Why the start menu was removed in Microsoft windows 8?

While the development versions of Microsoft Windows 8 have been well received by the public and the press, most of the reviews were focused on the elimination of the Start button and corresponding menu. That action was part of the Microsoft operating system for the past 17 years and suddenly disappeared in the Consumer Preview of windows 8 released in February.

Microsoft operating system Windows 8 have no start menu

At the time Microsoft did not give too many explanations for the much-criticized decision, but their spokesmen took to finally put some light on the matter. During an interview with PC Pro, Chaitanya Sareen explained why the team of engineers ignored the Start menu in Windows 8.

The Microsoft executive said the decision was made based on data obtained by the Customer Experience Improvement Program (optimization of user experience) of Windows 7. Sareen said that the use of the Start menu waned considerably with the option of anchoring applications in the taskbar, so the transition is presented as something logical.

According to the manager, the interface of Windows 8 Metro unlocks a new set of scenarios. However, he acknowledged that it is impossible to beat the taskbar for its practicality.

Do not forget that after the departure of the Consumer Preview appeared several third party applications that allow restoring the traditional menu. But rumors say that when the final version of the OS hits the market – presumably in October – these programs will be useless by the absence of code related to the menu.


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