WD My Passport Wireless: A reliable 100% wireless HDD

If you need to carry around thousands of photos and songs, hundreds of videos and many documents and several more files, here you have this external drive (HDD) having an interesting detail ‘gadget’: does not need one cable to run.

Occupies little more than a pack of snuff and is made ??of hard plastic very well finished. There are three ways to connect: via a cable through the protocol USB 3.0 , slot for cards SD memory and connectivity WiFi .

WD My Passport Wireless HDD

Indeed, you can access files that are stored on WD My Passport wireless HDD completely wirelessly. And this gadget generates a small WiFi network to which you can connect devices and exchange files. Very simple and practical.

Neither needs to be plugged into the electricity to run, and it has a internal battery that offers a range of approximately 6 hours of continuous video and about 20 in sleep mode. Ie full portability.

Not only you can connect to a computer, but you can use the files you have stored from a mobile phone or tablet . To do this, simply download the app My Cloud . And it is also possible to include this unit within a home or office network to pull your files from various devices you have at home … or at the office.

Because it has the DLNA / UPnP technology , you can transmit video, music and photos from your own unit, for example, TV or console.

In short, properly supplied with energy, you have a portable memory unit and perfectly portable where you can carry your entire life related to leisure and work where you want, with the advantages of its different modes of connectivity without having to plugged into the mains.


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