Archos GamePad supported by Google to give away at Christmas 2012

Archos finally been able to put the ring to your “GamePad” and even for those who do not know what it is, and think you have to talk something about a remote for consoles can expect more than just that, because it is the announced first foray signature gala purely gamer sector of tablets and other seven inches devices.

The Archos GamePad indeed promises a lot in terms of graphics performance

Archos GamePad was announced during the first days of August, the dates in which the edition was held in Berlin IFA 2012, it seemed to promise Archos tablet users remove the “nuisance” of covering the screen with your fingers, one of the most strong criticism when playing on touch devices.

The Archos GamePad indeed promises a lot in terms of graphics performance. Its menu shows a diagonal through which images driven see ARM Cortex A9 brain that have been provided. It runs at 1.6 GHz, as well as being accompanied by a Mali 400 MP GPU, quad core, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage. You may add extra 32GB with a microSD card to expand capacity for games.

With an exact arrival to be give away at Christmas, Archos GamePad not only will include dual analog sticks buttons and small on both sides of the device, but will be “officially” supported by Google, which provides Android 4.1 and Google Play.


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