XGamer Nice Looking curved screen tablet for gamers

XGamer is a concept especially designed for fans of video games mobile users. This is a tablet touch supposed to offer an immersive gaming experience. To this end, it combines the functionality of a conventional tablet with a curved display system.

XGamer, the curved screen tablet for gamers

Flanked by a cutting-edge design, the tablet was designed as a handheld gadget that can carry everywhere. It has a 10-inch touch screen, both slender and curved. With 1080p resolution, this screen allows the user to view the contents to 180 degrees. Providing a sensation of immersion through its display system. In addition, its curved shape was designed to favor the ergonomics during use. As for the order, the reader is equipped with buttons and joysticks behind the screen. The user can manipulate easily while controlling his actions during the game.

XGamer was developed by industrial designer Beau Red.


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