Video conferencing: How to increase speed with existing bandwidth?

As the evolution of the Internet and its reach has become increasingly noticeable, and the possibilities offered by the World Wide Web have become an essential part of our daily life, undoubtedly experience a significant change in regard to communications. Such is the case of what is currently happening with the video conferencing, a tool that is being used to all over the world.

about video conferencing How to increase bandwidth

Whether for personal use, to maintain a live, interactive chat with a friend or family residing in a foreign country, or as a communication tool for businesses, video conferencing has enabled us to break down the distances and have become one of the most used technological utilities in recent times.

Now, as we all know, in addition to the devices and the necessary software required for communicating with video conference, one of the key points for the efficient and proper functioning of the same lies in the bandwidth available in your connection Internet. Therefore it is extremely important to consider a number of guidelines that will allow you to maximize the bandwidth available for the video flow, in order to get a better experience in terms of receiving and sending data audio and video. Consider that according to current standards, to conduct a video conference moderately effective, it is necessary to achieve a transfer of 300 to 400 kilobits per second (kbps). To do this, it is important to optimize the performance equipment you use, so in principle you can minimize the number of devices and programs that use the connection, and no need for video conferencing. This may include wireless devices such as laptops and smartphones, as long as the video is being transmitted through a wireless router. Moreover, you confirm that both the hardware and software you use are properly configured to handle the connection of the proper way.

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Also be necessary to disable automatic updates, virus scanning and some firewall ports, in order to avoid blocking or downloading updates reduce the bandwidth of the video stream at the time you maintain communication. Also, if you get a good picture, it will be necessary to count on your computer with a good video card.

Another aspect to consider is that it is always advisable to connect the computer directly, i.e. avoid wireless connections since they are not as fast as direct connections, so you need to optimize the use of our router.

Of course to achieve this speed optimization in bandwidth to work, it will be necessary at each end of the Things communication functions in the same way, i.e. that you and the person with whom you communicate these guidelines to carry out optimization. Do you often perform video conferencing? Do you ever applied any trick to optimize the available bandwidth?


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