock-down period

As the lock down period is going on, there are various types of lucrative offers and discounts on your online portals. Just make this idle time useful by ordering important stuff for the future. Throughout this article we are going to make a brief ranking of the most sought-after spy cameras today, not only for their benefits, but also due to their versatility, since you never know when you are going to need them and the best you can Offering a spy camera is the ability to adapt to all kinds of contexts. Do not miss it!

[table id=1 /]

Mini spy camera button: undoubtedly the winner of the spy camera ranking, due to the ability to record everything that happens in front of us without raising suspicions. It is hidden in the button of our shirt or jacket, and it has a motion stabilizer to record HD images while we walk or run.

Spy glasses : the second place goes for the new spy glasses. Simulating ordinary sunglasses, these spy glasses are capable of making recordings of everything that is located in front of us while we go unnoticed.

Spy pen : the spy pen has earned the last place on the podium, thanks to the fact that placed inside the pocket of our suit shirt or jacket it is also capable of offering great versatility, recording all kinds of situations in high definition video and audio.

buy the 10 best spy cameras

Spy watch: the spy watch has been on the doorstep of the podium, because in winter with long sleeves its performance may not offer as much versatility, although reaching fourth place in this ranking is not turkey snot, and this is a sign of its great benefits.

USB spy : USB spy is also another feasible alternative, although we must previously place it in a place from which we will record what we need, and its viewing angle is limited by that placement. For this reason, despite its small size and the hiding of the mini camera in an everyday object, it is relegated to fifth place.

Spy keychain: the spy keychain does not offer as much versatility as previous models, since as a general rule we must point to where we want to record with it, and if we go around waving a car remote we can raise suspicions. We recommend leaving it on a flat surface while recording.

Spy alarm clock: the spy alarm clock is ideal for few situations. Of course, to be placed in a bedroom it is the most recommended option among all the mini cameras in the ranking, due to the camouflage that offers its appearance as a normal and ordinary alarm clock.

Spy charger : in the same way as the spy alarm clock or the spy USB, it must be placed in advance in the place that we want to record. Depending on whether the model purchased is a portable or static charger, its versatility varies. In portable models it can be transported without raising too much suspicion, something that does not happen with static models.

Spy light bulb: As for the spy light bulb, it can be placed in any lamp that is not covered with a lampshade or glass, since if it does not lose much definition. Although the lamp can be placed anywhere, this previous disadvantage together with the suspicion that not awakening a lamp when a light is needed in the room can move it to the ninth position.

Spy smoke detector: the spy smoke detector is perfect to be placed in shops and homes if you want to record the interior of a certain room at all times, such as that of the baby or your bedroom if you suspect that your wife is being unfaithful to you . Its use is limited to those situations, and that is why it has finished in the last place in the ranking of mini cameras.

If you want to buy any of the previous models of mini cameras, we recommend the Amazon online store as there’s a great chance of coupons and best discount during stay-home period. Amazon has specialized store in spy and concealment products, of high quality and whose team is very professional.

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Eureka, a curious gadget with which you will never lose your keys, or anything like that

In our Gadget Blog we keep bringing mainly those products that make your life easier, especially those that are surrounded by technology and designed for our comfort. This time we have something that is going to be quite peculiar because who has not lost the keys in some occasion? This may have its days counted if you try this product.

We have in our hands Eureka, a Cellularline gadget with which you can locate instantly and from your mobile anything you have lost. Stay with us because we are going to see what Eureka is about and if it really can free us from some displeasure.

Cellularline gadget with which you can locate instantly and from your mobile anything you have lost

Small, portable and resistant

It is important that the Cellularline Eureka is small, otherwise we could take some displeasure and above all, it would be too annoying to take for example in our hands. This product has been developed by Cellularline with the collaboration of the experts in geopositioning and smart products from Filo. The product has the approximate size of a coin of two euros, a thickness that does not reach ten millimeters and a weight so light that honestly, it is not worth mentioning it, why we are going to recreate something like that.

