Velocity Micro Cruz T507 and T510 Cruz

Velocity Micro, a U.S. company that usually makes PCs, has introduced two new Android tablets that will be part of the show CES 2012 (next week).

The tablets are called Velocity Micro Cruz T507 and Velocity Micro Cruz T510. Both have Cortex A8 processor 1.2 GHz, 512 MB RAM, front camera (T510 has a camera rear) and internal memory of 8 GB.

Velocity Micro Cruz T507 and T510 Cruz

The difference between the T507 and T510 is that the former has a 7 inch screen, and the second one has a 10-inch (unknown pixels resolution).

Both the Cruz T507 and the T510 come with Ice Cream Sandwich. Its exact price has not been announced. It is possible that Velocity Micro T510 will be more expensive.

Let’s see what ends up happening with these innovative tablets, although not from a highly recognized brand look like interesting.


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