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How to compose music on your smart phone

The proliferation of smartphones has caused a massive increase in the number of apps on the Play Store, a reality that we all know. Specifically, in this article we are going to focus on those apps that teach us how to compose music. Notably, there is an influx of apps of all kinds, including some very specific ones designed for certain industries.

This is the case of the tools for musicians and composers, some services make their work a bit easier by allowing you to create backgrounds, preview certain effects, automate transfers, change the key of a piece in seconds and very long wait, very useful. That is why we decided to choose the best, which are these:


This is an app that not only allows us to create scores easily, but also to know the result instantly without touching it. The best thing is that it includes instrument simulators (violin, viola, cello, piano, drums, among others), so that it doesn’t limit you in any way, but it gives us the opportunity to know which of them is the best for our composition.

Audiotool , for its part, is a synthesizer that may be of interest to experts


In addition, it has an option that allows us to modify music files, it has a simple interface to use, it includes the possibility of sharing our compositions with anyone, and it includes vibrato and various effects. Of course, to start enjoying its advantages you have to pay.

For iOS, you can download the app at this link.

Note Reader

As for Note Reader, its main advantage is that just by taking a picture you can listen to a sheet music. It is appreciated if you wanted to know how what you are writing sounds like. In any case, it is a rather basic app that allows you to make a composition of the place. It is also useful for those who have trouble imagining what a particular score sounds like.


Of course, there are other types of resources and tools in addition to apps that will delight composers and music lovers. Noteflight, for example, is a website where you can create, view, print, share, listen to musical compositions and has approximately two million members.

The page is available even in several versions , a basic version where we can do the above from the browser itself; and a premium version that is more focused on learning. This first includes the ability to create unlimited scores, simulate up to 85 different scores, transcribe and transfer scores, organize scores, and more. The annual fee is approximately 45 euros.

What Incredibox has successfully achieved is that it is one of the most popular apps of its kind

As for the learning version, in addition to those mentioned above, it has a specific performance and evaluation function. Of course, it costs 10 euros more. To learn how to get the most out of them, the site includes user manuals, help, reviews, FAQs, and more .

iGigBook Sheet Music Manager

Designed by musicians, this application is very complete, since it allows you to transpose a piece of music to a new key without racking your brain, find basic chords for a certain style, find sheet music, etc. However, it is not free, it costs 14.99 euros and is primarily focused on searching for music in general.

Available for iOS, on the App Store
Available for Android in the Play Store


For ScoreCloud (formerly known as ScoreCleaner Notes), what it does is transcribe what you sing or play into a musical language , a neat feature if you’re inspired rather than typed. An interesting option, especially for instrumentalists, even for those who learn in the most amateur way but who need sheet music. Also, we cannot ignore the fact that some of the best works are produced spontaneously.

It also has an intuitive interface capable of recognizing melodies in almost any setting, from studios to community gatherings. Of course, it doesn’t capture chords, that is, it doesn’t recognize those notes played at the same time, so we don’t recommend it if you’re a pianist, guitarist or lover of both strings. etc.

Indaba Music

Although somewhat different, Indaba Music is another interesting web service and community. We can create music and share it with other users . Among its advantages, we have highlighted the variety of instruments and effects, the possibility of collaborating with other musicians, voting for our favorites, winning contests with their own compositions, etc.

iReal Pro

Another of our favorites is iReal Pro, which does not allow you to collect chords for certain songs

Another of our favorites is iReal Pro , which does not allow you to collect chords for certain songs, integrates accompaniment functions, chord diagrams and even a function that gives us the possibility to make a certain piece sound in a loop possibility .

This is the perfect interpretation if you are unsure about the accompaniment. Of course, you can only listen to it with piano, bass and drums. Also, the official product page has a dedicated blog with technical support, reports on different updates and more. It is currently available for Android, iOS and Mac.


Audiotool , for its part, is a synthesizer that may be of interest to experts in the field as well as to amateurs and the most curious. Described as “a powerful online music production studio, right from your browser.”

