Best electronic gadgets to enjoy the cinema in your house

If you are thinking of setting up a home theater equipment that the whole family can enjoy, you are lucky because today I want to talk about a couple of electronic gadgets that will make it much easier to setup, and if they have good Price, much better. Today I want to talk about both the TV Box Yoka KB2 PRO and the projector UNIC UC46, two devices that will allow you to enjoy your favorite movies and tv series at home.

Although a few years ago the single task of setting up a home theater equipment was something that took a lot backwards, both because of its complexity and because of the crazy price of the equipment, the cheapening of this and especially the irruption of China and Its enormous capacity to manufacture technological gadgets, has made this dream can be shared in a reality that is increasingly available to all pockets and not just a few privileged.

TV Box with all the law that carries inside the powerful processor Amlogic S912

First I want to tell you about the Yoka KB2 PRO , a TV Box with all the law that carries inside the powerful processor Amlogic S912, a processor that is quite powerful thanks to its eight internal cores (yes, you have read well, eight cores) And is accompanied by the modern graphics card Mali T820MP3 which, without being the most powerful on the market, is certainly more than the usual Mali T450 that equipped the previous processor Amlogic S905 or the Mali T720MP3 that we have seen so many times In other electronic gadgets.

But it does not end there, since the Yoka KB2 PRO also equips 3 GB of DDR4 RAM and 32 GB of eMMC storage memory which, as is normal for this type of device, can be extended by the use of a card Micro SD or, of course, USB pen drive that we can insert into one of its multiple USB 2.0 ports that equips this device. The network connectivity section is also very well resolved, since the Yoka incorporates a WiFi network card compatible with the 802.11 b / g / n / ac standard, so moving files from the computer to it will be a matter of moments , But if you do not want to use the wireless card, it also has a Gigabit Ethernet network card in case you prefer to use it to move the files. To all this is necessary to add the Bluetooth 4.0 that is essential in this type of electronic gadgets to connect all kinds of peripherals.

The Yoka KB2 PRO you can get it for the price of € 76.91.

Once we have solved the issue of storing and issuing files, it is time to choose with what to project them on a big screen … as big as a wall, right? For this reason, there is nothing better than the UNIC UC46 projector , an LED projector with LCD technology that, at the same price, combines the fact that it is compatible with Miracast technology that allows you to connect both your mobile and your tablet (if compatible with Her) and see on the projected wall the screen of your mobile or similar electronic gadgets.

The UNIC UC46 is a projector with a resolution of 800 x 480 but it supports FullHD video signals without problems, so that you can see your favorite movies with an enviable definition. The brightness that is able to produce your lamp is 1,200 cd and its contrast is 800: 1. Its projection distance goes from 1 m to 3.8 m distance, which makes it ideal for medium-sized halls, and can create a screen between 34 and 130 inches.

Although the projector has a slot to insert a micro SD card, the important thing here is that it also has an HDMI connector to which you can connect the Yoka that I had talked about previously so that you can see what you want in the huge screen that will generate the UNIC on the wall.

All these devices can be purchased with a very limited budget, which is almost less than € 150 in total.

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