The Sonos Play: 3 and its amazing connectivity

Following the success of speaker system with network connection Sonos Play: 5 (also formerly known as S5), Sonos has added to its line a speaker smaller and cheaper also named the Sonos Play 3 and aims to be the audio playback device wirelessly cheaper company so far. For those not familiar with Sonos, on the other hand, they are specialized in providing digital audio systems via streaming, that is, thanks to the Internet.

The Sonos Play 3 and its amazing connectivity

Another great advantage of this system is that you can play music from iTunes without any problems, accessing your music collection and offering a variety of other services related to the audio connection as Aupeo, iheartradio,, MOG, Napster, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, SiriusXM Internet Radio, Spotify, Stitcher SmartRadio, TuneIn and Wolfgang’s Vault. In recent years, since Sonos has started to be included with the free app for iOS and Android that seek to control your system and connect smartphones and tablets, the company has begun to grow rapidly. The introduction of the Play: 5 market, which for the first time integrated speakers with wireless networking components, managed to enable and install multimedia and Multiroom system is extremely simple as never before had been.

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Many people throughout the world have become fans of this system and were happy to learn that Sonos was expanding its family of speakers from the hand of Play: 3 as it is presented as a more portable and affordable for people who are experts on these issues and want to enter the world of multi-space systems. In short, although it does not sound as good as the Play: 5, the larger, the Sonos Play 3 Sonos provides a platform audio experience that works with any device with iOS or Android.


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