So first of all, you have four preset schemes (Rookie Acid, Minimal, Berg and another empty), different instrument functions, the ability to mix tracks and more. It has a wide variety, so it is not easy to use if you are new to the field. Fortunately, there are many tutorials available to us.


In our selection you can not miss those tools designed to awaken in children the passion for composition . What Incredibox has successfully achieved is that it is one of the most popular apps of its kind and is often used in primary and secondary classrooms.

To start using it you do not need to register, but you can create different melodies with various beatbox-style rhythms. What is interesting about the application is that different characters appear to interpret and characterize the work in question . In addition, it allows you to record and generate links that can be shared on social networks, etc.

Creating Music is a website designed for the little ones in the house to develop their creative skills

Creating Music

Also aimed at the smallest of the house. Creating Music is a website designed for the little ones in the house to develop their creative skills and start creating in a simple way. Simply drag the appropriate instrument onto the staff.

It also includes a specific section for playing Beethoven music and scales, listening to music, comparing rhythms, creating melodies by choosing different visual methods, detecting changes in short pieces of music, etc. Of course, this is a good place to start. Share on social networks and more.


From writing simple accompaniments to making it easy for us to learn techniques like scales, to doing it professionally. PocketBand gives us a variety of virtual instruments and synths, as well as recording capabilities, from our practice and editing.

It is only available in Android version.

We recommend the Pro version, although it is paid, it has more personality than the LITE. Of the two, yes, you will be able to share compositions of up to 12 tracks, share compositions and more. It is also designed for temporarily separated groups.

5 other applications to compose music

In addition to what has already been said, there are other music apps that are great for those who are learning to play an instrument, which will give the aforementioned professionals an extra hand to teach them.

Noteworks: Available for Android and iOS, great for fluency when reading staves. A video game in which they have to find out which notes appear in the different keys (G and F, C in the 3rd and C in the 4th).
Music Intervals: Similar to the previous one, in this case it focuses on the interval between notes.
Perfect Ear 2: Improves auditory perception, identifies chords, rhythms, scales and more. Become the king of dictation.
Funk Drummer: A rhythm generator tool with a very large sound library for “playing” gears for technical exercises like scales, arpeggios, etc.
Piano Maestro: An interactive way to learn to play the piano, an app that recognizes what we are playing through the microphone and gives us a score.
I hope this information has been useful to you, do not hesitate if you know of any other app to leave it in the comments.


4 state-of-the-art Tactics to Expand Your Business

After a certain point in time, every business owner looks forward to expanding and growing their business. However, people might find it difficult to grow their business initially. Spreading online business is easier due to various successful strategies. Previously, many online businesses have expanded their business globally with the assistance of international SEO services. Welcoming visitors to your website from all over the world can boost your sales and business. Below discussed are some other ways to expand your business.

New customers will get attracted to your business if you have maintained the quality of products

1. Wide Range of Products:

Customers of today’s era do not possess time to roam from one store to another to shop for different products. This is the reason why they search for stores that provide a wide range of products. Considering the same requirement, you shall first focus on expanding the range of products before expanding the business. However, make sure that the products you are planning to extend are related to your domain and the products that you are currently selling. Similarly, if you are providing services, then you can try and increase services provided by your company. This will be beneficial for your business in the long run.

2. Product Quality:

New customers will get attracted to your business if you have maintained the quality of products. No matter what, it is suggested not to compromise on the quality of your products. It is said that your product itself helps you market as well as spread your business. If you are the one manufacturing the product, then you shall keep a watch on the quality of products that are being produced. If you notice a degradation of quality, then you must take necessary actions to improve the same. With simple efforts, more and more people will get attracted to your business and will purchase the product.

3. Increase Customer Relations:

Every business has a certain set of people who are their regular customers. These regular customers play a vital role in expanding your business. Once you have put in efforts to bring customers and make them a regular one, your business will be benefitted for a long period of time in the future. If you make good relations with your customers and sell them high quality products, then you can easily convert them into regular customers. You can adopt different ways to improve the customer relations.

