USB-C to USB adapters manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand for notebooks

More and more devices nowadays rely on the USB interface , which has been updated over time to offer ever greater speed and reliability. According to a report by Digitimes , in particular this year, also due to the increasing number of people studying and working from home due to the pandemic of the new Coronavirus COVID-19, the Taiwanese integrated circuit manufacturers have found a substantial increase in application for USB chips .

USB, manufacturers are struggling to meet the demand for notebooks

In fact, many schools around the world have chosen to use virtual lessons and as a result additional laptops and tablets have been required to support this new teaching methodology. Several days ago, according to an article published by AP News , several manufacturers such as Dell , HP and Lenovo reported that they were running out of notebook stocks and, consequently, tried to increase production volumes to meet the new demand. This situation led companies to expect a 30% increase in sales this quarter.

According to Digitimes, some of these companies have used existing inventory to meet demand for new laptops, while now they are looking for suppliers for add-ons. As with any supply chain, however, the lead times for new orders can extend to several months.

However, not only have USB chips seen a substantial increase in demand, but so have other devices, such as wireless headsets and webcams, used for virtual meetings. Manufacturers have also reported an increase in demand for standard USB-C to USB adapters.

A couple of weeks ago we also told you about the first specifications defined by Intel for their USB4 host controllers. Among the most interesting features regarding these controllers, we find support for the new USB4 standard, which has not yet arrived on the market, for the current USB 3.2 standard and the Power Delivery 3.0 specification, for fast and efficient charging of compatible devices.


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