What are the reasons for the overheating of the new iPad

The new iPad has already made itself heard. And not only for its merits. A defect was immediately found. While on the one hand you have the ability to connect to next-generation 4G networks and have a Retina display very saturated and bright colors, the other you have a overheated stronger and faster than previous models. What are the reasons that cause this phenomenon?

overheating of the new iPad

The DisplayMate Technologies Corporation has carried out extensive tests, the search for causes of overheating. In fact, considering the improvements introduced on the hardware, was to be expected that such behavior, however annoying it may be, nevertheless falls within the maximum limits set by Apple. The Cupertino company has in fact already a response to complaints from customers saying that the new iPad of Apple meets all the goals.

To satisfy a hunger as the energy of the new iPad, which compared to its predecessor, features a chip LTE network and display a much more demanding in terms of its energy, Apple was forced to fit the device with a battery much more capacious. The Retina display has a power consumption up to 2.5 times higher regard by considering only the backlight is particularly intense in the new iPad. Even high resolution, i.e. a greater number of pixels, requires a much greater energy quantity.

Despite requests energetic well above those of the previous models, the new iPad is able to maintain the same times of autonomy by virtue of the new battery. This, unfortunately, has a downside. That is, an energy consumption somewhat supported determines an equally high overheating of the components.


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