What’s new in Google: Pixelbook, Pixel 2 and Home Mini

Google Pixel 2: release date, features

Google Pixel 2: release date, features

Google is becoming more and more like Apple. In the constant attempt to produce more and more own design hardware today we find interesting bets in all branches of the consumer electronics market.

This is how Google presented today the Pixelbook, Pixel 2 and some other device with the intention of grabbing the maximum possible market and create a consistent base of users who do not trust and Google solely for its free software. Let’s get to know a little more about what Google has to offer us.

We started with the laptop or rather convertible that Google introduced. In fact we are rather a high-end convertible who wants to get away from the classic PC. So much so that we are faced with a screen of 12.9 inches with possibility of rotation in 360 º, it is obvious that before this feature we will find a touch panel. In short we are going to choose if we want a PC or a tablet. For it will come accompanied by a stylus whose performance is yet to see, but that surely will give the size.

The Samsung convertible comes with some interesting features, we choose between Intel i5 or i7 processors, perhaps too much power and consumption for the tablet alternative, although we imagine that they will have well thought out this plot. Least necessary to move the QuadHD resolution offered by your panel.

The capacity of the RAM is unified in 16 GB while in the storage we will oscillate between 128 and 512 GB of SSD disk according to our needs and economic capabilities. As far as materials prevail aluminum and the wink at minimalism. The laptop will start from € 1,199 in Spain, with no confirmed release date, which should add no less than € 90 smart pen. In terms of autonomy Google promises 10 hours of use, as well as two USB-C ports and a operating system based on Chrome OS.

Google Pixel 2 to conquer the market

As it could not be otherwise, Google adds to the fashion of the screens FullVision in an unmistakable memory to the front that we have in the LG G6. In fact we might think that the South Korean firm has had something to do in manufacturing. In its standard version will be accompanied by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 and 4 GB of RAM, with identical specifications in the version of Pixel XL 2.

They do not look like the screen, the normal version offers an OLED screen with FullHD resolution while the XL version goes to a QHD panel. The difference in size ranges from 5 inches from small to 6 inches from the largest. Both with double rear camera with system OIS that has obtained a score of 98 in DxOMark , the best one of the market until the moment. The battery is also a differentiated element, between 2,700 mAh and 3,500 mAh both units dance. All with. Bluetooth 5.0, fingerprint reader, water resistance, USB-C connection , eSIM and stereo speakers.

Even unconfirmed prices will reach the € 1,000 of its competitors without any doubt, expected in the coming months.

Home Mini is your assistant

It remains to be seen how it behaves in real environments, but at that price will be irresistible with its three colors, black, white and red. No doubt a small speaker that on the other hand will have much to prove if you want to make it clear that it can become an alternative to what we pose Samsung and Apple with their products of similar draft. What is clear is that 50 € is going to become the preferred alternative of many of them. We do not forget the Pixel Earbuds, wireless headphones with instant translation and Google Assistant.