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Bebop 2, the drone that is controlled from the mobile

Parrot has filed the drone Bebop 2, which is characterized by a new generation quadricopter that can be steered and controlled from a smartphone. A model that is especially designed for leisure time and has a built-in camera with fish eye lens. Its autonomy in the air is 25 minutes.

Bebop 2 characteristics

From a technical standpoint, it emphasizes integrated with fisheye camera that stabilizes digitally in a framework of three areas, which transmits live images and facilitates the pilot to change the angle of the camera 180 degrees. With it, you can record videos Full HD and extract images.

Parrot unveils the Bebop 2, a faster, longer-lasting drone

Bebop 2 has a camera vertical stabilization 14 megapixels for taking an image of the ground every 16 milliseconds, compared with the previous sensor and an ultrasound to analyze flight altitude up to 4.9 meters. It also has built a sensor of pressure to measure air pressure and altitude of the flight from the 4.9 meters, while the gyroscope measures the angle of the drone and the accelerometer of the linear velocity. It has also added a GNSS chipset for geolocalizarlo and help measure the speed.

The information gathered by the sensors is analyzed and put together by the integrated computer that includes a dual quad-core processor. The internal memory of Bebop 2 is of 8 GB .

Bebop 2 Operation

The operation of the drone is simple since only are precise WiFi and a smartphone or tablet with Wi-Fi for all control which also can use the application FreeFlight3 , available for iOS and Android, to indicate the address or the landing.

The control can also be done with a traditional controller such as the Skycontroller Black Edition, which is RC type and is characterized by expanding the scope of the flight up to two kilometers.

Bebop 2 Design

This drone is compact and robust, and is also very stable. The chassis has been reinforced with glass fiber 20% and the legs are shockproof. Some peculiarities that does not prevent it light, because only weighs 500 grams .

Price and Availability of Bebop 2: The Parrot Bebop 2 can already buy this December in official outlets for 549 euros.

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