Which smartphone has the best battery life?

Giving objective advice is never easy because there will always be someone who will dispute the general validity, but one thing right now: no one can compete with the Razr Maxx when it comes to autonomy.

In analyzing the HTC Titan II GSMArena have made an interesting comparison on the autonomy that involves models from various manufacturers with the three major mobile OS in the world (of course, Android, iPhone OS and the aforementioned system of Redmond). What emerges is a clear victory for you Razr Maxx. But not always as pronounced as you might think, and also the latter reserve some surprises, which for obvious reasons do not available in many models.

Calling time
Which smartphone has the best battery life
The first test is pretty self-explanatory, and if the Razr Maxx wins hands down is curious to note that the international version of the Galaxy notes you place chips in the second, albeit with less than 8 hours to the summit. The fault seems to be clear of the LTE radio, but of course this difference is worthy of a first study of placing too much responsibility only to the latter.

Web Browsing
Which smartphone has the best battery life
The tests on web browsing, which was conducted under the Wi-Fi, reserves many surprises: first, the victory of the Razr Maxx is not as clear as you might think. HTC One V which took fourth place for the duration of the call as well as browsing.

Play Video
Which smartphone has the best battery life
In this field the model of Motorola back to set the pace, clearly separating the runner and reaffirming its leadership.

Bottom line: the range is one of the major problems for users, it certainly is not from companies that, with the exception of the one model of Motorola, have so far done nothing to surprise us in that sense. The results of the Razr Maxx are great because compared to the general mediocrity, but especially on the web browsing test shows that even in its case there would be so much more to do optimization. If the competition would shift a bit more in this field, rather than in the run up to n-th core, we would not mind it at all, otherwise the battery may become the classic thing that everyone complains about but no one strives to change.


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