Wikipedia is now available on Android Market

At a time when the web version was obscured as a form of protest against the SOPA and PIPA, two bills that if passed would give life to the censorship of the web, Android smartphones in the coming official application. As you know, we’re talking about Wikipedia.

After so much time has finally came the official version of what is rightly regarded as the leading online encyclopedia in the world. We are confronted by an association that takes care of a very ambitious project given the current Wikipedia is one of the most visited of all, and does so without resorting to the use of advertisements for self-financing.

Wikipedia for Android

The policy adopted by Jimmy Wales, Wikipedia founder, is to make publicly available a source of knowledge that is not “contaminated” by advertisements that claim 99% of existing web sites on the World Wide Web.

You are accustomed to resort to the use of Wikipedia when you need a certain level of information on some people or some societies? Would you like to perform searches even if you’re away from your personal computer?

In these cases, Wikipedia for Android is the best solution for you, as a result of this application you can see the poplar encyclopedia on the move, you can save your searches to read at a later time with the feature “offline” and then you can also share your searches through social networks.


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