Focal Easya, new wireless hi-fi speakers

Focal has announced the availability and price of their new sound system that stands above all be wireless, which is quite strange to see in hi-fi. The wireless hi-fi speakers have a hub or transmitter to connect audio sources to deliver a very simple and nice sound to the speakers via Kleer, which keeps the quality intact.

As pointed by WhatHifi fellow, the hi-fi lovers are in luck. The famous Focal recently announced the next marketing of their new sound system Easya, with no wires as great asset, which is not too prevalent in such systems but it is quite interesting for all those who like to have everything well organized in their home.

Focal Easya is a new wireless hi-fi speakers

Easya mainly consists of two tower type speakers and a wireless transmitter. The former are available in white and black and have great potential as it can be placed anywhere in an outlet nearby. Within each of these speakers you can find a class D digital amplifier that has an output of 85 watts, somewhat low but sufficient for their two cones of 13 inches for medium and deep bass plus an inverted dome tweeter for high frequencies.

Easya mainly consists of two tower type speakers and a wireless transmitter

This hub has multiple digital and analog inputs for connecting a multitude of devices, even your smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. Its design is very elegant and distinguished and connections are: digital coaxial, digital optical, 2RCA stereo, stereo mini-jack and USB. The transmitter then sends the audio signal to the speakers via Kleer, which ensures maintaining quality CD-Audio Stereo speakers are connected physically.

The new sound system Focal Easya will be available from this fall

The new wireless hi-fi speakers sound system of Focal will be available from this fall at a price of 3,200 USD or 2,500 euros, a little excessive when you consider the power you get from the speakers.


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