4. Market Requirements:

On an annual basis, needs and requirements of market changes. Things that are required and trending in market in present might not be in demand in the future. This is the reason why it is important to keep a watch on market requirements. Make research on what all is required and demanded by customers. If you are able to fulfil the same, then you can easily get your business expanded. You can either alter your product or can bring new ones that satisfies current market needs. Your business might be considered outdated by the customers if you do not study market requirements.


Are laptop batteries lithium? Myth about NiCd laptop battery technology

If you have a laptop, its battery life is very good. This type of battery has found applications in consumer electronics, including PDAs and laptop under 200 Euro. They have gained wide popularity for economic and technical reasons, especially because of the great convenience and the difficulties involved.

Laptop battery charging

Lithium-ion batteries have replaced the nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries used in laptop launches and the nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries that have surpassed NiCd laptop battery technology. Because they are lighter than other laptop batteries, they charge longer than other technologies, and do not affect the effects of memory, and today dominate the laptop battery charging market. A typical lithium-ion battery is twice the energy density of a conventional nickel-cadmium battery. In addition, lithium-ion batteries have a single cell voltage of 3.6 volts, compared to 1.2 volt cells in nickel cadmium batteries.

the disadvantages associated with lithium-ion batteries include: the ability to launch a failed battery pack in bad conditions

However, the disadvantages associated with lithium-ion batteries include: the ability to launch a failed battery pack in bad conditions, and the ability of other battery technologies to be more sensitive to high-temperature environments and save charge, which is why Can damage batteries. They have been completely discharged due to failure, and in contrast to the strong link between battery malfunction and old battery chemistry building / discharge cycle, battery inheritance chemistry is deteriorating with age. Lithium ion computer batteries require circuitry to control the battery compartment, ensuring safe voltage and current levels, as well as ensuring that the battery temperature is within the safe operating range.

The cells of a compact lithium ion battery are typically similar to conventional rechargeable batteries. The plastic housing is housed in several cells, each connected to maximize the required voltage supply and storage quality (measured in millimeters). There are also parasitic lithium ion cells, but they are very small and are commonly used in devices such as cell phones, where weight and width must be considered first.

There are several factors that can affect the life of a lithium ion laptop battery. Keeping the battery in cold conditions prolongs its life as heat can quickly drain the battery. Manufacturers typically offer a storage temperature of approximately 60 F for long-term storage of lithium-ion batteries. These batteries, as mentioned earlier, do not protect the memory from a half discharge cycle, so a full discharge cycle is not required. In fact, running a battery on a semi-motorcycle helps extend its life span. Lithium-ion batteries, like older battery technologies, have a limited lifespan, but are relatively independent of their charging cycle, mainly due to their age. A typical battery lasts 2 to 3 years. This is true even if the battery is not used, so it is important not to replace the laptop before replacing it.

The cells of a compact lithium ion battery are typically similar to conventional rechargeable batteries

If one of your cell phone managers switches from computer to laptop, you will soon find yourself in a situation where you need to know about laptop batteries. Then, buy them sometimes. Here are some key tips:

Laptop Battery Summary: The most commonly used type of battery is nickel cadmium (NiCd, NiCad) chemistry, which dries very quickly and can handle heavy loads. But these chemicals are very toxic. Next-generation batteries, nickel metal hydride (NiMh, NiMH) batteries, now use nickel and rare metals as electrodes and potassium hydroxide. They are more environmentally friendly than nickel metal hydride, but they have a longer shelf life. The new type of battery is a battery made of lithium ion (LiIon, Li-Ion). Although smaller and lighter than NiCd and NiMH batteries, it offers the same capacity. Also, these batteries do not suffer from “memory effects” and have a low self-discharge rate.

Lithium polymer ion battery: This is the latest battery chemistry. Although they are similar to lithium ions, there are some important differences. Lithium polymer ion batteries use a thin plastic-like membrane such as electrolyte, resulting in significant weight loss and greater gravitational force than most types. They are used in universal laptop batteries. So when you need a new battery, look for a laptop.

