The share of market of internet explorer is still in decline

Long time we have been talking about the most popular Internet browsers and its performance in the market. Analysts say Google Chrome will overtake Firefox before year’s end and will be located just behind Internet Explorer, the software on which we will now put all our attention.
The share of market of internet explorer is still in decline
The browser of Microsoft continues losing users and its market share is less than 50 percent. Official statistics suggest that IE agglomerates the 49.6% of Internet users, a very important figure but it is far from the performance seen in previous years; Let us remember that in 2002 the browser monopolized both to 95% of users.
The truth is that Internet Explorer is no longer the “hottest” browser in the market and is losing ground overwhelmingly, especially by their absence in the field of smartphones and tablets. It remains to be seen if the arrival of Windows 8 with IE 10 changes this situation.
The big problem of this tool was the lack of innovation and the poor quality of development seen in recent years. In addition the popular explosion of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome took that many users tweak alternatives better polished, with constant updates and user experience optimized periodically.
In my particular case I stopped using Microsoft’s browser after the appearance of version 6, and newly returned to try (as alternative browser) when IE 9 became available. However the application not returned to dazzle me, a situation that has been repeated in large number of Internet users. Through the comments we invite you to tell us what browser to daily use and why.


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