4 things that will make your kitchen Safe and Secure

Our home should be a safe place, and therefore all the rooms that comprise it should also be. However, it is inevitable that there are certain hazards or areas of greater risk than others, especially when small children live in homes. That is why safety in the kitchen is so important , and this is one of the rooms that can hide the most dangers for our crazy little ones.

When there are children at home, the dangers multiply, and that is their inexhaustible curiosity and restlessness, makes them want to see everything, touch it, know it, discover everything hidden in the corners of our house and add it to their arsenal of utensils for to play. However, it is we who must try to curb this. Not because we want to limit them and inhibit them in their curiosity and in their eagerness for games, but because in the kitchen they can find themselves with infinite dangers that can become serious problems if they result in an accident.

secure kitchen

It’s better to prevent than to cure. Surely you have heard this statement many times, especially when our mother told us. ” Take an aspirin that looks like you’re running out ,” or ” Take the umbrella that looks like it’s going to rain.”

Well, security is the same. Sometimes, it is true that for many precautions we take, there are accidents that are practically inevitable and beyond our control, but it is true that there are many others that are in our hands to avoid, and it is as easy to do as to take some precautions basic .

Lock functions

When it comes to taking precautions, we could find hundreds of things to protect our kids, but it is not about being extremists but about being practical and attacking where we know it is an area of ??greatest risk.

In short, with a series of basic precautions that we could summarize in 4 tips, we can make our kitchen a much safer place.

In the kitchen there are many utensils and most of them sharp, therefore, the first point to avoid would be not to leave within your reach knives or sharp objects with which they can be damaged.

There are also plugs, which we also use frequently, since many of the devices we use regularly need to be connected to the light. Well, another measure to adopt would be to plug those plugs when we are not using them.

And if there is something that abounds in our kitchen and that is a source of risk, they are appliances, and also, more and more frequently both their design and their connectivity, they become objects very desired by the little ones, since they see us constantly interact with them, which arouses their curiosity and their desire to want to touch them too.

For this reason it is essential that, when choosing our appliances, we take into account the security measures that are incorporated for the smallest of the house, such as the blocking function .

Any type of appliance can incorporate this function, from the plate, the oven, the dishwasher, the washer or dryer to the iron. All these appliances can become very dangerous in the innocent hands of our children and that is why it is so important that they have anti-child systems.

Anti child systems

It must be recognized that said: anti-child system, it sounds even a bit ugly, but I assure you that these systems can avoid more than a scare. For some appliances such as the washing machine or the dishwasher for example, it can serve us more than to prevent an accident, so that you have control of the appliance at all times and that your children cannot themselves turn them on or modify the program while they are running.

But in the case of ovens, plates, or irons, these safe or anti-child systems can be of great help to avoid accidents such as burns that can be very serious. These systems allow you, for example, to block the oven door, or to have your iron disconnect automatically when it does not detect your hand. This way you can also avoid leaving it on carelessly.

As you can see, with these basic precautions in your kitchen, you can make it a much less dangerous place for your children.


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