TomTom GPS navigators for Android

With the evolution of the latest technologies in mobile phones, we no longer have a device that is simply used to make and receive calls, but we have a true extension of our device, with an operating system that allows us to install an innumerable number of applications and the use of a GPS Navigator that makes our trips to have a real co-pilot, indicating the fastest way to get and never lose.
TomTom GPS navigators for Android
On this occasion, we bring what has been the completion of two leading companies, each in its field, on the one hand an Google Android operating system is extremely efficient, and on the other hand the firm TomTom, maker of GPS navigators of the highest quality, both with extensive experience in the market.

TomTom Contradiction
Before analyzing and presenting the application, a few years ago there was a prejudice that many cell phones could not meet the needs that to have a GPS Navigator, though of course, over the years, improvements in connectivity occurred, in the Hardware included in mobile phones today, this gap began to shorten.
This happened to a new level when the company spokesmen had indicated that mobile phones are not adapted to this technology, so many computer users including a GPS-Aided among its features, then opted to buy a product from this firm.
This prestigious firm has decided to partner with the firm Google, which provides the operating system Android, to repeat the success of browser version TomTom for iPhone, which is just one of the most downloaded on the App Store from the Apple company.
In regard to their competitiveness with Google Maps, the map navigation tool that costs nothing, has stated that there will be no incompatibility, and that is simply an alternative, offering better routes, many other traffic providers and above all, have more experience in creating these GPS Navigators .
Of course, the version of TomTom for Android will cost, and as we analyze, will feature quite similar to those you have for your pair of the company on the block, and can save maps directly on your phone, which will facilitate the loading times of each map and a savings, especially if we have a limited data plan.


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