Valta smart plugs to save money and energy

A new way to save energy is being forged on Kickstarter. It is Valta, a system based on two main devices, a hub and several smart plugs, allowing you to save money by avoiding the famous standby lights. Obviously this is not everything and that you can remotely control how and when your devices turn on and turn off.

Valta is an energy saving system that automatically detects when a device is not being used, when we are discarding quickly identifies electricity and notify us to help you save money and help the environment. It is primarily intended to prevent the famous red light standby, allowing us a faster on the object in question but that makes us spend several euros after the passage of several months.

Valta is an energy saving system

Its operation is quite simple. On the one hand you have the hardware, a hub called v-Hub and the various outlets you need or want, and the software made by the web or iPhone applications. In short, the system connects our devices to our iPhone, iPad or computer via the v-Hub and the Internet. This hub has different smart plugs to save the data collected about your energy expenditure on the cloud servers of the company to be shown on the screen of your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

When an object goes to sleep, Valta automatically alert you to make the decision to create timely. If you choose to turn it off, the plug will stop giving energy to avoid the waste, but also have the ability to leave it on. The best thing is that all this is synchronized with the internet so that you can turn on and off your smart plugs to save money even though you are away from home. Moreover, as usual in such systems, you are able to schedule events to simplify your daily routine, use a timer or group devices to turn them off at once when not in use, such as a home theater.

The different applications interface is simple and intuitive. Your electricity consumption will be reflected in real time to detect anomalies and Valta will offer alternatives to save energy. Its price ranges between 139 and $ 349 respectively, as smart plugs that we want to buy. If you are interested go through this website of Kickstarter.


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