Windows Phone 8: the new Microsoft operating system for mobile

Following the debut of the new tablets Microsoft Surface, the U.S. giant has continued to show more developments in the mobility sector. This time the event has revolved around the mobile, more specifically in the new operating system for advanced mobile or smartphones, such as the Nokia Lumia and where they are baptized under the name Windows Phone 8. Some interesting features of the new icons could be that technology is integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) or the processors that use the terminal and should not be a single core. But there’s more news:

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For starters, Microsoft wants to make life easier for developers. And considering that it should also appear in a few months the new version of PC operating system (Windows 8), the company did not want to miss the opportunity and the source code of both systems will be the same, in other words, the manufacturer wants developers have it easier and to create new applications or games use only one type of tool. Of course, should take into account the technical characteristics of each team and adapt the operation to each of them for best results.

On the other hand, the first thing the user will find when you turn a smartphone with Windows Phone 8 is the change of the home screen. Concentrators or Hubs can now be more colors and, above all, the user can customize to your liking. Moreover, with simple gestures, Microsoft offers the ability to resize each of them with a choice of three sizes, all depend on the importance of each and what the average time the user query.

Now, leaving aside the graphics and design, Windows Phone 8 also has major improvements at the level of hardware: from now on, the terminals that use icons Microsoft may have more powerful processors and should no longer be single core, multi-platform support is assured.

In addition, the screens are also good news. And is that Windows Phone 8 may be present in advanced mobile with resolutions that meet quality high definition such as: 1,280 x 768 pixels or 1,280 x 720 pixels, an aspect that will thank the user when viewing images directly from the screen smartphone.

Also, the memory section has also been improved. With Windows Phone 7, the possibility of increasing the internal memory of the mobile was zero, something that the user quite limited. However, Windows Phone 8 compatibility with SD memory cards will be assured. Besides getting more space to store information in general, will also be much easier to move files between your phone and a computer.

Following the developments presented by Microsoft, note that one of the technologies of the year – NFC or Near Field Communication – will also be present in the repertoire. But his approach is not exclusive to pay as a credit card or using compatible accessories, also is intended that the client or consumer to share files more comfortable such as photographs, office documents or information from a phone contact.

As for new applications, following the previous thread, Microsoft Wallet will be responsible for making payments by NFC in establishments that are approved and ready. While Internet Explorer 10, the new version of Microsoft well-known browser, will be responsible for the navigation of websites. Moreover, it will be the same version used in Windows 8 and the first tests reveal a faster product -to four times according to the manufacturer, and more secure, fully canceling you can actually phishing.

Not to miss the party Skype you are fully integrated into the operating system and offer the possibility of making Internet calls. And also presents Audible: the siri future rival – Apple’s personal assistant could be something green.

Nokia has also taken a leading role in the context of the presentation. And is that the firm Nordic-one of the great allies of recent times, will be responsible for mapping that uses Windows Phone 8 in new-generation terminals. Moreover, it sets aside the exclusivity that had the Nokia Lumia and maps are open to the entire platform. One of the strengths is the known use offline or offline in English. How it works It is simple: the client is downloaded to the terminal maps and stored in internal memory. In this way, you can navigate streets and highways and not use the contracted data rate.

Finally, Microsoft has said that the existing terminals with Windows Phone 7.5 can not be upgraded to the latest icons. However, neither be idly: we are working on a new version that integrates more than one new feature and the name that will receive this update will be Windows Phone 7.8. But beware, this also has thoroughly highlighted is that current Windows Phone 7.5 applications do work in the new system.


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