It has a PVC plastic design and is available in four colors: Black, blue, white and red. It has a unique button that is integrated with the Cellularline logo and that will serve to do the search in reverse, that is, find our smartphone with which we have it connected, for this use the Bluetooth connection . This functionality is included in a good number of wearable products such as smartwatches and sports wristbands. It has a resistant rubber that we have put to the test and that serves as a hook, only with it you can “tie it” practically wherever you want.

What is Eureka capable of doing?

It has a warning, so through the smartphone we will be able to activate the sound so that we can find it and thus recover what we have lost and what we have linked the Eureka. We will also find on the screen the geo-positioning point via GPS that will indicate the specific place where we have the Eureka, that is, for example, it will help us locate the car if we do not remember the street where we parked it, Put an example of something practical that we can use on a day-to-day basis.

It also serves to find our smartphone, l will be notifications to our phone when we press the button that includes the Eureka, so we can do a reverse search, instead of finding the Eureka we will find our smartphone. The same happens when we activate the Comfort Zone function , that is, we will receive a notification on our smartphone if it detects that we have moved too far away from the Eureka or that object to which we have tied the Eureka, without a doubt these are the most practical applications that we have found Eureka, but surely there may be some more depending on the needs of each user in particular.

How does it work and how do we connect Eureka?

Well it is quite simple, how could it be otherwise this Eureka has an application for our smartphone where we will be able to get all the juice, you can download it for both iOS and Android easily through the official application store, without complications. Once we have downloaded them we can proceed to link our Eureka device easily, something I liked is precisely the simplicity with which this task is performed.

We open the application and choose the possibility of adding a new Eureka, then we will press the Eureka button while the screen indicates it and in a matter of seconds it will emit a sound indicating that the Eureka is correctly installed and we will be able to screen to sound the Eureka and even cucarlo through the GPS. It’s that simple how we’re going to make it work. It has a replaceable button battery that lasts approximately ten months, and the action range is approximately thirty meters, so it is not rechargeable, although it would not make much sense either.

Eureka price and points of sale

This Eureka starts from 19.99 euros and you can buy it in physical and usual Celluarline outlets. It is not yet possible to acquire it through Amazon or the Celluarline website itself, although we will be vigilant if any online point of sale is added and thus make things easier for you by adding the link here. If you have purchased or plan to acquire a Cellularline Eureka you can leave us your queries on our Twitter or directly from the comment box.

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Reolink C2 Pro, a smart way to monitor your home [Analysis]

We remain focused on the analysis of IoT products or designed to make life easier in the home, demotic, surveillance and security are very interesting sections that are exploiting much more than ever thanks to the growth of virtual assistants at prices of demolished like those of Amazon and Google.

On this occasion we will analyze a product from a firm that we have already had before, we are talking about the Reolink C2 Pro, a very versatile and cheap surveillance camera. Therefore, we invite you to stay with us because we are going to show you this latest Reolink camera with great detail.

As on previous occasions, we will discover the main details of this product, firstly through the materials and design, to later know its technical specifications and of course, tell you what our impressions have been after using this Reolink C2 Pro camera . However, if you plan to go directly to the action, you can buy it directly at the best price on THIS Amazon LINK. Without further delay we invite you to take a seat, we start with the analysis of this fully articulated and highly versatile surveillance camera.

Reolink usually offers its products in a compact package that includes what is necessary

Materials and design: Minimalism and versatility

On this occasion Reolink returns to bet on dressing your camera with a white plastic that tries to go unnoticed in almost any circumstance. We have a bottom base of spherical shape in which we have the logo of the signature on the front, while we find on one side the hole to perform the “reset” to the camera in case we find a problem of operation. In the back we also have some add-ons, an Ethernet input, the microUSB port for charging and the slot for microSD cards that will allow us to store the recordings depending on what we assign in the application.

Dimensions: 10.3 x 9.5 x 11.7 cm
Weight: 299 grams

We have in this rear area the two WiFi connection antennas that crown the device in a general way. Finally we have in the upper part the camera, rather the sensor, arranged in an arc that will allow the camera to go from bottom to top and allowing us to handle the vertical angle. In the same way the base has a metallic ring of silver color that is what differentiates the mobile from the fixed area, since we will remember that this camera also has the possibility of rotating horizontally to provide us with greater visibility.

