Xiaomi Smart Toilet Cover: the intelligent cover

Ultraviolet self-cleaning water filter Xiaomi Smart Toilet Cover
As we know, the Chinese company Xiaomi is presenting various devices, gadgets and accessories in many different fields including healthcare. First closely related to smartphones, computers and electronics. It then decided to make its way in all the commercial fields. Xiaomi wants to enter your homes, decorating it with its products. Will Xiaomi replace time with Ikea?

The missing Xiaomi product: the clever cover

Just so, the one presented a few days ago is the Xiaomi Smart Toilet Cover . We are talking about a new product not on the Asian market . In fact, it is very used in Japan . Both in public baths and in private bathrooms.

Xiaomi tells us that its product is like the high end Panasonic and TOTO already on the market, but its price is still lower. In fact, it will only be 999 Yuan , about 127 € at the current exchange, to buy it. It will only be necessary to wait for September for marketing.

Xiaomi Smart Toilet Cover is yet another demonstration of how Xiaomi is expanding and growing

The Xiaomi Smart Toilet Cover has several features:

Made of antibacterial material
IPX4 Certification
Heated seat
Bidet function
Amortized closing
Ultraviolet self-cleaning water filter

A convenient control panel is located on the water side to access the various functions. Among these, you can adjust the bidet function . You can set the water temperature (hot or cold) and choose from 4 different water jet intensities.

Xiaomi Smart Toilet Cover is yet another demonstration of how Xiaomi is expanding and growing, both in the Asian and international markets. More and more products are offered, often of good (if not excellent) quality. The latter is certainly new and uncommon in the western market. However, it could be a great solution for both European markets where the bidet is not widespread, or for small baths with sacrificed spaces.

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