Windows Phone Marketplace reports 50 000 Apps

Nearly a year and two months after its launch, the brand Windows Phone Marketplace, reached 50,000 apps – at least according to census of the blog All About Windows Phone. One third of the apps have been added in the last three months, 16 percent have only been in more than one month ago.

The counting of the blog excluded deleted apps. Of 50 126 apps, around 6000 apps are not available. U.S. users currently have access to about 42 655 apps only.

Windows Phone Marketplace reports 50 000 Apps

The blog had reported 45,000 apps not even a month ago the milestone of 40,000 apps and on 12 December. The trend was still suspect that Microsoft the 50,000 in January would have together. Most recently it went but faster than expected. The quota is now approximately 265 new products per day. Middle of November, there had been daily 165 new apps.


Next Microsoft’s Marketplace is growing more slowly than a few years earlier, started competing offers. Apple’s App Store already recorded over 500,000 apps in May 2011, while for the Android Market the Market observers Distimo estimated 380 297 apps in October.


Microsoft itself points since the start of the application platform, it did not go to a large number of apps, but about the quality. Therefore, it is talking to official figures – which it would not look good anyway – even back.


You may receive the Windows Phone Marketplace now more positive response from the mobile partnership between Microsoft and Nokia. Currently, for example, calls are routed through a distribution agreement with the second-largest U.S. mobile operator AT & T. It provides for a market launch of Windows Phone from Nokia smartphones in early 2012. Until the end of October Lumia presented models 800 and 710 are available only in few European or Asian countries.


Windows Phone Marketplace reports 50 000 Apps

App volume in Windows Phone Marketplace between October 2010 and December 2011 (Chart: All About Windows Phone)


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