BenQ W1500: a wireless projector Full HD 3D Home Cinema

BenQ has announced the latest innovation in Full HD 1080p 3D projectors with the new W1500, a wireless device capable of streaming from a wide variety of media sources with HDMI interface such as laptops and Blu-ray players. A great zoom and two built-in speakers with SRS WOW HD, make this projector a great alternative to build your own home theater.

To eliminate problems at the time of installation, the BenQ W1500 integrates a Full HD interface 5GHz wireless to provide uncompressed video streaming from any device with an HDMI output maximum range of 20 meters. And with its built-in speakers with 10 watt SRS WOW HD not need a sound, although it is recommended. It is able to offer up to 84-inch image at a distance of only two meters, something perfect for those who have a limited space.

wireless projector Full HD 3D Home Cinema

Another important feature of this projector is that it supports 2D and 3D, also played a vivid and natural colors while the room is illuminated, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements of high-definition video. In addition, the W1500 has the advanced technology DarkChip 3D LP from Texas Instruments to provide better brightness and more intense black levels, allowing you to enjoy cinema-quality picture and a very real ultrafluidas movies; thanks to the frame interpolation technology MEMC.

BenQ W1500 integrates a Full HD interface 5GHz wireless to provide uncompressed video streaming

In matters of 3D entertainment, the W1500 supports popular 3D timing and mandatory HDMI 1.4 a 3D, allowing you to view 3D content directly from the Blu-ray player or satellite and 3D video gaming with PS3. For this you must add it the Nvidia 3D TV support some graphics cards offered in laptops and high-end computers. This wireless projector is capable of converting 2D content into 3D, so that you can enjoy it whenever you want using their new 3D glasses more comfortable than before.

The BenQ W1500 projector will be available later this month at a price of 2,000 USD or 1,599 euro. An amount may seem excessive but fits everything that it offers this great family entertainment device.


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