Thinkpad manufacturing returns to Japan

ThinkPad family of notebooks is one of the most recognized of recent decades. The franchise was introduced to the market in 1992 by IBM and acquired in 2005 by Lenovo. Historically, the production of the devices are made in Japan, but in the last decade it was moved to China.
ThinkPad of IBM is the only family of laptops being certified for use on the International Space Station.
But as it marks 20 years since the launch of the first ThinkPad, Lenovo will return the equipment to manufacture new territory Nippon. Initially, the transfer should take place by way of evidence in Yamagata plant, but the goal is to move the complete production line in the near future.

According to Lenovo, the initiative aims to improve the company image and make the products more acceptable to Japanese audiences. In addition, executives want to optimize shipments to be received by customers in 5 days and not 10 as currently takes.

Lenovo’s decision is very similar to what took Hewlett-Packard, its main rival in the PC market. HP moved their production lines to China to Japan to reduce delivery times and gain more space in one of the most important technology markets in the world.

The first models of IBM ThinkPad were launched in October 1992 and since then became fundamental computer parts. Their use spread to different industries: from research to business and educational establishments.

It is also the only family of laptops being certified for use on the International Space Station. It will have to see if Lenovo has a special tribute when the franchise officially arrives at 20 years.


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