Unboxing and package content

As always, Reolink usually offers its products in a compact package that includes what is necessary. We have a rectangular black box that just open it will give us access to the small envelope containing both the instructions and a sticker that will allow us to report that we are recording. The next thing we have is a box where we find the plug with international adapters, along with a cable of approximately 1.8 meters in length.

Reolink returns to bet on dressing your camera with a white plastic that tries to go unnoticed in almost any circumstance

We have in the lower part the camera properly protected and with a small plastic protector in the area of ??the sensor to preserve its integrity. We do not have much more to emphasize, a correct packaging and in which we find everything necessary to work. It is important to mention the detail that comes with a support that will allow us to put the camera on any wall in a stable way thanks to the two screws included and that seems to me a determining factor when placing it, however, the wiring is perhaps the aspect that will limit us.

Technical characteristics

The technical section is equally relevant and we know what you are most interested in knowing. We have night vision in a 5 MP sensor capable of recording at 2560 x 1920 resolution that we can modify. To improve the recording has 8 infrared LEDs to improve the performance of night vision. With all this we have 355º of horizontal vision and 105º of vertical vision together with an optical zoom of 3 increases. To connect we have the possibility to use the dual band WiFi, that is to say, it connects so much in networks of 2.4 GHz as in the increasingly popular 5 GHz thanks to its antennas with MIMO 2T2R connectivity. Finally, mention the possibility of using its two speakers located on the sides, which will provide bidirectional audio broadcasting .

As for recording and playback , all video recordings activated by the motion detection system are saved on the microSD card (up to 64 GB) and the alerts issued by the camera can be reproduced at any time and place, provided that the camera is connected via WiFi. Remember that we have the possibility to configure any NAS or server so that these recordings are stored.

Configuration and usage experience

As always, the configuration of the camera is quick and painless, we only have to download the Reolink application ( iOS ) ( Android ), click on the “+” button and choose the Reolink C2 Pro camera when we appear on the screen, but it is It is important to note that first we have to connect the camera by Ethernet cable, so that the procedure is automatic. Then we focus the QR code of the application in front of the camera and start walking.

Once connected the controls are basic, we can use a virtual joystick to move the camera to pleasure, as well as manage alerts, save the videos stored in the camera and even zoom and select specific areas of activation of the camera. As with other Reolink products, the management of the application is simple, as it allows us to program the camera to work in specific areas of each day.


The design and construction materials
The possibilities of the application and its easy use
The features offered with the adjusted price


It could be a little more compact
We found some delay in the handling

What I liked most about this camera is precisely the possibility of moving it and the good image quality provided by the sensor. However, it also has some other negative point , an example is that even taking into account the possibility of moving it horizontally and vertically, it is even relatively large. The camera costs 113.99 euros on Amazon.

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Fitbit’s smartwatch shows up in some photos rendering leaked

As it is known for several weeks, Fitbit is working on a smartwatch capable of competing with the competition featured by Apple Watch , Android Wear 2.0 and Tizen OS of Samsung. To do this, the US giant will rely on an operating system and a proprietary application store where third-party developers can publish their creations.

In the past few hours, some images have appeared on the net, making it show us the smartwatch (we still do not know what the trade name will be) in different angles and reveal some details about its aesthetics.

As you can see, the design of this smartwatch looks much like the Fitbit Blaze, a hybrid between smartwatch and smartband introduced a couple of years ago. The colors that will be set will be three: silver with navy strap, pink gold with blue and black strap with black strap.

Fitbit is working on a smartwatch capable of competing with the competition featured by Apple Watch

From the point of view of the physical buttons configuration, again here is the Fitbit Blaze design, with two buttons on the right and a button on the left .

The heartbeat sensor brought to a new level by Fitbit

Fitbit will rely on an operating system and a proprietary application store where third-party developers can publish their creations

The bottom of the device is quite protruding but this is good to ensure a more accurate heart rate monitor.

