AMD could also enter the SSD market

AMD is going through a situation that is not easy. The recent rumors about a possible sale could change the course of not only the company, but also the history of modern technology.

More than a technological resource, the SSD of AMD should improve the ecosystem of hardware brand

The latest rumor related to AMD is about the ability to enter the market of SSD with a number of models included under the Radeon brand but not big news from the technological point of view. AMD does not have – except last minute surprise – the resources needed to create new drivers or memory modules, which would have to go to other companies outsource models.

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More than a technological resource, the AMD SSD should improve the ecosystem of hardware brand. It would have in the market microprocessors, graphics cards, chipsets, memory RAM (yes, they also have) and also storage SSD. Arguably offer the major components of a computer, which must be considered a major achievement.

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A priori it seems a move to create a complete brand image that includes multiple categories of products under the brand Radeon rather than a technological breakthrough that differentiates AMD over the competition. I also remember that it is a rumor and that is to be taken as such, at least until the company officially confirmed its existence.


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