The Samsung SH100 is carried perfectly with the mobile

Samsung seems to be the only camera manufacturer that really is determined to carry the Wi-Fi in their frontline device. They have released much more than just a couple of models with wireless technology through the passage of recent years, while recognizing that the availability and distribution has not been a strong point, with these sometimes quite difficult to get to users ordinary people who are not willing to spend hours browsing online retail sites to buy a camera. However, the company has been looking to change this situation as well as possible and they are doing the hand of the Samsung SH100.

Samsung SH100 digital camera is carried perfectly with the mobile

This camera has a built in 802.11n wireless system that can be used to connect to Wi-Fi networks available to make backups of information in order not to lose valuable information by a malfunction in the memory card. You can also connect directly to other Wi-Fi Samsung devices to exchange information, as well as go online with smartphones (like the Samsung Galaxy S with Android 2.2 operating system, the Samsung Galaxy Tab or the iPhone four with iOS 4.3).

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The latter linked to the connection with other media support such as phones can be used to upload content to social networking sites public or to share them with ease, but also allows you to control the camera remotely over the Internet, which is not little. Smartphone screen becomes the viewfinder of the camera itself, allowing moving the zoom in the camera and perform remote shooting. It is needless to say that this system via GPS to locate the location of each photograph. For those who enjoy both your smartphone and its camera, the Samsung SH100 is an excellent choice.


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