Three touchpad gadgets and three mice for Windows 8 devices

If you happen to Windows 8 today and have not yet decided on buying a new computer, the touchpad is your friend, specifically desktop models that have large peripherals ready to offer Windows 8.
If you prefer to use the mouse for a lifetime, so you’d better upgrade by one of the new teams whose surface is touch. Although our recommendation is that you pick up the complete package, it will be worth.

Three touchpad for Windows 8

The touchpad gadgets for desktop is not new. Recent years operating systems have sought to be more intuitive handling using gestures. And a hand touch pad was a good idea. Here we have the MagicTrackpad from Apple.
Windows 8 have started to provide different solutions to the market. We leave you with the proposals of three giants like Dell, Microsoft and Logitech.

Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650
Logitech Wireless Rechargeable Touchpad T650: the large peripheral manufacturer has prepared thoroughly for Windows 8 and its flagship product is the large touchpad, quality and programmable gestures. It goes on sale this month for 80 euros and already we could lay hands on.

Dell TP713 is another large touchpad with full touch pad
Dell TP713: another large touchpad with full touch pad and with a price of $ 70.

Wedge Microsoft Touch Mouse shaped and large surface area
Wedge Microsoft Touch Mouse: touchpad shaped and large surface area, is the proposal of the Microsoft for Windows 8. Its highlight is that it can also be used as a mouse. It costs 70 euros.

Touch Mouse for Windows 8

While the user is accustomed to having an element on his desk, the tactile mice are the most common solution. Both Logitech and Microsoft, the two major company in computer peripherals, have put the batteries:

Touch Mouse represents the line of tactile mice that Microsoft associates
Logitech T620 and T400: the last two Logitech mice come ready to use with Windows 8. The most complete model, the T620, has full touch pad and goes for 72 euros. The T400 model replaced the scroll wheel physical by a touch glass where you can also make small gestures. It costs 52 euros.

Microsoft Touch Mouse: along with his other two brothers, this Touch Mouse represents the line of tactile mice that Microsoft associates with both Windows 7 and the new Windows 8. The design is of the most spectacular, its entire surface is touch, you can configure the gestures and has a price of 80 euros.


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