Fitbit is working on a smartwatch capable of competing with the competition featured by Android Wear 2.0 and Tizen OS of Samsung

About the heartbeat sensor, unlike its smartband, the American giant will use two red LEDs along with an infrared sensor . This is probably also to ensure the maximum VO2 monitoring in the blood .
Considering that the IFA in Berlin is approaching more and more, we are inclined to think that the presentation of this smartwatch will be in the German capital.

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Glance Clock, the smart wall clock

Startup Launchpad is part of Global Sources Electronics and Asia’s largest startup show. That is why I did not let it take me to stroll through the hall, looking for interesting new ideas and products. The product Glance Clock has caught my attention right here, because it is a smart wall clock .

Glance Clock is a smart clock that gives you the notifications that you actually need

To be honest, it was not really difficult for my watch to win my attention, because that is exactly their job. The clock naturally shows the normal time, but thanks to numerous LEDs also the possibility to notify the owner on special occasions. For example, when a call is received, an appointment is in the calendar, or the driver is outside the door. For every event, the clock displays a different pattern in other colors, so that you already know by a brief glance what is, therefore also the name Glance Clock.

The smartphone connects it via Bluetooth to the clock and with the Companion app, the individual functions are set. Thanks to Amazon Alexa support, the clock can also easily be integrated into the existing Smart Home. The watch has an accumulator lasting about 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of notifications.

The project was very successfully financed at the end of last year on the Crowdfunding platform Indiegogo with over 450,000 USD and has been in production since then. A launch is scheduled in November 2017. Glance Clock is scheduled to come on sale for $ 199.
Definitely a very interesting project which is certainly a sensible addition to a smart home. With every notification, the smartphone from the bag to pull and watch is not only time-consuming, but also annoying. There is the idea of the smart clock on the wall for the home but much better.

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MyKronoz ZeTime: mechanical watch hands on a touchscreen

With the ZeTime the smartwatch manufacturer MyKronoz wants to bring a hybrid clock on the market which on the other hand has conventional pointers, but also has a touchscreen. The company’s crowdfunding campaign has already collected more than 3.5 million US dollars and the project seems to be very well received by the users.

MyKronoz ZeTime - a hybrid watch with hands AND touch goes through the ceiling

MyKronoz is not an untitled sheet, the company has already launched some Smartwatches on the market and, according to CEO, they already sold more than 2 million copies. So you already know a little in the market. Nevertheless, one would like to start with the ZeTime a crowdfunding project, probably also around the clock a little marketing-push, because after all, here you have no conventional Smartwatch, but a hybrid clock. The structure of the watch is interesting, because first you have the display on which your information is displayed. Above that come the pointers and above comes then the touch screen. This is ultimately protected by Gorilla Glass. So you have the possibility, despite the hands, to use the clock quite normally with the finger. And so that the pointers do not disturb the notifications, they are also simply rotated to a neutral position. Definitely a good idea.

Like all smartwatches, it is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth and thus becomes the notification window for incoming e-mails, calendar entries, etc. The recharge time should be up to 3 days. Of course, I’m a bit skeptical about this statement. This is not an e-ink display, but a normal TFT.

While most smartwatches currently on the market are able to withstand just one day of intensive use, should the ZeTime last up to 3 days? I’m curious! If you only use the Smartwatch as a clock, so the display remains off, the battery life is up to 30 days. The ZeTime works with proprietary software, so you do not rely on Android Wear. This is why the Companion app of MyKronoz is required. The watertightness is indicated with 3ATM, Ie 30 meters.

Functions of the watch can also be performed with the smart crown.

Of the originally only 50,000 US dollars MyKronoz chose as a financing target, you have now already over 3.5 million US dollar arrived and the project is still 4 days online . Over 18,000 supporters will follow the project in the coming months. In September 2017 it should then be so, then namely the clock is to be delivered. Nevertheless, you should be aware that even an established company can embed a crowdfunding project, so a certain residual risk still remains if your “investor” wants to become an upcoming product.