Display Devices

Best 4K Touchscreen Monitor of 2022 – Unlock the Full 4K Potential with Desklab

4K monitors have become a popular topic in the world of gaming and technology. With the growth of available 4K content, more and more people are looking to buy the best 4K monitor. These next-generation, state-of-the-art monitors can even be portable and feature intuitive touch screen technology.

Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor is a portable, lightweight and fully customizable monitor best for gaming, streaming, creative works and much more.

Desklab 4K monitor is designed to meet all of your high-performance and gaming needs

Here’s everything you need to know about the Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor and what makes it the best 4K monitor.

What to Look for in the Best 4K Monitor

If you want to experience all the UHD content out there, you need a high-quality 4K monitor that can meet all your needs. Similarly, if you have a PS5 or the Xbox Series X, both of which offer 4K gaming, you might be looking to buy the best 4K gaming monitor.

The brilliant 4K screen comes with LED backlighting and vivid colors that will enhance your gaming experience

The best 4K monitor should be lightweight and portable. An intuitive touch screen is a bonus. Other desirable features a 4K monitor should have include color accuracy, brightness, LED backlighting, a quick refresh rate and response time, plenty of connectivity options, and more.

Since you’re investing in a top-rate 4K monitor, you’ll want a large screen. If you stare at a small screen all the time, it will result in eye strain, which can lead to long-term damage. That’s why it’s in your best interest to invest in a desktop with a larger screen and better resolution, as this will cause less damage to your eyes.

Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor

. Other desirable features a 4K monitor should have include color accuracy, brightness, LED backlighting

The Desklab 4K monitor is designed to meet all of your high-performance and gaming needs. Apart from screen resolution, there are three main factors to look for in a 4K monitor – it needs to be a lightweight and portable device with touch screen technology. The Desklab 4K monitor offers all of these features and more.

The brilliant 4K screen comes with LED backlighting and vivid colors that will enhance your gaming experience to the fullest. What’s more, it’s ultra-bright, with the highest contrast ratio. Speaking of gaming, the Desklab 4K monitor is compatible with Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and more. Most importantly, this portable 4K monitor is safe for your eyes, featuring low flicker, low blue light, and anti-glare technology.

This 4K touch screen monitor is also ultralight and portable, only weighing 1.3 pounds. Given its 15-inch display, this is pretty impressive for a monitor. It is super responsive, with an impressive response time of 10 milliseconds.

Other notable features include maximum compatibility, a magnetic stand, seamless connectivity, instant plug-and-play functionality, and more.

Premium UHD Resolution with Desklab

The Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor is a high-tech desktop

The Desklab Ultralight Portable 4K Touchscreen Monitor is a high-tech desktop that can also be used as a giant tablet. Whether you’re searching for the best 4K gaming monitor or the best portable 4K monitor, look no further. The Desklab 4K monitor has it all.

If you want to know more about the Desklab 4K monitor, visit the website: for detailed information about this device.

If you’d like to know more about 4K technology, here’s an interesting article about the 3D experience with 4K technology in televisions.


You will not be able to live without this unknown Adobe application

Everything related to the world of software focused on the multimedia sector does not stop growing. The reason for all this is given both by the programs that we have at our disposal, as well as the hardware equipment available at the moment. Good proof of all this is found in the software giant Adobe, which offers us all kinds of solutions, most of them focused on this type of work.

we will have features related to multitrack work, wave treatment or spectral visualization

Here we refer to a signature especially known by certain programs used throughout the world such as Photoshop, Acrobat Reader, Dreamwaver or Illustrator. However, it must be borne in mind that this is a company that has many more titles available to us depending on our needs. Many of you will know that the ones mentioned above help us to edit photos, videos, or design websites.

At the same time, it must be taken into account that Adobe offers us solutions for other areas of the multimedia sector that are somewhat more unknown. The program that we will talk about below serves as a clear example of all this and that will surely surprise more than one of you. And it is that as it happens with everything related to the image or the videos, the edition of audio files is also the order of the day. We use these sound files independently as part of larger projects.

Be that as it may, on many occasions we are going to sit in the one that offers us everything we need. Perhaps many of you do not know it, but Adobe also offers us a solution of this type focused on working with sound files.

