Transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another quickly and easily

For a long time now, the photographs and videos of our devices are one of the most precious files. Either to enjoy them ourselves or to share them, our mobile keeps great treasures. If you are here, it is because you are interested in knowing how to pass those videos and photos from one iPhone to another, either because you have acquired a new iPhone or because you want to send them to another person who also has an iPhone, in this post we will show you how You will be able to do it.

Transfer to a new iPhone

If you have purchased a new iPhone, you may want to keep your photos on the new device. For this there is a really simple method and it offers the device itself when it is being configured for the first time . Once you have entered in the new iPhone initial data as your country and language, your Apple ID and other data, the device will ask you if you want to restore a backup :

Restore iPhone copy

Transfer photos and videos from one iPhone to another without losing quality

Restore with a copy of iCloud : if you had a backup saved in iCloud with your previous iPhone and the photos and videos were synchronized, you can choose this copy and your new device will be configured as it was in the previous one, including all the photos.
Restore with a copy of iTunes: if you saved a backup of your iPhone on your computer, be it a Mac or a Windows computer, the photos and videos will be integrated in that copy and you will only have to connect the new iPhone to the computer and Click on this option to restore the copy with the photos.

Share using AirDrop

Maybe AirDrop is one of the functions less used by users but which is very useful. If you do not know what AirDrop is, you should know that it is a feature found in both iOS and MacOS that allows you to transfer files such as photos and videos between devices , whether they are associated with the same Apple ID or not.

So, once it is known that it is AirDrop, it must be active on the two iPhones that are going to transfer photographs. To do this you must do the following:

Open the Control Center. In iPhone with Home button the way to open it is by sliding from the bottom of the screen forward. On the iPhone X and above is sliding from the top right of the screen down.
Display the connection box. This box is where icons of airplane mode, WiFi, mobile data and bluetooth appear; you just have to do a long press to unfold and see new functions.
Click on the AirDrop icon.
Multiple functions appear now, you must activate the “All” function.
Once you have activated the transmission and reception of files through AirDrop you can go to the photo gallery and select those you want to share with the other iPhone. Once selected click on the share button that will appear in the lower left corner and you will find the option to share with AirDrop with the other device .

Obviously there are more options to share photos from one iPhone to another. Another example would be doing it by sending an email or uploading the photos to cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, but these options are somewhat longer and unnecessary having faster options like AirDrop.

The option of sharing photo-traps using WhatsApp is not recommended and this is due to the understanding that the application makes of the photographs, which remain with a quality much lower than the original. So, unless you do not mind losing quality, do not consider that possibility.

Have you had any problems when transferring photos and videos with this tutorial? If so, tell us in the comment box and we will try to help you.


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