The smallest drill in the world is printed in 3D

3D printing allows you to create custom objects, from smallest to largest. For its part, a New Zealand hacker has managed to create the smallest drill in the world, thanks to a 3D printer.

3D printing allows you to create custom objects

Lance Abernethy has set a goal to design the smallest drill. This is a miniature model in 3D print of just 17 mm high and 7.5 mm wide. Its 0.5mm drill allows it to make tiny holes. Fully operational, the device works wirelessly and features a miniature motor. Added to this are a battery that ensures its power supply and an integrated button as a trigger. The whole is connected via a wiring cable from a Jack recycled. As for design, the hacker was inspired by his standard drill to the model in 3D via Onshape software. It was then printed in 3D from a Ultimaker printer 2 using a nozzle of 0.25 mm and a height of 0.04 mm layer. After 25 minutes of waiting, the finished product is obtained.

Lance Abernethy has set a goal to design the smallest-ever drill
Given its small size, the prototype lacks power, but it can drill holes on soft materials such as plastic or a similar surface.


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