Quickly edit audio files with Adobe Audition

To give you a more exact idea of ??everything we are discussing, in these lines we are going to mention a software that you will love called Adobe Audition . The first thing we should know about this software solution is that it is suitable for both new users in these areas and those seeking professional results. In this way, it puts at our disposal all kinds of functions and ways of working to achieve what we are looking for from our original music files.

Likewise, we will have features related to multitrack work, wave treatment or spectral visualization . Thanks to all the comments we will have the possibility to create our own compositions , mix them, edit them or convert them to suit our needs. It is also interesting to know that the projects that we carry out here can also be integrated into others related to the world of video.

Likewise, and how could it be otherwise, here we are going to find audio file cleaning functions , tools for creating podcasts and a multitude of digital effects . As with other programs of the firm, the results that we will obtain will be directly related to how much we want to deepen the application. This means that to obtain professional results we will have to delve into everything that Adobe Audition offers us .

In the event that we work regularly with other software solutions from the same company, this can be complemented with some of them. Serve as a clear example of all this that we can carry out projects jointly and in sync between Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro .

Smartphone UPDATEs

MediaTek Dimensity 8000 is coming: how it will be

During the presentation of the new flagship processor, MediaTek also hinted at a new chipset that is preparing to make its debut in the new year. This is Dimensity 8000 , which should be a lower-priced alternative to Dimensity 9000, powering some mid-range smartphones.

MediaTek has announced Dimensity 8000, the new mid-high-end processor that will debut in 2022,

Although the Chinese company has not revealed the details of this chip, some suggestions come to us from Leakster Digital Chat Station, which may have provided a fairly clear picture of its main features. However, it should be noted that, in the rumors of the past few weeks, the specifications that we will report were attributed to the Dimensity 7000 . We do not yet know if MediaTek has decided to abandon this name in favor of “8000” or, more simply, it is completely different chipsets. One thing is difficult to doubt: MediaTek in 2022 will have its say and will have no difficulty in competing with Qualcomm.

MediaTek Dimensity 8000: technical characteristics

The new chipset is expected to be made with the 5-nanometer TSMC process, which would allow it to be more powerful than the 6-nanometer Dimensity 1000 series processors . MediaTek may have made it to bring it to mid-range smartphones and still maintain respectable performance.

Dimensity 8000 could make use of the ARM V8 architecture and be an octa-core featuring four Cortex A78 cores (2.75 GHz) and four Cortex A55 cores (2.0 GHz). In support we should find the new graphics processing unit (GPU) Mali-G510 MC6, more efficient and twice as fast as the previous generation.

Additionally, if recent news is confirmed, there may also be support for fast charging up to 75W.

MediaTek Dimensity 8000: what it can do

If everything is confirmed, the MediaTek house chip should support Full HD + displays at 168 Hz and WQHD + displays at 120 Hz, characteristics perfectly in line with high-end smartphones. As for the memory, however, there will be compatibility with LPDDR5 RAM and ROM UFS 3.1.

The first to integrate Dimensity 8000 could be some Redmi and Realme models , but we will have to wait until 2022 to find out which ones. It is likely that due to the component crisis, MediaTek will be forced to delay the debut of this processor in favor of a Dimensity 9000 that promises fireworks.


IPhone 12 mini on offer on Amazon: the discount is incredible

In a world – that of smartphones – now dominated by giants, the smallest one tries to counter blow by blow. A sort of David against Goliath of modern times, with the iPhone 12 mini (and its display of just 5.4 inches) that fearlessly confronts smartphones with screens of 6.5 inches and up. And despite being launched more than a year ago, it still remains today one of the best smartphones for value for money.

The smallest of the smartphones of the bitten apple is back on offer on Amazon with a price that is unlikely to return in the short term.

A relationship that improves further thanks to today’s offers from Amazon. The little one from Apple can be purchased, depending on the color (blue , red, white , black , purple and green ), with a decidedly interesting discount . A promotion not to be missed: it is a price very close to the historical minimum for the iPhone 12 mini and it is not known how long you will have to wait to be able to find it again at these levels.

