The smartphones of the future

Apparently it will be created in China and will come with Android operating system, used to surprise and delight simplify. The company in charge of this device will be Huawei, who in the framework of the exhibition called ICT Exhibition reported that get together the three features of the OS and satisfy all customer demands.

The future of the Chinese smartphones

The Chinese smartphones company has invested about $ 20 million in the country last year and has five smart models including Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. They will be available in the market in late 2012.

One is the Ascend D, presented in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress last February, known as the world’s fastest phone, having a quad core processor and 1 GB RAM. It also offers graphics processor to give depth to 32 bit color display (which is 4.5 inches and resolution of 720p), 8-megapixel camera, backlight sensor and 1080p video recording.
Meanwhile, you can find the Ascend P1, being the thinnest device with 6.68 mm thick, without becoming an impediment to have excellent performance, such as the Super AMOLED display with front camera of 8 megapixel video recording at 1080 and 1670 mAh battery to use multitasking services, video games and player without problems.

The third device is the Huawei Honor, 4-core processor, 4-inch AMOLED anti breaking technology, flexibility and portability, 512 MB of RAM, ROM, 4 GB, FM radio, GPS, WiFi and camera of 8 megapixel camera with HD video. It is the most advanced company offers.

Finally, the fourth model is the Discovery, waterproof (up to one meter in water), dust and shock resistant screen by Gorilla Glass. It also offers 800-GHz processor, 200p video capture and connection 3.5.

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