The Vizio HDTVs come with integrated Skype

The budget brand HDTV Vizio and Skype, provides service VoIP video chat and Internet calling, just revealed that some of the next TV will be entitled to the Skype application factory.
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The Vizio HDTVs come with integrated Skype
When a call, users will not have to stop watching a show during a call, although you assume that the TV audio is muted to start a conversation. TVs require a camera that also contains four microphones that are able to collect the voice of a user who is 5 meters away.

When these sets compatible, still unnamed, are connected to the website, the Skype application will automatically appear in your application dock. Users will see that calls up to 720p quality when the network conditions and speeds permit. Minimum sustained download and upload speeds of 1.5 Mbps are required to do so.

The official camera XCV100 d Vizio costs $ 150 but Vizio has not announced if a camera from a third party will also be supported.


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