To find out in real time all the offers on Amazon, we invite you to subscribe to the “Technology offers channel” that we opened on Telegram: to do so, just click here . Every day you will receive notifications on the best promotions on smartphones, smartwatches, smart TVs and other dozens of hi-tech products on the e-commerce platform par excellence.

iPhone 12 mini, features and functionality

Similar in all respects to the “big brother” iPhone 12, the mini stands out for its small screen size . As mentioned, the little one from Apple has a 5.4-inch Super Retina XDR display , an OLED panel with protection Bright and versatile Ceramic Shield, capable of guaranteeing excellent visual performance in all light conditions (even outdoors).

Inside the aerospace aluminum body we find the A14 Bionic SoC supported by 4 gigabytes of RAM memory . The model in promotion has a storage space of 64 gigabytes that cannot be expanded ; in case you need more space, we advise you to opt for the 128 gigabyte version or (for the more demanding) 256 gigabytes . To complete the data sheet we find 5G cellular connectivity and Wi-Fi 6.

In the back we find instead a photographic sector worthy of a medium-high level camera. The dual lens system (with 12 megapixel sensors) allows you to take shots of absolute quality, while the artificial intelligence algorithms help improve framing, brightness and image exposure. In this way it will be possible to take photos at night without having to use professional equipment.

The 2,227 mAh battery , thanks to the hardware-software optimization, is more than enough to get to the end of the day without major headaches.

iPhone 12 offer on Amazon: discount and price

As already mentioned initially, the discount on the iPhone 12 mini is linked to the color you choose. It starts with an 8% discount and a price of 659 euros for the white model and then gradually goes up. For all the colors it is however available the possibility to pay in 5 installments without interest with the service offered by Amazon; if the option is not available, you can opt for the “Pay in installments with Cofidis”, which gives the opportunity to defer the payment up to 24 installments, also in this case at zero interest. The return period is extended up to as of January 31, 2022.

Hardware Hi-Tech Gadgets

If you have a Tile tracker your data may be for sale: Life360

When it comes to personal data, including those acquired through tools and devices equipped with localization systems, storage and their treatment are factors of primary importance. The use and sale of this information by companies can be a potentially infinite source of income, which is one more reason for those who use Tile trackers to raise their antennas and pay attention to what is happening.

Life360's acquisition of Tile is upsetting the owners of the geolocation tags: here's what's happening

Last month, the US-based tracking company was acquired by Life360, another American company specializing in providing location-based services to users around the world. The flagship product of the latter is the app of the same name : born in 2008, it shares its coordinates, notifications, emergency messages and more with family members, friends in their circles and third parties who offer specific services. based on where the person is. Although, at least at first glance, everything may seem perfectly normal, what worries users and experts is a report recently released by “The Markup” which allegedly exposed some unscrupulous behavior on the part of society.

Tile and Life360, what happens?

According to what is reported in the document, Life360 would be ready to sell the data recorded by the trackers of Tile tracker’s 33 million users. An extremely vast amount of data and users, due to the fact that Tile was the first to produce the well-known tags to be applied to key rings, backpacks and other valuables in order to always have traces of them and avoid any possibility of losing them forever.

Already in 2020 , as pointed out by “The Markup”, the company would have brought into its coffers as much as 16 million dollars with the sale of the locations of the users of its services. To point the finger at Life360 there would then be some workers in the sector, such as a former employee of the partner company Cuebiq, who would have confirmed that in the past the same information would have been widely exploited for the creation of marketing campaigns , also carried out by third-party companies. which data had been sold.

Life360, the company’s denial

Direct denial came from Life360 founder and CEO Chris Hulls. For the number 1 of the company, the data of the subscribers to the application are a fundamental resource for the company, indispensable for providing the free services that usually fall within the package of its best-known product.

Similarly, however, Hulls stressed that Life360 has implemented stringent policies on user privacy ; the information, he explained, would in fact not allow the identification of the person connected to them in any way. A necessary reassurance even if, as happens in these cases, it may not be enough to let users sleep peacefully.