The watch is quite attractive, which should explain the success. As an early bird you can get the clock already for 139 US dollar, in the trade it should cost at least 199 US dollar. This is the cheapest model with silicone bracelet. There will also be a variant with leather strap or metal bracelet, which is then more expensive.

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Samsung releases 3 new watchfaces with Gear S3 features

Taking advantage of the advanced features of the new proposals and wearable set of sensors and GPS, to be addressed to all smartphones compatible Galaxy brand. Samsung Gear S3 is a device designed to satisfy the most adventurous users. Proposals for this week are 3, and refer to Gear S3 Travel , Gear S3 Outdoor  and Gear S3 Sports.

New skins and new features available for Samsung S3 Sports Gear

Samsung Gear S3 Travel

Travel Gear S3 Watchface represents a range of customized products that add ad-hoc capabilities to travelers and business-man working offsite. The new layout is quite interesting, and aims with contextual on-screen reference to two time zones customizable. Beside these first added, moreover, you can also find the basic information for the evaluation of the temperature and the local currency, as well as a quick link to the map, which also shows the distance traveled.

A theme enhanced by the possibility of choosing the color output that you like, to be chosen from the 4 default proposals.


Samsung Gear S3 Outdoor

Samsung releases interesting proposals customization addressed to all users S3 Gear smartwatch

Gear S3 Outdoor Watchface, however, it is proposed as an indispensable tool for those who lead an outdoor life and love to go hiking or long solitary walks. Thanks to this new skin, will be virtually impossible to get lost. Thanks to the new design you can get all the information you need, up to the altitude route details. There are, among other things, data from the heart rate sensor and also a stop watch and a speedometer always at hand.

What’s more, you can obtain contextual information on the remnant of your battery, the light level, the times of sunrise and sunset, the time and even barometric data. The new theme, finally, offers the ability to customize the layout according to four predefined color schemes.

Gear S3 Sport Watchface finally integrates what are the functions already seen with skin Outdoor

Samsung Gear S3 Sports

Gear S3 Sport Watchface finally integrates what are the functions already seen with skin Outdoor and adds additional color ranges to customize at will the layout of your smartwatch. It has, in particular, the functions integrated gesture to single-tap and double-tap, which allow quick access to specific functions.

Besides the first infographics information about the features and specifications of these new Watchface, Samsung has also released new video where they illustrates the improvements achieved by the use of the new features. You can download the new products directly from the Galaxy App Store. Follow us on facebook to get all the news of the week on Samsung technology.

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Researchers developed a detector portable DNA to connect to your smartphone

DNA and RNA measurements possible with a smartphone, the project of the University of California offers huge savings compared to traditional analysis.

At the University of California in Los Angeles, it has been realized an amazing project. Now the technological development does not surprise us more and even allows us to make measurements DNA with the simple aid of a smartphone. Sounds strange, but it’s just that the project developed by UCLA researchers.

UCLA researchers developed a detector portable DNA to connect to your smartphone

It was developed a portable device that will allow investigators to track down DNA molecules and RNA , all without having to go to analytical studies. An invention that could be very useful to police forces around the world, we discover together what it is.

Retrace RNA and DNA with your smartphone

We have said for investigation of applications, but many more would be possible with the DNA detector designed by the team of the University of California. Just think of the use in the diagnostic field as regards infectious diseases, inherited genetic conditions or treatment of cancer.

UCLA detector smartphone DNA

It is usually very costly analysis, as pointed out by UCLA, the main challenge was to provide a solution low cost to such complex challenges. Small changes of light emitted by the molecules associated with the DNA, referred to as intercalating agents , are used to identify the extension of DNA, it is, however, unstable elements and subject to change too quickly for the common chamber of a smartphone.

The team of scientists has discovered, however, an additive that stabilizes the intercalating agents, dramatically amplifying the fluorescent signal thus making the test possible with a simple smartphone. It also developed an accessory connected to the camera via a smartphone. The intercalating agents shine and appear on the screen immediately.