Toshiba Mobile (15.6″) monitor based on USB 3.0 technology

Toshiba is no longer seen (recently) its new USB monitor. Designed for mobile professionals who need an additional screen, the Toshiba Mobile is based on USB 3.0 technology and has a 15.6-inch diagonal (widescreen LED backlit), which in turn offers an HD resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. That’s looks pretty good.

Toshiba Mobile (15.6") monitor based on USB 3.0 technology

Weighing approximately 3.6 pounds, including the case/stand, the monitor has a thickness of one inch (which undoubtedly features easy transport) and is ideal for marketers who are making presentations to professionals who are accustomed to medium projections and for anyone who likes to do things (or activities) on long journeys.

Toshiba Mobile is scheduled to arrive to the market this April 2012. No word on possible unit cost.


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