The Nokia smartphone with Windows Phone 8 arrive in September

Nokia released its new line of Lumia Nokia smartphone system based on Windows Phone 8 over the next Nokia World 2012.
The annual conference that the Finnish firm place to present their new products, and that this time will take place in Helsinki between days 5 and 6 September, will host the second generation mobile platform the company Microsoft.

The Nokia Windows Phone 8 arrive in September

What they have not pointed out these sources is the nature of the mobile that Nokia submitted to expand the family Lumia. In addition to incorporating Windows Phone 8, which is the latest version of the platform of Redmond, is expected to strain any device to expand its appeal thanks to the presence of technology PureView, unveiled the Nokia 808 PureView and has special peculiarity as the possibility of taking pictures and videos with an unusual quality. Not surprisingly, the said device to capture images with a maximum resolution of between 34 and 38 megapixels and no effective terms, and offers a digital zoom that emulates the results of a powerful optical zoom small format.

Nevertheless, although Nokia has confirmed that we will see mobile PureView system in one of its next Lumia, have not ensured that the second generation of devices with Windows Phone will integrate a model with this technology. What we do know is that we have a prototype that seems to work with Windows Phone 8.

China is the web WPDang that has leaked this model, which, incidentally, themselves baptized as 900 Fake Nokia Lumia, or whatever it is, Nokia Lumia 900 of paste. What you see is a model that indeed looks like the latest and most comprehensive mobile terminal of this family, but with the proviso that displays icons for Windows Phone 8, although, in fact, it could be Windows 7.8 phone.

And, as you may recall, the current generation of devices Windows Phone can not be done with the version called Apollo. In return, these terminals will receive an update dubbed Windows Phone 7.8 that basically emulates the look of Windows Phone 8, and specific system functions more advanced Microsoft.

Therefore, it is difficult to ascertain whether the images shown WPDang correspond to a Nokia 900 with Windows Phone Lumia 7.8 or if it is a prototype that come with the platform to be released in the coming weeks. A clue may be given by the terminal housing, color yellow, which is not available for any of the official models of Lumia 900. In any case, there is a turning point, given that Nokia could expand the palette of this device without too much effort.


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