Xiaomi confirms that the Mi Band 4 bracelet will arrive this year

Xiaomi confirms that the Mi Band 4 bracelet will arrive this year

Xiaomi is still working on their new smartphones , such as the Redmi Note 7 , without neglecting their intention to change the strategy that has led them to be one of the manufacturers of wearables that more devices sell worldwide . The Chinese company completes the details of the Mi Band 4 , the successor of the My Band 3 activity bracelet, which already has rivals , since it has confirmed that its launch is planned for this year .

As reported from The Motley Fool , Xiaomi is planning the release of the Mi Band 4 for this year . Rumors speculated with the arrival of the new activity bracelet of the Chinese firm for the first half of 2019 , as during the month of March or April. However, the Huami Financial Director, David Cui, assured that the device is planned for this year without confirming the exact month .

During a meeting on the profits of the fourth quarter of 2018 of Huami, company responsible for manufacturing some sports products to Xiaomi , David Cui said that the launch of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 “will be this year, in 2019. I’m not sure if it will be in March or April, but it’s going to be this year . ” Some statements that confirm that the device will go on sale before the end of the course.

David Cui has also revealed during that meeting that the current Mi Band 3 continues to sell at a good pace all over the world , although it will be renewed with a new model that has confirmed its launch for this year. The exact time of his arrival is unknown , but it has been revealed that the Mi Band 4 is a compact and very complete bracelet that admits few novelties with respect to its predecessor.

At the moment all the details of the Mi Band 4 are unknown, such as its price or characteristics . It is speculated that the price will remain equally affordable for the pockets, but do not know what kind of new features could incorporate the My Band 4. You just have to wait for the next moves of Xiaomi to learn new information about his sports bracelet.


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