Internet Tips and Guide

How do internet speed tests work with real data speed?

We all want to know what real speed our Internet connection has , know what the upload and download limitations are, if there is a “traffic jam” on the network, etc. That is why we are going to see how the popular speed tests are performed and how these tests work.

What is a speed test?

An Internet connection speed test measures ping and download and upload speeds. The first is a diagnostic utility that checks the status of the network, the connection between our equipment and our Internet service provider (ISP).

Measuring download and upload is important because most ISPs promise speeds of “up to” certain Mbps , but they don’t set the minimum. Sometimes the download and upload speeds are even different: this is what we know as asymmetric connections.


The first thing to do when performing a speed test is, as we have said, find a nearby server to send the ping

How a speed test actually works?

When we perform a speed test from our computer, our location is determined first , to locate the closest test server. Once the server is located, the service that performs the test sends a signal (the ping) to the server and responds by sending another signal back. This round trip is measured in milliseconds.

After the ping is complete, the download begins. The service opens several connections to the server to download data. All this is to measure, on the one hand, the time it took to download this data and, on the other, the network resources that have been used for this download.

Once the test service verifies that the connections are correct and adequate according to what we have contracted, it downloads more data, measures the amount downloaded in a limited time and the download speed .

Then the load is tested, the data upload . It is basically the same process, but in reverse: sending data from our computer to the server.

How accurate are these tests?

Although everything we have explained so far seems simple, it is actually quite a complex process, with several steps to follow and, depending on all those steps, the accuracy of the measurement will be higher or lower.

An example. The first thing to do when performing a speed test is, as we have said, find a nearby server to send the ping. This is fine, but not all of our connections are always made to nearby servers, so the speed will vary greatly. Therefore, also, we will have different results in each measure: each time a different server is chosen, at a different distance.

Another circumstance that can significantly modify the result of the speed test is that our computer is running other programs or services connected to the network , so the figure will be lower than we would expect.

What to do to correctly measure our Internet speed?

To get the best possible result in speed measurements, the first thing we have to do is forget about WiFi: if we really want to know the speed we have, we should use an Ethernet cable connection.

Second, we should stop all programs that are accessing the Internet. Of course, we must do the same with all the objects in the house: Smart TV, smart speakers, etc.

One last tip: we will restart the router before executing the speed test, so we will clear the navigation cache and we will have an almost pure test.

Product Review

Goodbye Intel 9th ??Gen CPU, stop on sales by the end of 2021

Intel is preparing to finally say goodbye to its 9th generation CPUs. The processors Intel Core 9th January will not be sold to the public by the end of the first half of 2021 with the end of the last expeditions planned for late next year.

Intel has issued a Product Notification Change in which it outlines its plan for ending sales of 9th Gen CPUs. The Intel Core 9th Gen CPUs will no longer be available for purchase from June 2021 while the latest chip shipments that have reached the end of production are scheduled for December 24 of the same year.

Intel wants people to buy newer and better processors, so at some point it has to stop manufacturing

Among the various processors that will no longer be produced, shipped and sold, we find many excellent chips such as the Core i9-9900K and the Core i3, i5 and i7 based on Coffee Lake architecture that users have enjoyed very much so far. Many Pentium and Celeron processors will also reach termination.

The 9th generation Core CPUs are also the basis of many of the hugely successful portable products in 2020, although by now these processors have been replaced in many of the laptops and ultrabooks with the new Tiger Lake chips.

Intel Comet Lake mobile chip

Intel wants people to buy newer and better processors, so at some point it has to stop manufacturing and selling the old chips. The discontinuation of the sale of 9th generation processors by Intel obviously has no effect on the processors already in circulation that will continue to work without any kind of problem.

As for the desktop market, in the first half of 2021, Intel is expected to announce to the world its CPUs based on the Rocket Lake architecture . There is therefore no need to be saddened by the loss of the now old, albeit excellent, family of Coffee Lake processors, already replaced by the recent 10th Gen based on Comet Lake .